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Thread: Disaster Contestants Of ANTM

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    avy by martinique ANTM Mega Fan's Avatar
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    5) Julie. Didn't want it enough.
    4) Sarah. Everyday girl in the mall. Nothing special.
    3) Shannon. Homophobic, bland.
    2) Bre. Bad attitude and pictures too.

    (Earth shatteringly huge gap)

    1) Robin. Complaining, condescending, homophobic, late to shoots, BITCH!
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    Quote Originally Posted by antmANNfan View Post
    I stopped reading this post after you included Ann. The pictures that she took that were considered beautiful by the judges proved she was not a disaster.

    i was very hesitant to put ann, because she does have alot fo potential but she didnt live up to it, the judgessaid she couldnt take any good pictures except for the leejeans and alterego. but postshow, she's doing great

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    To tell the truth, Ann did take some very poor pictures on ANTM and I think she deserved the boot over some of the other girls that got eliminated.
    She has proved herself post show though, but strictly ANTM speaking, I think Ann was a disaster.

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    I don't think Norelle should've gone over Ann, but I wouldn't really call her a disaster per se....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLaNKoBoRiQuA View Post
    Who do you think were the worst/weakest contestents ever put on the show?

    heres my top ten (in know specific order except for number 1
    10. Ebony (cycle5) im still confused why she was put out to compete on the show, she doesnt look like a model and her pictures were the worst in both of the weeks she participated in, thank god she left early
    9. Ann: i wasnt really going to put Ann on the list because she does have great potential, and its shows post-antm. but her performance on the show was one of the worst in history, and beat out 2 deserving girls (Norelle, Tocarra)
    8. Kelle: all her pictures were horrible, although she is model beautiful, she cant take an acceptional photo to save her life. she should stick to painting.
    7. Brooke: She had some good photos (krumping, ice princess) nothing else though, she is a very sexy, beautiful women and has loooooads of potential, but she was nothing more then just a hand full of pictures to me. but deffenitly needs some tweeking, and dont even get me started on the crying
    6. Kyle: im kind of on the fence with her because shes never had a shining moment but she is very beautiful, but was one of the weakest in her cycle so im gonna give her a no
    5. Bre: Why Bre? she doesnt look like a model at all, shes sexy and has a sexy voice that i love hearing. but she cant model one bit, she did kind of pull it together in the end, but then it was waaah waaah waaaaaaaaaah
    4. Robin: She has everyhting going against her, age, weight, additude, her lerberalness. even if she did win. how much work is she really going to get? even though shes very pretty and age and weight doesnt mean alot to me. but c'mon tyra keep it real
    3. Lluvy: Worst photo in the history of top model *tsktsktsk* nah im playing, she was very freindly and cute, and even though i dont know anything about modeling potential, she needed to use her best physical features to make a photo work.
    2. Sarah (cycle5): i loved her, but she did terrible, she did have distraction, and it kind of wasnt her fault (kind of) but she was the weakest link
    the number one worst contestant in the histor of antm (imo) is.....
    GINA!: i still dont see it, shes pretty, but even after she confronted jade she couldnt pull out an acceptional photo. shes emotionally unstable with everything, she cant talk, think, walk, or n e thing model. shes clueless and so is the rest of the world to why she was put on the show. she seems to sweet to make fun of, and i really didnt want her to be bad (she was one of my preshow favorite) but she didnt show anything great to watch (KARI WAS SO ROBBED)

    now let me remind you, alot of these models have great potential but fell short on the show, but i do have faith in most of them

    I agree with your list completely. Very few people would say Kyle because they think she's pretty, but her pictures are mediocre! And I really agree with Jayla's statement that Kyle is just lacking the depth you need to take a powerful photo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elevue View Post
    Robin: she's unprofessional, she didnt take any good pictures and she's a trouble maker.

    Gisele: i'm just get bored of her annoying attitude

    Bethenny: she's just not the typical model figure (too sexy..) and D-grade photos

    Julie: i dont know why tyra would pick such girl, she's just not modelling materials.

    Kristi: Stiff & weird look always come from her photos.

    Amanda: i'm just annoying that she claimed she's a legally blind in every single episode.... yes we knew that in episode 1 and we feel sorry about that, but is it necessary to mention again & again in the whole cycle? especially during every challenges? and her personal style during the show is too worst, not a model look!

    Keenyah: i still dont know why she could be in final 3 but not brittany... Keenyah just gave me a bitchy & annoying impression especially after the makeover & "naima + african prison" incidents.

    Noelle: when you first look at her, you just got one answer which is "She's not a model and not a winner as well", why she could be on the show?

    Diane: i'm just feel sorry for her because tyra really "sell" her, we all know that diane cant model since she dont have the right figure and potential....but tyra still put her in the show and destroy her confident, what a shame....

    Sarah, C5: Just a joke, no matter Runway or photos just not work for her... i think she's the real disaster for the show.

    Kim: she defintely a trouble marker, she always talk behind everyone's back and pretend she's friendly, SICK!! plus she's plain & dull in any ANTM photos.

    Bre: its still a mystery she could make it to the final 3 with a poor portfolio. tyra can you tell me why??

    Nnenna: she's not only cant improve weeks by weeks but also step backward after the second photo shoots, in my opinion she's just waste other girls' chance.

    Danielle: she's the Queen of these girls up to now, she could use a plain expression and same angle portfolio to win this game. Excellent example to illustrate what is Disaster.....
    I agree with you on all these girls but Danielle
    if you were watching her during the photo shoot she was doing different angles and plus she was not the one choosing the she the one choosing the picture with the (almost) same angle.......

    but that nnenna i realy i agree
    she only had two good photos in the show the first and second......

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    I'd say Ebony (c5) and Gina were terrible contestants. Neither of them seemed capable of taking a good photo. Nnenna was pretty bad after the first couple of weeks, and I don't see why she stayed as long as she did.
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    Naima, sure she did good on her cycle, but I wish she hadn't won, she is the most dissapointing winner ever, Has she gotten any modeling work? I can't recall any non antm related work at all.

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    This should be fun

    Kesse- I really loved her personality but theres no way at that time she could have ever done high fashion with that body type she should have left in the third week instead of Nicole

    Robin- Robin is beyond far the worst contestant ever. Shes not a plus sized model. Shes a skinny girl with a big ass. Her attitude was horrible I just flat out could not stand her

    Bethany- I say this because her photos werent all that well and her vision of what a model was was far from the truth. I think she just wanted to be on a reality show

    Sara- I was never impressed by Sara (c2) She seemed like a really sweet girl and she can be extremely sexy but not in a model sort of way. She kind of never had a good photo so enough said

    Kelle- She was a sweet girl but there is no way this girl should have made it past Jennipher. Jennipher was the most stunning girl in Top Model history. and kelles photos were a complete mess. Jenn's Dooney and Burke= Amazing Kelles Dooney and Burke+ Disastorus

    Sarah and Noelle- Both these chicks from Cycle 4 should have never been picked in the first place. Sarah was kind of sexy but her walk could very well be the worst in the shows history. Noelle was flat out not a model shes a pretty girl but not a model

    Coryn- I know alot of people might disagree but can be imagine flipping through the pages of Vogue and seeing her. I dont think so.

    Gina- I loved her but the girl could not take a photo

    Jade- The most errogant person the reality show history

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaase View Post
    Naima, sure she did good on her cycle, but I wish she hadn't won, she is the most dissapointing winner ever, Has she gotten any modeling work? I can't recall any non antm related work at all.
    Yes she has.

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