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Thread: The Perfect Cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoViewer View Post
    Unfortunately, I think an all-stars cycle would solidify the fact that this is a reality show, not a true model search.
    I agree. And some of the girls with real talent and capability to be signed on their own would be wasted with Ford and Covergirl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoViewer View Post
    I'd rather see them do an entire cycle with all the girls that were eliminated first and second. Those girls never really had a chance, and there were some real beauties there.

    Unfortunately, I think an all-stars cycle would solidify the fact that this is a reality show, not a true model search.
    well that's my perfect cyle.. and they not battling on a contract or whatsoever..

    If you ask my perfect cycle with girl battling for a contract.. I cant decide since Im not finish with all cycle.. so slow but of course there are no chance for winner to enter again
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    The Ultimate Season of ANTM

    If America's Next Top Model were going to have an all-stars season (where the best contestants come back besides winners) who do you think would be invited back?

    Cycle 1: Elyse, Shannon
    Cycle 2: Mercedes, April
    Cycle 3: Amanda, Yaya, Norelle
    Cycle 4: Kahlen
    Cycle 5: Nik
    Cycle 6: Joanie

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    Cycle 1: Elyse
    Cycle 2: Shandi, Sara
    Cycle 3: Ann, Yaya, Nicole
    Cycle 4: Kahlen!!! probably Sarah
    Cycle 5: Lisa, Cassandra, Kim
    Cycle 6: Leslie

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    Cycle 1:Elyse, Shannon, Giselle
    Cycle 2:April, Shandi, Mercedes
    Cycle 3:Nicole, Amanda, YaYa
    Cycle 4:Kahlen, Brittany, Keenyah
    Cycle 5:Nik, Lisa, Jayla
    Cycle 6:Joanie, Jade, Furonda
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    Cycle 1: Elyse, Giselle, Nicole
    Cycle 2: Shandi, Catie
    Cycle 3: Yaya, Amanda, Ann, Tocarra, Jennipher (for me)
    Cycle 4: Brita, Brittany
    Cycle 5: Nik, Lisa
    Cycle 6: Joanie, Jade, Sara

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    Cycle 1 : Elyse, Kesse, Giselle
    Cycle 2 : Mercedes, April, Jenascia
    Cycle 3 : Yaya, Norelle, Nicole
    Cycle 4 : Brittany, Christina, Rebecca
    Cycle 5 : Nik, Bre, Coryn
    Cycle 6 : Joanie, Furonda, Leslie

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    cycle1: Elyse, Katie, Giselle
    cycle2: April, Shandi
    cycle3: Norelle, Julie
    cycle4: LLuvy, Tatiana
    cycle5: Nik, Kim
    cycle6: Sara, Gina
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    Cycle 1 : Nicole P, Shannon
    Cycle 2 : Catie, Heather (Hehe!), April, Mercedes
    Cycle 3 : Cassie, Norelle, Ann, Julie (I liked her!), Yaya
    Cycle 4 : Rebecca, Tatiana, Kahlen, Michelle, Brittany, Christina
    Cycle 5 : Nik, Diane, Bre, Jayla
    Cycle 6 : Sara, Joanie, Mollie Sue, Leslie, Brooke

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    Cycle 1: Elyse
    Cycle 2: Shandi, Sara and Mercedes
    Cycle 3: Amanda, Norelle and Nicole
    Cycle 4: Khalen, Brittany and Michelle
    Cycle 5: Jayla and Bre
    Cycle 6: Mollie Sue

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