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Thread: ANTM6 Ep. 10 Recap: The Elephant in the Elimination Room

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    hehe, these recaps rock my elmo socks....

    love ya Snowy!
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    Haven't read the recap yet...but I'm sure it is great as always! I'm forced to watch the show on the repeat weeks as The Amazing Race is now showing on Wed. I'm one step away from being a Luddite so I'm unable to record a show as I'm watching another, and my son MUST- WATCH- TAR. So I try not to read the recaps too early so I don't spoiler myself. I am enjoying the cycle thus far...
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    Was the Covergirl of the Week ever announced?

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    Nope. There was none this week. In fact, the site was oddly closed.

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    thank SFG for the great recap!

    it shocked me when Tyra called Sara's name in the second place, I thought the panel would make her one of the final two for the "stealing of pose" thing... Also I think Danielle has better performance than Sara this week...

    BTW I really love Furonda's "pose number one" at the challenge, that's really cute!

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    what is redubbing?

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