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Thread: Episode 9 Photoshoot: Mermaids

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    Episode 9 Photoshoot: Mermaids

    All photos courtesy of UPN.







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    FORT Fan _spaceoddity_'s Avatar
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    I hated this shoot.

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    I loved it! The shoots are awesome this time around!

    Best to Worst:
    1. Danielle
    2. Joanie
    3. Furonda
    4. Jade
    5. Nnenna
    6. Sara

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    Hooked on ANTM MsBarbados's Avatar
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    Thanks for the early posting. I think they're all pretty dull... falling, hanging, drama AND STILL dull. I can see why Nnenna would look bored. No real challenges in the photo shoots.
    Smile Sara, you're gonna be a Top Model!

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    Danielle is who I'm hoping will win now but she pretty much works the same angles and facial expression in all of her pictures. I just like her because her body is amazing & so is her walk. I'd also be OK with Furonda or Jade winning considering Leslie and Gina are no longer there.

    I didn't like this shoot. Boring pictures and not that fun to watch. I'd like them better if the girls were wet and had water dripping from them. Then it'd really look like mermaids who were just caught in a net.

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    yah I really don't like the background....even though it's authentic and makes it more just looks BAD for a photoshoot...should've thrown in more colour and lights~

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    I wish they were more colorful too. Compared to the doll shoot last week, this one isn't as visually pleasing. I think the backgrounds are kind of neat, though.

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    My take on the photos: Loved Joannies, a very different pose than the other girls. Danielle, beautiful photo but i don't like the angle placement of her right arm. Furonda...her chin just bothers me. Nnenna looks bored. Jade I actually like. Sara, looks lost, it doesn't flow, I'm surprised she wasn't in the bottom two.
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    This was my least favorite shoot. Bleah.

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    The only one I think works both in close-up and distance shot is Joanie. Lovely picture. Danielle's is okay, but I'm not really as excited about it as the judges were.

    Furonda - I disagree with the judges about this pic. To me, it just emphasizes that her face is like a strange upside-down triangle. I look at this and think of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" at an angle. I like Furonda's drive and she seems to have a pretty good personality, but I just don't see "model".

    I like Sara's close-up. (Is she the one who asked Jay to explain what he wanted, and he wouldn't show her, but just told her to keep moving her arms?) I hope, after ANTM (and I'm assuming she doesn't win), Sara considers and gets picked up for catalog work. I'm remembering her Sears photoshoot, and she'd be great at that. And I think she deserves it and would end up rather enjoying it.

    Jade - pic is not bad. Much as I dislike a lot of things about Jade, she really wants to model, I've got to give her that much, and she really seemed to give the photoshoot her all, however painful the harness might have been. So it was kind of nice for her to hear that a fashion photog thinks she would do very well in Bangkok. Well, why not, if it comes down to it? If she can be popular in Bangkok, and make some money doing what she wants to do, it's something to think about.

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