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Thread: The Perfect Cycle

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    if they ever do a cycle of just transformation then they should cast:

    Adrianne: very broke, and in need for help
    Shandi: obvious reasons, caterpillar to butterfly
    Yoanna: loosing 50 pounds to just be a model
    Mercedes: battles with lupus
    Amanda: llegaly blind mother whos been sruggling
    Norelle: from braceses to bueaty
    Eva: Angry tomboy, too a model (something like that)
    Cassie: battle of bulliemia
    Toccarra: Big girls are F-A-B-O
    Naima: drunken past to sober future
    Kahlen: From rape to riches, shy to fearless (i know its cheesy)
    Tiffany: her poverty and story that touched everyone
    Michelle: Wrestler and timid, too...beautiful or whatever
    Tatiana: wasnt she a hobo?
    Coryn: her hard knock life and struggles and her unique look made beautiful
    SarahC5: She finally learns how to model!!!!!
    Cassandra: From pagent to fierce
    Danielle: her drive speaks for itself
    Scarlett(C6 sara, but i hate having two girls with the same name and since she looks like scarlett johansson, therefore her name is scarlett, hey it is fantasy right?): from the mall too modeling
    Wendy: is able to get through hurricane katrina and still pull out a beautiful photograph

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    Wow This was really tough - I narrowed it down - but I have enough for two seasons... And My first season has 16 girls. I guess knock any two off season one and add them to two.

    My Second String (Season Two)
    Molly Sue
    Nicole (C5)
    Sara (C5)
    Cassandra (after the cut)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    My Contestants :

    Cycle 1 : Kesse
    Cycle 2 : Jenascia, Sara
    Cycle 3 : Yaya, Magdalena, Norelle
    Cycle 4 : Rebecca, Kahlen, Christina
    Cycle 5 : Bre, Coryn
    Cycle 6 : Danielle, Wendy, Leslie

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredlun View Post
    Interesting thread!

    Is it just me? For each new season:

    1) Names are getting weirder and weirder, it's makes you wonder if they chose the models solely on the originality of names (or if they just make up the names, give them a "scripted" name...). Half of the population don't have names you haven't heard of before, and I'm sure most models have common names...
    2) The quality of contestants is just going down the drain
    The names aren't that weird... I've never heard of:

    Cycle 1: Tessa, Kesse
    Cycle 2: Jenascia, Xiomara, Shandi
    Cycle 3: Toccara, Norelle
    Cycle 4: Brita, Kahlen, Keenyah, Naima, Lluvy
    Cycle 5: None...
    Cycle 6: Nnenna, Furonda

    Not that many... It's been consistent (except for Cycle 4... I've never heartd of alot of the names of those girls).

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    Quote Originally Posted by As-Tom View Post
    I was fantasizing about mixing the cycles thus far and throw some girls together to make my perfect cycle And fantasizing how girls would do photo shoot's from other cycles (it's so funny doing!!!!!!)
    For example: picture Tocarra doing the c4's waterfall shoot or c6's falling shoot or c4's dance shoot and so on and on.. Really funny doing, pick a girl, pick a shoot, and imagine

    Right, I got this thingy from the UPN ANTM site cycle 3 but changed photo's
    Cycle 3 had 14 girls, so that's okay But it's SO hard to stick with 14 pg

    No cycle 1 girls, found it strange seeing Elyse next to people like Mollie Sue, Sarah, Lluvy, Lisa etc etc etc

    Elimination's wouldn't be every episode one girl eliminated;
    First have 5 episode's and than do a group elimination (5 girls) where you first pick girl where you're SURE of they won't fit what you're looking for (If you're looking for example a spokesperson, rolemodel, CoverGirl) And if that are less than 5 girls who are obviously not a winner than add the weakest links (who are not improving (much)) This way every girl will at least have 5 episode's to prove and improve
    Do this thing again, 5 episode's and than 5 elimination's,.. less improving or girls with not much potential get's eliminated (there should be looked at all the episode's thus far)
    Than 6 girls remain who go to the other location (land) Have another 3 episode's and then pick the top 3 These 3 all do the SAME, so if there will be a final runway, they'll be in it, all the three of them (Now I think of it, the final panel with 3 girl will be a bit strange, lol)

    The bad thing about this way of eliminating is that you can't have shoot's like the zodiac and 7 deadly sins.. because you won't have 12 or 7 girl but 16, 11, 6, 3

    And these shoot's I would love to see;
    The first 5 episode's will have these;
    - c6's Bald Beauty Shot - loved to see them^ bald See Ann, Norelle, Lisa, Sarah doing it<3
    - c2's Celebrity Cover - wondering who they'll be
    - c1's Naked Jewelry Ad - to know who doesn't want to get naked to model -> eliminated
    - c1's Beautyshot with snake - snake is sortof a test + it's a simple BEAUTY shot
    - c3's Lee Jeans - because this is one of my favorite shoots
    The 6th/10 episode;
    - c2's Queénch - one of my favorite shoots, see Tocarra, Ann, Lisa, Norelle, Coryn doing this <3
    - c2's Body Paint - Eve's dirty dozen, was an OK shoot
    - c4's Dancephoto - Not to test them on purpose, Male models on background not near the girl*
    - c3's SpiderBrooch - Love this shoot, + spider.. so it's sortof a test
    - c3's Jamaican Swimsuit - an easy, yet beautiful shoot (Not to test them on purpose No naked, no snakes etc)
    The 11/12/13 episode;
    - c4's Waterfall Shoot - different, beautiful
    - c2's Solstice - high fashion, gotta love it
    - c5's Bollywood - liked the idea, not how it turned out It could be classy)
    The final shoot
    - ?

    The final shoot depends on the prize.. Wich is NOT CoverGirl in my perfect cycle! Dunno what it should be, something more classy Not commercial but something with style The winner has to have 'the wole package' / 'IT' So they need to be able to talk, pose - beauty shots, high fasion!, commercial, give interviews, represent, be a TopModel in person (personality), rock America's socks!

    So my question's for you FORT'ers;
    Who would you want in your cycle?
    What would you change (anything, like I would change the elimination's)
    Which shoot's would you want in your perfect cycle
    What would be the prize?
    And so on.. (Don't have to answer all of 'em ofcourse)
    I'm curious!!
    can you send me the pictures of lisa, lluvy and april... the whole picture pls... thanks...
    heres my email:

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    The Perfect ANTM: Elyse, Amanda, Yaya, Toccara, Magdalena, Nicole, Nik, Brita, Joanie, Danielle, Kathy, Michelle, Tatiana, Yoanna, Xiomara, Lisa.

    Week One: Krumping & Twirling. Eliminated: Xiomara and Yoanna for lack of grace and focus on the photoshoot.

    Week Two: Secrets & Public-speaking. Eliminated: Nik, Kathy, and Tatiana.

    Week Three: Go-Sees & Black and White beauty ads. Eliminated: Magdalena.

    Week Four: Bollywood. Eliminated: Michelle and Brita.

    Week Five: CoverGirl. Eliminated: Danielle and Lisa.

    Week Six: Spiders. Eliminated: Toccara and Elyse.

    Week Seven: Got Gas? Elimianted: Nicole.

    Week 8: Finale. Amanda is ANTM.
    "What it do, Shawty?"-Natasha Galkina

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    Quote Originally Posted by HughFire View Post
    Wow This was really tough - I narrowed it down - but I have enough for two seasons... And My first season has 16 girls. I guess knock any two off season one and add them to two.

    My Second String (Season Two)
    Molly Sue
    Nicole (C5)
    Sara (C5)
    Cassandra (after the cut)
    Wow, you put a lot into this. Good job and I love the photo of the promo.

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    and the Shoots

    But who will win?

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    if they're having an all-star its better if there are no winners included... and most of the contestants should be from the girls that were eliminated from the beginning... e.g. tessa, jenascia, leah, brandi, ashley & kari

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