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Thread: Favorite Photoshoots

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    C1 - Didn't really care for any, not even the snake shoot
    C2 - Adam and Eve and that one where they were hanging in the building. And of course, the sunglasses shoot.
    C3 - This is when ANTM went coocookachoo with their shoots. Although I liked the Covergirl shoot and the tarantulas
    C4 - Aliens in Manhattan and Got Milk?
    C5 - Tyra's beauty shots, pin-up.
    C6 - Dream jobs, elephants.
    C7 - This cycle was hit or miss. First half of the cycle was awful shoots, then overseas brought amazing ones. MATADORS! This is one of my absolute favorites. Water, nymphs and the Covergirl shoot.
    C8 - Nude candy! Loved the fun and the colors, high school, men's & women's mags.
    C9 - Rock climbing, gargoyles, burning car and Mongolian warriors.
    C10 - So far, just the lingerie. The upcoming airport shoot looks good though.
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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Cycle 1: Snakes and Nude Diamonds

    Cycle 2: Garden of Eden,Laundry,Solstice, and Girl-Girl Nude

    Cycle 3: Nivea Beauty Shots,Lee Jeans,Tarantulas, and Covergirl

    Cycle 4: Animals and Kloofing

    Cycle 5: Plastic Surgery and Black & White

    Cycle 6: Bald,Careers, and Elephant

    Cycle 7: Circus Freaks, Black & White, and Matadors

    Cycle 8: Death and Bikini(men's and women's)

    Cycle 9: Rock Climbing,Gargoyles, and Warriors

    Cycle 10: so far... homeless,music, and fuerzabruta

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    I love cycle 10 in terms of photoshoot the most. Creativity, result and theme turn out to be good. Let's hope it continues at overseas!
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