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Thread: Favorite Photoshoots

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    Favorite Photoshoots

    As an art director who has set up a fair share of shoots myself (none for the fashion industry - so don't ask) I sometimes feel for Jay because sometimes what you plan and what happens aren't the same.
    What are some of your favorite shoots? Not neccesarily the girls or model performances, but concept-wise which did you think were strong. Which did you think were weak?

    For me some of the strongest were Bald Shoot, Country Couture, D&B, anime and plenty of others - but I tend to like the actual concepts more than most people around here.

    My least favorite idea or concept had to be either QUENCH (who really can look good underwater) and Aliens shoot

    We complain about the shoots all the time, but really some of them were clever concept - poor execution - plus I think we just like to complain. Every year I hear half the people saying - FINALLY some high fashion shoots while other people are saying WTF. In the design/AD world its about the client and what works for them and their branding.

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    I think I liked at least one from every season...

    In Cycle 1, I loved the nude shot with the mud-stuff and the diamonds. Cyle 2, I loved the Eves photoshoot and the Solstice shoot. In Cyle 3, I loved the anime shoot and the t-mobile shoot. Cycle 4, I loved the zodiac shoot, the vaseline animal shoot and the waterfall shoot. I liked the modern art shoot in Cycle 5, and I loved the bald shoot, the B&W shoot, and the ice shoot.

    I think what makes these shoots bad in the end are some of the bad pictures that the girls themselves take. I guess its up to them whether it turns out good or not.

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    i loved the spider brooch photoshoot.

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    cycle 1: Snakes, Reebok, Diamonds and B&W profile

    cycle 2: Eves, Laundry, Quench, Solstice and the themed beauty shots

    cycle 3: Lee Jeans, D&B, Alter-Ego, Spider Brooch, T-Mobile

    cycle 4: 1-800 Flowers, Got Milk?, Wonder Bra, and the Waterfall shoot

    cycle 5: Country Couture, B&W, and the Modern Art

    cycle 6: i've loved every shoot! well except for the falling fairy tale creatures but it wasn't TOO bad. i really liked the ice one because they haven't had a shoot like that since cycle 2.

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    Cycle 2: Nude Photo Shoot. I mean, who wouldn't want to see two naked models pressed against each other? It's every males fantasy!

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    [S2]Black and White
    [S4]1-800 Flowers
    "My head is big, for real? You look like a bratz doll." Bianca, Cycle 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeDingo View Post
    Cycle 2: Nude Photo Shoot. I mean, who wouldn't want to see two naked models pressed against each other? It's every males fantasy!

    LOL! That photoshoot was gorgeous, I'm just a big fan of black and white shoots I guess...

    C1 - Wonderbra, Snake, Reebok, Black and White one
    C2 - The underwater one, freshlook contacts
    C3 - The spider one
    C4 - Got Milk, 7 Deadly Sins
    C5 - The Black and White one
    C6 - I quite liked the bald shoot the black and white one was good but not as good in comparison to those in the previous cycles

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    lost memories
    S1 - the snake one
    S2 - Laundry, girls as celebrities, fish theme for Queénch Water, Solstice, beauty shoot for top three
    (actually I think the photos in this cycle are the best of all)
    S3 - Lee Jeans, shoot with diamond (and spider)
    S4 - 1-800 Flowers, zodiac, Got Milk, 7 deadly sins
    S5 - the "same outfit for 2 girls" one, Secret Platinum Clear Gel
    S6 - the "visualizing future" one

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    Cycles 2 and 3 had the best photoshoots, no doubt. Cycles 4 and 5 were sub-lackluster, lol. Some C1 ones were pretty good...I loved the Reebok one! Some did amazing in that shoot (excluding poor mental institution escapee Kesse, haha)....

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    Hello (one of my first posts--here it goes..)

    For the most part, I can think of many photo shoots that I liked or thought were interesting but only a handful (from a photographer's/art director's/cinematographer's pov) I thought were exemplary and creatively inspired:

    Cycle 1: beauty shots with snakes

    Cycle 2: variations on Adam & Eves, Solstice in the Italian architecture, final three's beauty shots (Shandi in the flowers, Yoanna in the biker helmet, Mercedes in the tangeled wire)

    Cycle 3: beauty shoot, disco/neon-flavored Dooney & Bourke, final three Cover Girl shoot

    Cycle 4: 1-800 Flowers, Seven Deadly Sins, African wild animals

    Cycle 5: Country couture, extreme plastic surgery, Black & White

    I'll pick all my faves out of Cycle 6 when it's over but so far the fallen fairy tales, Krumping, and the Dolls are it.

    For fun:
    Fashion witch of C5, telephone booth of C5 (I'm quite surprised they never really used any of London's architecture when they were there), Aliens of C4

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