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Thread: The Perfect Cycle

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    Love the graphic, Francis. Then again I love all of your graphics.

    I remade my Perfect Cycle with 10 girls, I'll post it later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredlun View Post
    Interesting thread!

    Is it just me? For each new season:

    1) Names are getting weirder and weirder, it's makes you wonder if they chose the models solely on the originality of names (or if they just make up the names, give them a "scripted" name...). Half of the population don't have names you haven't heard of before, and I'm sure most models have common names...
    2) The quality of contestants is just going down the drain
    The only two names I think are weird are Furonda and Nnenna. But Nnenna is a common name in Nigeria, I heard. Otherwise they seem pretty run-of-the-mill: Sara, Gina, Joanie, Wendy, Kathy, Jade ...

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    Well, as a non-US citizen, I have the outsider perspective on this. It's just that the first season, all names I had heard before, second season introduced Yoanna and Jenascia into my vocabulary, and then things went haywire You learn something new every day for sure.

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    Europe, The Netherlands
    fredlun, I'm from Europe too.. (Netherlands..)
    Didn't knew the names:
    c1: Giselle, Kesse
    c2: Jenescia, Bethany, Shandi, Xiomara (We have a Dutch version of Yoanna, Johanna)
    c3: Ann, Cassie, Kelle (Do know Kelly), Kristi, Magdalena, Norelle, Tocarra, Yaya
    c4: Brita, Kahlen, Keenyah, Lluvy
    c5: Bre, Cassandra, Coryn, Jayla, Kyle, Nik
    c6: Furonda, Kari (we have Kaari wich you almost speak the same, out loud), Nnenna, Joanie, Mollie Sue

    Wich makes me wonder wich names are very much used and wich are actually rare BTW some aren't common here but I've already heard like Brooke and Heather, Catie,
    "A group who forms a unit that excludes people on the persuasion that you hate a person [Paloma] is bullying and it's bitchy. Who instigated this [Jordan] is an absolute moron and who took part in it and encouraged it [Anika, Danica, Sophie, Alice] are even bigger morons." - Charlotte Dawson. Amen!

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    my top 13...

    Cycle 1: Adrianee, Elyse, Shannon
    Cycle 2: April, Shandi, Yoanna
    Cycle 3: Amanda, Norelle, Yaya
    Cycle 4: Kahlen, Keenyah, Rebecca
    Cycle 5: Nicole

    That would be the ultimated season in my opinion, the competition at it's best.

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    well my perfect 12 would be....Me (clearly), Nik, Yoanna, Eva, Ann, Shandi, April, Brooke, nenna, ebony ( i love this chick, c5) Adrianne and elise. This is a cycle to remember. Oh, and as long as we are in fantasy land I win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cow View Post
    i dont care who wins, as long as its one of these girls (i had more, but it would have been too much. i guess xiomara, mercedes, april, shadi, eva, norelle, nicole (c3), rebecca, cassandra, kim, sarah (c5), ashley, sara (c6), and brooke could make it into the semi finals

    (and yes, i realize there are 16 girls. well, that means that there would be more episodes so its a good thing!)

    a little more details on my perfect cycle
    1. c1 snake shoot- sara eliminated
    2. c1 action shoot -mollie eliminated
    3. c2 steve madden shoes-shannon eliminated
    4. c2 garden of eden-jenascia eliminated
    5. c2 laundry shoot- kahlen eliminated
    6. c3dooney burke- nicole eliminated
    7. c3 alter ego- coryn elimnated
    8. c3 spider- nik eliminated
    9. c4 1800 flowers -amanda eliminated
    10. c4 gas attendants- danielled eliminated
    11. c5 farm- kyle eliminated
    12. c5 phone booth- adrianne eliminated
    13. c6 bald- elyse eliminated
    14. c6 dolls-yaya eliinated
    15. RUNWAY SHOW -catie eliminated

    also, they would be going to hong kong, <where elyse could feel really proud because her ads are everywhere. perhaps she could buy a copy of her book for everyone> and of course, i totally forgot to put cassie and rebecca in the cycle, so they could guest judge. (as well as april, toccara, christina etc)

    ALSO, i would be one of the camera guys ^^

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    Best Season Ever would include:

    Cycle 1: Elyse, Shannon, Kesse
    Cycle 2: Shandi, Mercedes
    Cycle 3: Ann, Tocarra
    Cycle 4: Brita, Rebecca, Kahlen
    Cycle 5: Bre, Nik
    Cycle 6: Joanie, Danielle


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    My ideal season would be:

    Cycle 1: Shannon
    Cycle 2: Shandi, Yoanna
    Cycle 3: Yaya, Ann, Amanda
    Cycle 4: Brittany, Kahlen, Rebecca
    Cycle 5: Kyle, Nik, Ebony
    Cycle 6: Sara, Danielle

    I guess as far as an elimination goes it would go:

    14. Shandi
    13. Ebony
    12. Shannon
    11. Yoanna
    10. Nik
    9. Yaya
    8. Brittany
    7. Kyle
    6. Rebecca
    5. Amanda
    4. Ann
    3. Danielle
    2. Kahlen
    1. Sara

    For a destination they should go to Italy. I love Italy.

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    My Top 13:
    Cycle 1: Elyse
    Cycle 2: Shandi, April and Sara
    Cycle 3: Amanda, Yaya and Norelle
    Cycle 4: Naima and Khalen
    Cycle 5: Jayla
    Cycle 6: Mollie Sue, Danielle and Joanie

    This is my elimination:
    13. Khalen
    12. Naima
    11. April
    10. Sara
    09. Yaya
    08. Shandi
    07. Joanie
    06. Norelle
    05. Danielle
    04. Elyse
    03. Amanda
    02. Jayla
    Winner: Mollie Sue

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