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Thread: Favorite Photoshoots

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Best photoshoots:
    Cycle 1-Jlo swimwear on rooftop, Stuff magazine swimwear, Snake beauty shots, Reebok,Wonder bra, Nude with diamonds, black & white shots.
    Cycle 2-Every photoshoot was well done and exciting.
    Cycle 3-Swimwear in Jamaica, Beauty shot, Lee jeans ad, Doney & burke, Y-j stinger shot, double personlities with a ford mustang, Veragio Diamond spider brooch, T-moblie, anime motorcycle, covergirl shot.
    Cycle 4-1-800 flowers, Zodiac signs, got milk, 7 deadly sins, Dancing in cape town.
    Cycle 5-Town & country coture, Decadent plastic surgery, black & white with pin up girls, cover girl shot.
    Cycle 6-Bald with crystals, ice queens, post model careers, elephant with venus power, op bikin, cover girl.
    Cycle 7-model stereo type, hair wars, wobbly runway, bull fighting, water nymph, cover girl.
    Cycle 8-nude candy coated, crime scene victims, swimwear beach men and women magazine, cover girl.

    No need to list the worst cause if it didnt make the list then it was bad.
    i seriously wish cycle 9 would have a blen of the first 3 cycles and australia and canada cycle 2 photoshoots.

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Cycle One: Snakes, Nude with Diamonds
    Cycle Two: Laundry, Solstice, Lakeside Nudes, High Fashion Beauty Shots
    Cycle Three: Verragio Diamonds with Tarantula, Anime
    Cycle Four: 7 Deadly Sins, African Animals, Nature
    Cycle Five: Town Country Couture
    Cycle Six: Crying Black and White
    Cycle Seven: Hair Wars, Freak Show Circus
    Cycle Eight: Nude Candy Coated, Crime Scene, Men and Women's Magazines

    If I had to make a top ten, it would look a bit like this:

    1.) Snakes
    2.) Verragio Diamonds with Tarantula
    3.) Men and Women's Magazines
    4.) High Fashion Beauty Shots
    5.) Crime Scene
    6.) Nude with Diamonds
    7.) Laundry
    8.) Anime
    9.) Nude Candy Coated
    10.) Crying Black and White
    why can't any of my antm favorites ever win?!

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    If I had to pick one photoshoot from every cycle it would be:

    Cycle 1: Snakes.
    Cycle 2: Extreme beauty shots.
    Cycle 3: Verragioa with spider.
    Cycle 4: 7 deadly sins
    Cycle 5: Plastic Surgery [IMO]
    Cycle 6: Falling Fairy Tales [IMO]
    Cycle 7: The one of them in the water.
    Cycle 8: Nude candy.

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Cylce 1: Snakes
    Cycle 2: Solstice
    Cycle 3: Jamaican swimsuit
    Cycle 4: 1-800-Flowers
    Cycle 5: B+W
    Cycle 6: Elephants
    Cycle 7: Matadors
    Cycle 8: Men's Magazine
    "It's either s**t or champagne; it's either/or, it's either fantastic or it's not fantastic. You can turn it around any which way you want about having real people and real sizes and shorter and petite and whatever, we just wanna see great, big, gorgeous, tall, thin girls walking down the runway."

    -Alex Perry, AusNTM

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    My Favorite Photoshoots:

    C1: Snakes
    C2: Laundry
    C3: Beauty Shot (Both Natural and Spider)
    C4: Kloofing
    C5: Country Couture, B&W
    C6: B&W, Covergirl
    C7: Cirque du Freak & Matadors
    C8: Women's Mag
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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    one;; snakes; nude diamonds
    two;; solstice
    three;; swimwear in jamaica
    four;; 1-800-flowers
    five;; country couture; b&w
    six;; elephants
    seven;; model stereotypes; matadors
    eight;; crime scene; men & women magazines

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    2-laundry, solstice.
    3-dooney & bourke.
    4-nature, tribal dance shot.
    5-country couture, paparrazi phone booth.
    6-venus razors elephant, op bikini.
    7-icy pool in pairs.
    8-men's and women's mags.
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    1. Snakes
    2. Nude interaction (Final 4)
    3. Beauty shoots: Natural / Spider
    4. 7 Deadly sins / Zodiac signs
    5. Country couture / Bollywood
    6. Bald / Future Career / Venus razor elephant
    7. B&W Scary
    8. Men + Womens magazines

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    1. Snakes, Nude, B&W
    2. Laundry, Queench, Solstice, Nude, Beauty Shots
    3. Beauty shoots: Natural / Spider, Kimono, Mustang
    4. 1-800 Flowers, Kloofing, Zodiac
    5. Country couture, plastic surgery, black & white
    6. Bald, ice princess (the hair and makeup was great), elephant
    7. hair wars, B&W Scary
    8. crime scene!!! ice cream, mens magazine

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    1. Snakes, first photoshoot with the J.Lo swimsuits
    2. All of them! All of the shoots were great, both in concept and the way they were carried out.
    3. Didn't really watch this cycle, but the pictures I saw of the shoots look really nice. Still, can't judge it.
    4. Zodiac/7 Deadly Sins/The one with the Lubriderm Skin Lotion
    5. Country Couture/Plastic Surgery/B&W
    6. Bald, Future career, B&W, Elephant, OP Swimwear, Covergirl
    7. Water Nymphs, Hair Wars, B&W, Matadors
    8. Candy, Crime Scene, Swimsuits

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