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Thread: ANTM6 Ep. 7 Recap: Don’t Send in the Clowns…Oh Bother, They’re Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by quanahg View Post
    Question for all of you guys...How did Brooke know about Danielle going to Paris? Was that ever mentioned on the show?
    There is probably around one hundred hours of footage that needs to be condensed into one hour, so I think they had to leave a few things out.

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    i think i'm beginning to see a scary possibility of Jade winning this competition which i think most ppl would be not happy about

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    This was such a great recap, I'd forgotten to read it, and aside from the fact that now I have to go to sleep with Pennywise the Clown in my head, I'm a happy camper.

    Rescue me, sweet sweet Snowy =[

    Loved it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kimanis View Post
    Just LOVED all the references to poor Leslie's walk.....(you just wanna slap her butt back in to place)........
    Hey -- sorry I'm a new guy.. but for all those that wanna meet the (now) infamous Aswirl Twinz, you cna catch them here this Friday in LA!

    Where: Lucy Florence
    3351 West 43rd Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90008

    $5 before 11 PM $10 after
    Casual attire

    Yeah -- its a party and all.. BUt they will be there (they always are) and I thought you fans would wanna know. For more info you are free to go here if you like: tail&eventID=58793.01912

    PS:: NO clowns will be in attendance (LOL!)
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