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Thread: Favorite Photoshoots

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    lucy FTW potatowedgie's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    c1: snakes, nude w/ diamonds
    c2: laundry, quench, girl on girl, final 3 beauty shots
    c3: jamaica swimsuit, natural beauty shot, dooney & bourke, spiders, covergirl
    c4: 1-800 flowers, got milk, 7 deadly sins, kloofing
    c5: country couture, plastic surgery, phonebooth
    c6: bald, dream careers, elephant
    c7: matadors, water nymphs
    c8: candy, crime scenes (so far)

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    FORT Fogey TunaFests's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    i would have exactly the same list except i would take out 7 deadly sins from c4 and add the ice princess one to c6

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    FORT Fan Cheeto's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Cycle 7

    Hair Wars, Circus Freaks, Black & White, Matadors and Water Nymphs

    Cycle 8

    All of them so far

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    Boredom's Victim theart83's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Cycle 1: Snake, Nude
    Cycle 2: Solstice, Laundry
    Cycle 3: Spider, Alter-ego
    Cycle 4: Kloofing, Sins
    Cycle 5: Country Couture, Phonebooth
    Cycle 6: Bald, Bikini
    Cycle 7: Circus Freaks, Matador, Nypmhs
    Cycle 8: Candy, Crime Scenes
    True love comes in quietly, without banners or flashing lights. She is your sanity in a world full of madness. True love is not how grand you are or how simple you are, but's who you are with her and she loves you not in spite of it, but because of it. She is the one that stands with you, when the rest of the world falls down.

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    The Tyrant~ Kahlen_rocks's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Cycle 1: All.
    Cycle 2: All.
    Cycle 3: All of them but the Anime & Alter-Ego ones.
    Cycle 4: Ermmm... African Safari.
    Cycle 5: Country Couture, Phonebooth, Surgery, Secret, B&W, Covergirl.
    Cycle 6: Elefants, Bikini, Dolls, B&W.
    Cycle 7: Circus Freaks, Matador, Nypmhs, B&W, MS.
    Cycle 8: No one but crime scene, and maybe the candy one.
    Shooting with the elephant, it reminds me of an ancient
    dinosaur, because they are in the dinosaurs family ,

    === Jade, Cycle 6===

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    Jaslene^^Wooo!! Anapbik7's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    The Jungle
    Cycle 1 - Beauty shoot with snakes , Merrit Diamonds nude
    Cycle 2 - Nude Body Paint , Laundry By Shelli Segal , High-edge Beauty Shot
    Cycle 3 - Jamaican Swimsuit , Beauty Shot , T-Mobile
    Cycle 4 - 1-800-FLOWERS , Gas Attendants Fighting The Elements , The 7 Deadly Sins , African Safari , Kloofing
    Cycle 5 - Country Couture , Paparazzi Phonebooth
    Cycle 6 - Falling Fairytales , Mermaids , Elephant , OP Bikini
    Cycle 7 - Model Stereotypes , Freakshow Circus , Bullfighting , Underwater Nymphs
    Cycle 8 - High School Clichés , Nude Candy-Coated , Crime Scene
    Confidence Meet Cold Christina Gone.
    Kyle's Potential Runs Out.
    Jaslene's Bringing Sexy Back To Become America's next top model.

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    . rawr_imadino's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Cycle 1-Reebok, Snakes, Nude Shoot
    Cycle 2-All of them.
    Cycle 3-All but the Anime Shoot.
    Cycle 4-Zodiac Calender,Got Milk?,Seven Deadly Sins,Lubriderm Animal Pose,Kloofing
    Cycle 5-Country Couture, 40's Pinup, Mod Art, Bollywood, What's Your Secret?
    Cycle 6-Ice Princess,Bald,Krumping,Dolls
    Cycle 7-Big Hair,Matador,Water Nymphs,Covergirl
    Cycle 8-Candy, Crime Scenes

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    We're hot,babe! lisa6745's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Cycle 1 - Beauty shoot with snakes
    Cycle 2 - Laundry By Shelli Segal , Beauty Shot
    Cycle 3 - Jamaican Swimsuit , all the Beauty Shots , T-Mobile , Lee Jeans
    Cycle 4 - 1-800-FLOWERS
    Cycle 5 - Country Couture
    Cycle 6 - Mermaids , Elephant , OP Bikini ,Blad
    Cycle 7 - Model Stereotypes, Bullfighting , Underwater Nymphs
    Cycle 8 - Crime Scene

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    Team HCV <3 keparatsup's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    cycle 3 - All
    cycle 4 - 7 deadly sins, African Animals, Kloofing, Dance, 1-800-FLOWERS
    cycle 5 - Country Couture, Bollywood, Art, Surgery, B&W, Covergirl
    cycle 6 - Dolls, B&W, Bald, Ice Princess, Elephant, Op Bikini, Covergirl
    cycle 7 - Circus, B&W, Matador, Underwater Nymphs
    cycle 8 - All so far
    why are you copying me, clone?

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    count to ten. nightfall_realm's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    over the ocean lyk omg.
    C1: Snakes, Nude Shot with Diamonds
    C2: Laundry, High-edge Beauty Shot, Water Quench
    C3: Beauty Shot with Hands, Spiders, Covergirl
    C4: Kloofing, Gas Station
    C5: Country Couture
    C6: Falling Fairytales, Elephants, Mermaids
    C7: Model Stereotypes, Water Nymphs
    C8 (so far): High School Stereotypes (or Cliches), Deadly Crime Scenes!!!!!
    screw meaning.

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