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Thread: America's Next Top Model useless facts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTM Mega Fan View Post
    Most of the winners were smokers during the show (Adrianne, possibly Yoanna, Eva, & Naima.)[/QUO

    i dont remeber eva smoking
    Eva did smoke because when they were shooting the soup commercial in Japan her and ann were smoking talking about the shoot.

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    massachusetts has only had one contestant and it was madgalena who was kicked off first
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    Quote Originally Posted by LedZepForever;2181974;
    massachusetts has only had one contestant and it was madgalena who was kicked off first
    I know right? Magdalena was a pretty accurate representation of most of the girls in Boston...Very chill, extremely focused on education. I know this girl who is a baby Yaya, and I'm like "Girl you should be ANTM!" But she's too chill and I no she would never pursue it

    Back on topic...
    Eva is a perfect 180 degree irony...Last called at Semi Finals for the final fourteen, and then won!
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    random facts

    Cycle 7 was the first season to have two girls with the same name (Megan). Because of this, they asked one of them to go by "Megg"

    Usually the most dramatic moment of the cycle happens in the second country:
    Cycle one- Robin and Elyse go insane in Paris
    Cycle two- Shandi cheats on her boyfriend in Milan
    Cycle three- Ann turns on Eva in Tokyo
    Cycle four- Keenyah and Brittany have the craziest arguement in ANTM history in Capetown
    Cycle five- Bre goes pyscho in London
    Cycle six- Danielle nearly dies in Thialand
    Cycle seven- Melrose freaks out at final fashion show. CariDee suffers from the first stage of hypothermia during a photoshoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erin_go_bragh;1913687;
    I think I have some more:

    1) April is the only contestant to not win and have a job with ANTM post-show. (Talk Model)

    2) Adrianne and Lisa have been the most vocal about their discord with ANTM/Tyra, as well as revealing some interesting facts about the show, but only Adrianne has apologized.

    3) Both Mercedes (lupus) and Amanda (retinitis pigmentosa) suffer from diseases.

    4) Brita's family spoke only Latvian at home.

    5) Amanda says her baby was conceived on 9/11. (I think I remember that...)

    6) Currently, only one contestant works overseas- Elyse. Adrianne did live in South Africa for a while and Michelle is saving to go to Europe.

    7) Ironically, Nicole Linkletter worked at Victoria's Secret before the show.

    8) Sara (Cycle 2) is half-Persian and her father still doesn't talk to her since she went on the show.

    9) The shortest winner was Eva at 5'6.5". Tallest are Yoanna & Danielle at 5'11".

    10) Sarah Dankleman (Cycle 4) posed for Maxim before she was on ANTM.

    11) As of this date, Kahlen is the only top three contestant to not work after the show (excluding Cycle 6 since it just aired).

    12) Both Leslie and Jayla are from Arizona.

    13) Mollie Sue got married during the airing of Cycle 6.

    *Please feel free to correct any errors I made!*
    i think you nailed most of those =) but i have just a few additions/corrections

    actually elyse is not the only contestant to work overseas...
    i believe ann, norelle, nicole (c5) and many others have worked overseas

    sarah (c4) is also the only contestant to never appear at any kind of reunion/finale party for ANTM

    kahlen has actually worked since her season. she's been seen in ElleGirl Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Vice Magazine, and Shumaq clothing as well as multiple runway shows

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    sarah posed for stuff, not for maxim.
    Shooting with the elephant, it reminds me of an ancient
    dinosaur, because they are in the dinosaurs family ,

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    caridee had her tounge pearced

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    she did?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bucwild;2176873;
    By Cycle (girls who were perceived as bitch one time or another by ANTM fans)

    1) Robin, Ebony, Elyse
    2) Camille, Yoanna
    3) mAnn, Eva, Yaya, Amanda
    4) Keenyah, Brandy, Tatiana
    5) Jayla, Lisa, Bre
    6) Jade
    7) Melrose, Monique, AJ, PariDee

    " I am not here to make friends, I am not here to make emenies, I am here for an opportunity."- Nik
    i'm going to have to disagree with most of these...

    1) Robin -hands down-
    2) Camille
    3) Yaya -at times- and also Eva at times but i like her anyway
    4) Brandy -Tatiana was not a bitch, she was young- and Keenyah got on my nerves too
    5) i'm gonna go out on a limb and say Kim was bitchy at times. Lisa was too, but i love her
    6) Jade -no surprise there-
    7) Monique, Melrose, AJ wasnt really a bitch as much as she was just weird

    how can anyone say that CariDee was a bitch???

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    None of the white girls who got weaves for makeovers kept them post-show.

    Cycle One: Adrianne (No) Shannon (No)
    Cycle Three: Amanda (No) Cassie (No)
    Cycle Four: Kahlen (No)
    Cycle Five: Nicole (No)
    Cycle Seven: Megg (No) CariDee (No)
    "What it do, Shawty?"-Natasha Galkina

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