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Thread: ANTM6 Ep. 6 Recap: Whose Whine Is It Anyway?

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    Thank you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmjm View Post
    This was the best episode of ANTM I've ever watched... EVER. Any cycle. My sister and I were in hysterics! How Sara made up that rhyme of how she's gonna vomit in a bottle if she has to hear one more time about Jade, the undiscovered super-model? Amazing.

    BUT, I think it was so stupid and cheap the way they sold us on that "someone falls over... This week on ANTM!" garbage, and it was just Tyra faking. Do they feel like they need more drama on this show or something? They have plenty! So what, Tyra? You can fake a fainting spell? That don't make you Meryl Streep. My bf worked as a paramedic, it doesn't take any sort of talent to fake that sort of thing. Just a desire for some attention (or in Tyra's case, sensationalism).
    oh God, when she faked the fainting, I was thinking L-A-M-E with capital letters!

    there are things that people shouldn't fake, and that is one of them. one's health is a serious thing and should not be toyed around like that. why doesn't she just pretend to be dead, wouldn't that be better, you know, to illustrate a point? *sarcastic*

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    Add me to the list of folks who have read the recap before viewing the episode... I was surprised to hear that they cut Mollie Sue. I was hoping she would win them over this time around.

    Great titles, Great recap. Thanks, Snowy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessa View Post
    why doesn't she just pretend to be dead, wouldn't that be better, you know, to illustrate a point? *sarcastic*
    Hah! I like that idea. It would be great. Tyra could fake death for a season or two, they could do up a fake funeral and a fake tribute episode to her super-model greatness, interview all the girls from previous cycles about how Tyra was a wonderful lady who "kept it real" and "was totally fierce" but "still cared". They could get Janice as the host and we could get ourselves a show that really looks for a top model!

    Then Tyra could triumphantly return, there could be another episode centred around how TOTALLY fooled everyone was, and we'd be back right where we started.

    And while we're on the subject (not really!) of improving the show, they might as well stick Mr. Jay on the panel -- he's the one who works the most with the girls!

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    you are a nutball, Snowy...

    is it possible for you to get any funnier?

    excellent recap as usual
    "Say hello to the bad guy"

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    Wonderful recap.
    I still hate Jade, yurk

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