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Thread: The Perfect Cycle

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    Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Photoshoot: Choice of 2-- Verragio Spider Brooch or Snack Beauty Shot,
    Rocks theirs: Eva, Tocarra, Elyse
    Not so hot: , Mercedes, Amanda

    Episode Description--
    Its the second day of the fighting, and now since Brookes gone, Mollie Sue is off by herself, therefore cannt be showing personality. "I just dont know who to hang out with" Mollie Sue says deeply.

    Jade keeps on saying how she is perfect and unique. To burst her bubble,.. Lisa comes up and tells her that she found her flaw! That she needes to wear age renewal makeup to get rid of some of those wrinkles. Jade is somewhat offended, but being Lisa and Jade, they became friends in about 10 minutes.

    Mercedes and Nik are listening to music when Eva comes in and asks to borrow some mascara. They ask her to hang with them and they become the popular clique of the house, and Mollie Sue is envious.

    Tocarra is hanging out watching Oprah when she looks over and theirs tyra mail! TYRAA MAIL! She yells and everyone gathers around. "Tomorrow the choice is yours" is says. Everyone is excited. NIk says its probably a choice for makeup or not. Jade snaps "Your suchh a drama queen, Nik." NIk makes a weird face at her then walks away.

    IN the morning everyone got up and got in 2 cars. Jade wasnt with Lisa and she started talking bad about her. Mollie Sue starts to hang with Jade because she knows that 1 evil friend is better then trying to make alot.

    They go to the photoshoot and Tyra is there, and announces that they have a choice to pose with this (man brings in spider) or this (man brings in snake). The girls are freaked out. Eva absoultley despises snakes and she runs outside, but Tyra helps her to go with the spider.

    Elimation time!

    IN the elimination they were divided into 2 groups: snake and spider.
    Snake--- Elyse, Adrianne, Mercedes, Tocarra, Norelle,
    Spider: Lisa, Jade, Amanda, Eva, Mollie Sue, Nik

    -First up is Elyse. Her pic is absolutley stunning, she leaves the judges in aw.
    -Second is Mollie Sue, Her picture is pretty decent, but nothing too spectacular about it.
    -Then Eva, whos is fab and she was scared so they were impressed.
    -Nik is next, she did really well on this shoot.
    -Then Jade. Tyra says that in the pic she wouldnt look at the camera, and that was the photo to do it in. Jade tries to make up an excuse and Tyra says she needs to stop.
    -Norelle did decent, but not her absolute best ever.
    -Lisa did very well, and she executed the poses well.
    -Mercedes didnt do very well because it was awkward and she was freaked out.
    -Amanda did alright, but something was very blah about it.
    -Tocarra had a great beauty shot, the snake did a bad job.
    -last but not least, adrianne... did good poses but a little too safe

    Order of Pictures
    1. Elyse
    2. Eva
    3. Nik
    4. Lisa
    5. Tocarra
    6. Mollie Sue
    7. Norelle
    8. Amanda
    9. Adrianne

    10. Jade- Stop arquing and making up excuses, accept critiscism

    11. Mercedes- Eliminated bad picture and too safe all the time
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    "Jade just needs to get laid. " - Nigel Barker

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    this is mine:

    and offcourse Nicole is the winner.

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    cycle 1: Elyse
    cycle 2: Camille, Joahna, Shandi, April,
    Cycle 3: Eva, Yaya, Amanda
    Cycle 4: Rebecca
    Cycle 5: Nicole, Nick,
    Cycle 6: Danielle, joanie, Nnenna

    week1: Rebecca
    week2: Nnenna
    week3: Amanda
    week4: Danielle
    week5: April
    week6: joanie
    week7: Yaya
    week8: Joahna
    week9: Nick
    Week10: Elyse
    Week11: Camille
    Click to see Spoiler:

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    1) Garden of Eden - Eliminated: Amanda (She didn't want to pose naked, because of her child)
    2) Bald Shoot - Eliminated: Jayla (Her face didn't have the "model look", what are the judges looking for)
    3) Celebrity Cover - Eliminated: Kari (She didn't have more than one look)
    4) Snake Beauty Shots - Eliminated: Nicole (During the shoot she screamed her but off, and her picture didn't WOW! the judges)
    5) Laundry by Shelli Segal - Eliminated: Nnenna (Her pose was too stiff and her face didn't look focused)
    6) Lee Jeans - Double elimination: Ann, Sara (Ann's picture was the worst of all the girls, Sara's walk wasn't good enough)
    7) Alter Ego - Eliminated: Shandi (Shandi didn't look connected to the camera)
    8) Solstice - Eliminated: April (She looked too sleepy and her pose was too stiff)
    9) Beauty Shots (last shoot of Cycle 2) - Eliminated: Nik (Her picture wasn't high fashion enough)

    Winner: Lluvy! (Because she has that special model look and she has the best walk of all the girls)

    I don't know what she wins. x'D

    Maybe im blind but when is Mollie eliminated

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    Nik winning cycle 5. *nods*

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    i'll put all the sara/sarahs and all the nicoles in my perfect cycle. that would be funny!

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    i want to bring katie&giselle from c1 backkk! and anna from c2, i feel she never got a chance to even model. awwe.
    Leftover lady, let alone the strongest to be subdued, if I only had the magic key that would unlock the realms to the plateau of the highest me, even though I’ve been badly bruised, living in a house to become a popular muse.

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    Winner: Shandi
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    My Perfect Cycle

    I liked how Cycle 2 had 13 people. It was such an unusual number. Here is how it would go down!

    Photoshoot 1: 13 Girls: C1's Snakes Beauty Shoot:

    1st Girl Called: Elyse: Flawless Photo. The White Snake was a perfect choice for her.
    Bottom 2: Diane & Shandi (Shandi looked very confused in the shoot)
    Eliminated: Diane: Didn't connect with the eyes. Looked very pedestrian.

    Photoshoot 2: 12 Girls: C4's Zodiac Sign Shoot:
    Capricorn: Sara (c6)
    Aquarius: Elyse
    Pisces: Lisa
    Aries: Sara (c2)
    Taurus: Mollie Sue
    Gemini: Danielle
    Cancer: Kahlen
    Leo: Tocarra
    Libra: Nicole
    Virgo: Shandi
    Scorpio: Yaya
    Sagittarius: Rebecca

    1st Girl Called: Rebecca: Actually did Sagittarius, Brought justice to Sagitarrius!
    Bottom 2: Mollie Sue & Sara (c6)
    Eliminated: Sara: Her photo looked dead, and the pose looked extrememly awkward.

    Photoshoot 3: 11 Girls: C3's Dooney & Bourke Ad Shoot
    1st Girl Called: Lisa: Pose was a cross between ballerina, and super model!
    Bottom 2: Tocarra & Shandi
    Eliminated: Shandi Seemed unfocused, and pose was very disasterous.

    Photoshoot 4: 10 Girls: c3's Alter Ego
    1st Girl Called: Elyse: Captured both egos flawlessly.
    Bottom 2: Danielle & Sara (c2)
    Eliminated: Sara Couldn't show emotion through camera with both egos.

    Photoshoot 5: 9 Girls: c4's 1-800-Flowers Ad
    1st Girl Called: Toccara: Seemed extremely Confident, and High Fashion Sexy!
    Bottom 2: Nicole & Mollie Sue
    Eliminated: Nicole: 1st Thing: Mollie Sue had a bit more personality in the judging room. 2nd Thing: Seemed scared of the dogs, and didn't make the viewer seem like she was interested in the male model.

    Photoshoot 6: 8 Girls: c2's Girl-on-Girl High Fashion Editorial
    Toccara & Mollie Sue
    Lisa & Yaya
    Rebecca & Danielle
    Kahlen & Elyse
    1st Girl Called: Mollie Sue: Her physique was flawless, and Looked very sister-like with Toccara (think Mercedes and April's Photo)
    Bottom 2: Elyse & Kahlen
    Eliminated: Kahlen: Felt uneasy with shoot, and seemed very overpowered with Elyse in the photo.

    Photoshoot 7: 7 Girls: c1's Acuvue Colors Commercial
    1st Girl Called: Tocarra: Seemed so easy and natural in the commercial, and seemed approachable.
    Bottom 2: Danielle & Elyse
    Eliminated: Danielle: Couldn't lose the southern accent, and forgot lines.

    Photoshoot 8: 6 Girls: (goes to C2's Milan): Solstice Sunglasses Ad
    1st Girl Called: Lisa: Perfect Pose, and face looked very edgy.
    Bottom 2: Mollie Sue & Rebecca
    Eliminated: Mollie Sue: Felt that she didn't look that high fashion in certain aspects.

    Photoshoot 9: 5 Girls: c2's Laundry Campaign
    1st Girl Called: Rebecca: Looked edgy, and pose was WOW!
    Bottom 2: Tocarra & Elyse
    Eliminated: **SHOCKER** Elyse: It is one of those eliminations you just can't explain...

    Photoshoot 10: 4 Girls: c5's Wildboyz Screaming Shoot
    1st Girl Called: Yaya: Looked so natural, and looked high fashion
    Bottom 2: Rebecca & Tocarra

    Photoshoot 11: 4 Girls: c5's Interpretation of Classic Art
    Rebecca: Birth of Venus
    Yaya: DaVinci's Man Painting
    Lisa: Windsor's Mother
    Tocarra: Mona Lisa
    1st Girl Called: Tocarra: Surpisingly looked high fashion in a beauty shot!
    Bottom 2: Lisa & Yaya
    Eliminated: Lisa: Pose looked terribly awkward. Profile had a bit of flaws. Tyra states: "You are beautiful Lisa, but the judges feel that maybe your in-your-face attitude may wear thin in the fashion industry...."

    Photoshoot 12: 3 Girls: c6's INVISION YOUR FUTURE..... & Covergirl Commercial & Ad
    Tocarra: Attorney
    Yaya: Professional Dancer
    Rebecca: Pilot of an Aircraft
    1st Girl Called: Yaya: Dancing skills are extremely useful in this shoot. Covergirl; looked approachable, and beautiful, and ad was recited flawlessly.
    Bottom 2: Tocarra & Rebecca
    Eliminated: Tocarra; Though her Career photo and Ad was flawless, her covergirl commercial surprisingly fell flat.

    Photoshoot 13: 2 Girls: c3's Spider Brooch Ad, and Fashion Show for DSquared
    Rebecca: Spider Brooch Ad was superb, eyes spoke volumes.
    Yaya: Ad was perfect, did exact pose as in the real ad.

    Fashion Show:
    Rebecca: Really good! Perfected her signature walk, and looked really good in the clothes.
    Yaya: Struted her stuff so well! Looks so good in the clothes.

    WINNER: YAYA! Yaya was true top model material!
    Kayser, you have Manorexia! - Danielle

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