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Thread: The Perfect Cycle

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    Episode 6: (The Girl Who Can't Stop Crying) The girls are still shocked by the last judging and Tyra comes over to speak to the girls and talk about any issues. Nik and Michelle reveal the pressure the feel. April, Melrose, and Nnenna let down their walls. Nnenna bugs some of the girl as she spends much time on the phone.

    At the challenge, the girls are taught to be sexy and Melrose once again wins a challenge straining her friendship with Lisa who feels she deserved to win. Melrose as a result picks only April and Michelle to share in her win which involves dinner with fashion executives.

    At the house, Lisa learns her mother has been ill and wants to talk to her but when Nnenna refuses to hang up, a fight erupts where Lisa breaks down. Brittany informs Nnenna of what’s going on and she apologizes to Lisa later.

    At the photoshoot, the girls do romance novels. Michelle, Melrose, Brittany do really well while Shandi, Nnenna and Lisa struggle to do sexy.

    Brittany, Melrose, Michelle, Nik, Nicole, April, Shandi and Lisa are called.

    Bottom Two: Nnenna for not being versatile and Ann for not sparkling enough. Nnenna’s past performances save her and Ann is sent home.

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    Episode Seven: (The Girl Who Is Kidnapped) The girls are all curious as they feel Nik and Michelle are bonding a bit too much. Meanwhile, even Michelle can’t tell if Nik is gay or not. Michelle is furthered inspired to do well when she receives a call from Amanda who is doing much better.

    At the challenge, the girls learn how to be athletic, and Michelle wins her first challenge. She chooses Nnenna and Melrose to share in her win which is having a relative visit them. Michelle gets Amanda, Nnenna her boyfriend and Melrose her dad. While Michelle and Melrose are excited, Nnenna is not. All the girls seems to like Amanda and are surprised by how different both are. Melrose shows a softer side as the girls get to know her dad. The drama begins later that night, when Nnenna feels pressured by her boyfriend and breaks up with him. The girls worry as they feel Nnenna is being held hostage by her boyfriend. After hours of arguing, Nnenna comes down from her room and her boyfriend leaves. Nnenna is relived to be single again.

    At the photoshoot, the girls are instructed to pose as both angels and devils while being suspended in the air. The girls then go to the judging room where Michelle, Shandi and April get high remarks while Nnenna, Melrose and Lisa fail to impress.

    April, Shandi, Michelle, Nicole, Brittany, Nik and Melrose are called up.

    Bottom Two: Nnenna for losing her fire and Lisa for not knowing how to contain hers. Lisa is sent home!

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    Ooh BustaK, I like!

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    Episode Eight: (The Girl Who Cheats) Nnenna is once again shaken by her near elimination and tries to refocus her energy. The girls are then instructed on how handle pressure from demanding clients. Melrose once again wins a challenge and picks April to share with her in a spa treatment.

    Brittany feels alone as her friend Lisa was sent home before and Nnenna talks to he so she can learn how to better control herself, so she can avoid Lisa’s fate. Meanwhile, April feels pressure to step up her game as she hasn’t won any challenges yet.

    Later, the girls go out at night while Melrose and April are at the spa. Nnenna is excited when she sees a bunch of good looking guys and invites them to the house. At the house, the infamous Shandi cheats on her boyfriend scene takes place.

    The following day, the girls are shoked when Tyra mail reveals two girls will go home. At the photoshoot, the girls will once again pair up for a lakeside nude shot ala Cycle 2. Brittany and Nik, Michelle and Shandi, Melrose and Nnenna, and April and Nicole are paired.

    At judging, the girls must criticize their own photos. Brittany fails to criticize her picture, while Nicole criticizes the wrong things. Overall, Brittany, April and Shandi have the best pictures.

    April, Nnenna, Nik, Melrose, and Shandi are called up.

    Bottom Three: Brittany for not being up on her fashion lessons, Michelle for failing to impress the judges and Nicole for not being up to the other girls levels. Luckily for Brittany, she gets one more chance and Michelle and Nicole get the boot.

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    Episode Nine: (The Girl Who Steps It Up) The girls feel the pressure as their friends keep getting the boot. They are then informed that they will learn how to act and go to an acting challenge where Brittany wins a spot on Veronica Mars.

    The girls are then shocked when they learn that as final six, they will be going to Rio De Janeiro!!! The girls are really excited and all decide to have dinner before leaving that day. At dinner, Brittany rubs Nik the wrong way when she asks her if she is sad now that her girlfriend (Michelle) left? Nik is upset as she feels Brittany is constantly out of line. The girls argue and Nik tells he that Brittany thinks everything is a joke and this rubs people the wrong way.

    Once in Rio, the girls can’t contain their excitement but Shandi seems to have lost her drive. At the photoshoot, the girls will be posing in high fashion wedding dresses against a sunset background at Rio’s famous mountain hill.

    At judging, the girls are told to act out certain emotions. Brittany and April step it up while Melrose fails to deliver.

    April, Brittany, Nik and Shandi are called.

    Bottom Two: Melrose for lacking height and Nnenna for delivery. Nnenna is finally sent home.

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    Episode Ten: (The Girl Who Falls Apart) April is excited after being called first three times in a row but some of the girls feel she is too perfect. Brittany tries apologizing to Nik for earlier incidents while Shandi and her boyfriend patch things up.

    The girls then go on go-sees. Melrose and April excel while Brittany and Shandi get lost. Melrose is once again the challenge winner and she feel re-energized.

    The next day, the girls are instructed that they will be flying in the jungle for a nature and kloofing shot. Brittany and Nik excel while Melrose and April fail to deliver.

    At judging, the girls must criticize each other. They can not name themselves as most potential. Brittany thinks Nik has the most potential and Melrose the least. Nik thinks April has the most and Melrose the least. April thinks Melrose has the most and Brittany the least. Melrose feels April has the most and Brittany the least. Shandi thinks April has the most and Brittany the least. Melrose begins crying after being critisized so much by the other girls.

    Shandi, Nik and April are called up.

    Bottom Two: Melrose for lack of potential and Brittany for unpredictable performances. Brittany is sent home despite gorgeous pictutes.

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    Episode Eleven: (The Girl With Fire and Soul) Melrose and the girls get in an argument when Melrose accuses some of calling her last in order to sabotage her. April is pissed by Melrose’s attitude and call her out on it. The two end up being upset with each other despite their friendship throughout the cycle ala Ann/Eva or Brittany/Keenyah.

    The next challenge involves dancing and April and Shandi do the best. Shandi wins and she chooses April to go with her to a fashion event to meet industry insiders.

    At the photoshoot, the girls must do a dancing shoot with Brazil’s finest. All the girls do extremely well but it's Shandi who impresses everyone. At judging, the judges are seriously impressed by the shoots and have a hard time deciding who to send home.

    Nik and Shandi are called up.

    Bottom Two: Melrose for potential and April for not losing her perfect like attitude. Melrose cries when she is sent home.

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    Final Episode: (The Girl Who Is Punked) Shandi, Nik and April are excited to be in the final three. They let down and have dinner together before another commercial. Nik is nervous as she failed to impress judges at her last commercial. At the photoshoot, Shandi shines above the other two.

    Once there, Shandi excels while Nik and April struggle. At judging, the girls are judge on their walks and journey. Shandi is called first while Nik and April land in bottom two. Nik is sent home.

    April and Shandi are glad they have made it so far and head off to their runway challenge in Rio. They will be strutting on a watery runway against the backdrop of Rio’s nightline. The girls step it up in a fierce walkway.

    At judging the judges are torn between April’s drive and Shandi’s potential. After their hardest deliberation, the girls are called in.

    Tyra then says “America’s Next Top Model is….April!!!”

    Shandi cries but congratulates April.

    Tyra then goes” Psych, it’s actually Shandi. Just messing with you April.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by BustaK;2247856;
    The girls are then shocked when they learn that as final six, they will be going to Rio De Janeiro!!!
    Yaaaaaaay lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightfall_realm;2247548;
    Seriously. This is absolutely hilarious. Especially "Ebony was plain fug". OMG I would so totally watch this cycle!
    Of course! I saw all these other SERIOUS seasons, and was like "puh leez." so I gave what people wanted.

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