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Thread: ANTM6 Ep. 6 Recap: Whose Whine Is It Anyway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtommy33 View Post
    Snow my Darling you are the best. I do not know how you manage to liven up an otherwise hum drum episode. I'm confuse about something, in a previous ANTM season, they produced a commercial for cover girl of which La Tyrant instructed and demonstrated to a contestant the same cheesy three poses that she berated Furonda for this episode. Am I off my rockers, does anyone else recall this?
    La Tyrant!!! priceless!!!

    Yes I do remember Tyra doing the 3 poses. I think it was during an elimination.

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    Mollie Sue over Jade what a joke. Mollie Sue consistently took pretty good pictures, Jade has only taken one good picture.

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    This was the best episode of ANTM I've ever watched... EVER. Any cycle. My sister and I were in hysterics! How Sara made up that rhyme of how she's gonna vomit in a bottle if she has to hear one more time about Jade, the undiscovered super-model? Amazing.

    BUT, I think it was so stupid and cheap the way they sold us on that "someone falls over... This week on ANTM!" garbage, and it was just Tyra faking. Do they feel like they need more drama on this show or something? They have plenty! So what, Tyra? You can fake a fainting spell? That don't make you Meryl Streep. My bf worked as a paramedic, it doesn't take any sort of talent to fake that sort of thing. Just a desire for some attention (or in Tyra's case, sensationalism).

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    which is, apparently, an improv comedy show, and not, as I had at first believed, a documentary Discovery channel program on homosexuality amongst the animal life of the rainforest

    because you are almost as stupid as you are mean.

    Looks like Joanie’s 0% math smart, because that doesn’t make a damn bit o’ sense.

    Sara goes first. Now, I think she does a great job, but apparently I know nothing
    I didn't get to see the ep, but your recap helped me catch up! Mollie deserved to stay!!!! I miss her already!
    missing Sara

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    I wonder if TyTy knows how much you help her show by recapping it in all your splendorous glory?

    Heh, she owes you. Another great one, Snowy!
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    "And I'm also tired of people saying "OMG I'LL NEVER WATCH AGAIINNN". Come on now. ANTM is cocaine and you are the lindsay lohans who crave it" - queenegoist

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    great one snowy.
    jade was horrible.
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    Thank you for your recap!! It's so detailed and I love your personal comments!!!!!!

    I think it is really hard for Mollie to convince herself that she lost to Jade. It is undeniable that Jade screw EVERYTHING up this week, and she even swore in the commercial shoot!!!!!! Okay..... Your mind can just as blank, but at least you know where you are and what game you are playing, and you let the swearwords came out from your mouth! Isn't it unbelievable?

    The even more unbelievable thing is the judges' decision to keep Jade in the show. They definitely will not let a girl who swore on the sponsor's commercial win this competition, so why bother to keep her? For her potentials? I can't see any improvement in her through these weeks. Or for her personality? Oh no..... When I think of her aggressive attitude and her inability to take or even to understand instructions, I am just pissed off.

    Actually I don't think I hate Jade, I am just fed up with her. But I was surprised to see her breaking down in tears when Tyra revealed that she could stay. It is again unbelievable to me that she expected herself going home ~~

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    i hope to god mollie sue makes it, does that tyra woman like making mistakes or something?

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    what i didn't understand is that models are being put in the news everyday regarding diva like attitudes. look at naomi, she's back in the news again for throwing things. so why would you let someone on your show that portrays the diva attitude and she hasn't even made it yet. confidence is important because really if you don't believe in you then who will. Jade, though is so defiant every week. she talks to the judges like she's in higher station in life, these seasoned veterans. i just don't get it. i think she's beautiful, but her attitude alone would make me hurt her. judge or not , it would have been on when the camera's went off.
    squirrel please!!!!:nono

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    I read these during my College Writing Class in school. Im the only loser laughng out loud in the middle of class. dam you SFG!

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