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Thread: Favorite Photoshoots

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Quote Originally Posted by GuruBishisama;2794497;
    There have been a couple of previews where they showed the shoot, they even showed one girls' full shot in one commercial.
    Arh... OK. Thanks.

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Cycle 1: Motion, snakes

    Cycle 2: Hanging in that building(I dont remember what it was called), Garden of Eden, HighFashion final 3, Sunglasses in Milan(Again, forgot what it was called)

    Cycle 3: Jamaica swim suits, Kimonos, Covergirl

    Cycle 4: African animals, 7 deadly sins, Zodiac

    Cycle 5: Country Couture, Bollywood, Art

    Cycle 6: Elephants, Final 4 beach

    Cycle 7: Model sterotypes, Bull fighting, Celebrity couples

    Cycle 8: Final 4 nature (I forgot what it was called), Men/Women Magazines

    Cycle 9: Plants, Recycling, Rockclimbing, Covergirl final 3

    Cycle 10: Lingerie, Paint, Music genres

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Cycle 7 Bull-Fighting Shoot

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    C1: Black & White, Nude w/ Diamonds, Beauty Shot w/ Snake
    C2: Laundry, Solstice, High Edge Beauty Shots, Queench
    C3: Verraggio Spider Brooch, Lee Jeans, CoverGirl
    C4: Kloofing, Animals, Flowers
    C5: Secret, Country Couture
    C6: Bald Beauty Shot, Elephants, B&W Crying, OP Bikinis
    C7: Scary/Sexy B&W Shot, Water Nymphs, Matadors, Circus Freaks
    C8: Crime Scene Victims, Men's/Women's Magazine, Nude w/ Candy
    C9: Warriors, Rock Climbing, Fashion Gargoyles, Smoking
    C10: all of them, except musical genres
    My Winners: Elyse, Shandi, Yaya, Kahlen, Nicole, Danielle, CariDee, Natasha, Jenah, Anya

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Quote Originally Posted by SaNtErIa;2913935;
    Cycle 7 Bull-Fighting Shoot
    Me too. ^_^

    Everything is beautiful.

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Cycle One: Snake Beauty Shot, Nude Diamonds.
    Cycle Two: Laundry, Solstice, Nude with Partners, Edgy Beauty Shots
    Cycle Three: Jamaica Swimsuit, Lee Jeans, Dooney & Bourke, Spider Beauty Shot.
    Cycle Four: 1800Flowers, Kloofing
    Cycle Five: Socialites on Farm
    Cycle Six: Bald Beauty Shot, Careers, Crying, Elephant, OP Swimwear
    Cycle Seven: Scary Sexy Beauty Shot, Bull Fighting, Water Nymphs
    Cycle Eight: Men & Women Magazines
    Cycle Nine: Rock Climbing, Blazing Car, Warriors at Great Wall
    Cycle Ten: Lingerie, Paint Beauty Shot, Fuerzabruta

    Top Five Photoshoots Ever:
    5. Nude With Partners (C2)
    4. Socialites on Farm (C5)
    3. Elephant (C6)
    2. Edgy Beauty Shots (C2)
    1. Fuerzabruta (C10)
    AusNTM C4: Sam, Caris, Alex, Demelza.

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    The cycle 4 animals one prodced two of my top 10 fave photos, kahlen's springbok, and christina's ostrich. But I loved the adam and eve one especially Aprils.

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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    The Feutzabratza shoot is one of my least favorites ever. I couldn't see anyone clearly!
    Get yourself ready, and we're gonna have band practice!!!-Amis [Cycle 10]
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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    Cycle 1:Snakes
    Cycle 2:Final Three Beauty Shots
    Cycle 3:Kimono
    Cycle 4:Animals
    CYcle 5:Country Couture
    CYcle 6:Bald
    Cycle 7:Hair Wars
    Cycle 8: Dead
    Cycle 9: Plants
    Cycle 10:Fuerzabruta
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    Re: Favorite Photoshoots

    My all-time favourite is C8's swimsuits for men/women's magazines.

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