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Thread: The Perfect Cycle

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    Finalists: Adrianne, Amanda, Elyse, Jayla, Kahlen, Lluvy, Mollie Sue, Nicole, Rebecca, Sara, Shannon, & Tiffany.

    Final 9: Adrianne, Amanda, Elyse, Jayla, Kahlen, Mollie Sue, Nicole, Rebecca, & Shannon.

    Final 6: Adrianne, Amanda, Elyse, Kahlen, Mollie Sue, & Nicole.

    Final 3: Adrianne, Amanda, & Nicole.

    I meant to put Lisa in here, but I forgot ..

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    My Perfect 12

    Red- Top 6
    Blue- Top 3
    Yellow- Top 2

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    I don't know who would get eliminated when... I don't know who would win... but I'd love to see these 12 duke it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PinStruck View Post

    1) Garden of Eden - Eliminated: Amanda (She didn't want to pose naked, because of her child)
    2) Bald Shoot - Eliminated: Jayla (Her face didn't have the "model look", what are the judges looking for)
    3) Celebrity Cover - Eliminated: Kari (She didn't have more than one look)
    4) Snake Beauty Shots - Eliminated: Nicole (During the shoot she screamed her but off, and her picture didn't WOW! the judges)
    5) Laundry by Shelli Segal - Eliminated: Nnenna (Her pose was too stiff and her face didn't look focused)
    6) Lee Jeans - Double elimination: Ann, Sara (Ann's picture was the worst of all the girls, Sara's walk wasn't good enough)
    7) Alter Ego - Eliminated: Shandi (Shandi didn't look connected to the camera)
    8) Solstice - Eliminated: April (She looked too sleepy and her pose was too stiff)
    9) Beauty Shots (last shoot of Cycle 2) - Eliminated: Nik (Her picture wasn't high fashion enough)

    Winner: Lluvy! (Because she has that special model look and she has the best walk of all the girls)

    I don't know what she wins. x'D

    Maybe im blind but when is Mollie eliminated
    She's runner-up.

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    OMG it's almost my perfect cycle except i'd probably throw out Gina for being a little bit boring and Coryn too. I'd replace them with Keenyah (Brittany needs her!! lol), Jade (I dislike her a lot but i'd like to see who she'd pick on, since all the girls in my perfect cycle are quite strong) and Brooke. Perfect 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by ko0la1d View Post
    perfect!!!! if i knew how to put all the pictures together that is exactly the same group i'd have

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    Quote Originally Posted by viv_smi98 View Post

    May be unrealistic, but it's MY dream cycle and Coryn wins!

    Week 1: A nice and simple shoot like Steve Madden shoes- Naima gets eliminated. Not a bad photo, but not as good as the rest.

    Week 2: Jamaica swimsuits- Sara gets eliminated; looks uncomfortable in her body.

    Week 3: 1-800 Flowers- Mercedes gets eliminated; too cutesy, not fierce enough.

    Week 4: Bald- Amanda gets eliminated; looks like an alien.

    Week 5: Bollywood- Joanie gets eliminated; lost in the crowd.

    Week 6: Nude w/ Diamond- Tocarra gets eliminated; looked too "Men's Magazine"

    Week 7: Wonderbra- Yaya gets eliminated; couldn't let loose.

    Week 8: Spider Brooch- Danielle gets eliminated; photo wasn't as good as the others.

    Week 9: Krump- Yoanna gets eliminated; looks awkward.

    Week 10: Covergirl commercials & photos- Adrianne gets eliminated; bad commercial.

    Final 2: Nik & Coryn

    Coryn wins!

    The prizes are a REAL contract with CoverGirl (includes TV spots, print ads, and the whole shebang), a 1-year contract with Victoria's Secret, the Elle spread (guaranteed 6 pages), and signed to the agency of their choice!

    OMG are you kidding Coryn was one of the worst in ANTM history. I'm not trying to be rude, but c'me on

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    LOL, I agree though with viv. Coryn should win. Oh, brings back memories...Coryn's Secret shot. <3 I'm melting.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    Time for my perfect cycle

    The Girls

    (I know thats alot of girls but what can you do? survivor has 18 contestants)

    Episode 1: The girls who go to jamaica
    Photoshoot: Jamaica swimwear
    Challenge: Press conference: Elyse wins
    Elimination: Kahlen, since she has net improved since her season and failed to deliver on the shoot
    Episode 2: The girl who gets a mullet
    Challege: Makeovers and personal style: Yoanna wins
    Photoshoot: Country cotoure
    Elimination: Cassandra, though she whips out a flawless photo her attitude on makeover day sends her home
    Episode 3: The girl who trips in the fashion show
    Challenge: Runway: Catie wins
    Photoshoot: Bald shoot
    Elimination: After being in the bottom last week Lluvy gets sent home
    Episode 4: The girl who makes threats
    Challenge: Window posing in cycle 3: Jennipher wins
    Photoshoot: The Accuvue body paint
    Elimination: Amanda and Tocarra land in the bottom. even though amanda threatened somebody it was tocarra who is sent home
    Episode 5: The girl who sleeps through the shoot
    The Challenge: flaunting/hiding your flaws
    Photoshoot: The underwater one
    elimination: both Giselle and Jayla are sent home. Giselle because she slept through the shoot and Jayla because she is inconsistant
    Episode 6: The girl who drops a few
    Challenge: Interviewing skills: Joanie wins
    Photoshoot: Secret photo/commercial
    Elimination: Unable to lose the accent, Danielle is sent home
    Episode 7: The girl who delivers the best photo
    Challenge: Acting: Brita wins
    Photoshoot: Jlo swimwear
    Elimination: After losing too much weight Shandi is sent home
    Episode 8: The girl who has a problem
    Challenge: improv skills: Eva wins
    Photoshoot: Extreme beauty shot and natural beauty shot
    Elimination: brittany is eliminated after drinking too much the night before the photoshoot
    Episode 9: The girl who wont pose nude
    Challenge: The press: Jennipher wins
    Shoot: Nude jewelery ad
    Elimination: Amanda is eliminated when she realizes she dont want to pose nude
    Episode 10: The girl who breaks up with her boyfriend
    Challenge: Statues: Joanie wins
    Photoshoot: Classic statues
    Elimination: Nicole, because she couldnt focus on holding still
    Final 7: Elyse, Yoanna, Catie, Jennipher, Brita, Eva, Joanie

    I will update the rest later because I have to go

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    to nice
    what is the best season of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL?

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