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Thread: Talk about "My Life As A Cover Girl"

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    Talk about "My Life As A Cover Girl"

    I actually thought Nicole's first commercial was excellent. Any problems she once had with spokemodely stuff seem to be history--she sounded very natural. It goes without saying that she looked great.

    To my memory of the past Top Models to do these commercials, she's certainly doing far better thus far than anything I recall from Naima (who looked great but sounded horrible).

    I kind of liked Eva the Diva's commercials, so it's a bit early to compare Nicole's to hers.

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    I think Nicole did great! I know some people thought she sounded bored, but I liked her voice. She looked beautiful, too. And someone pointed out that she was posing in the glasses shoot with another Covergirl, something that the other girls didn't have a chance to do.

    Although I like Naima, her voice did seem a little annoying after a while. Eva never did it for me...

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    i found naima's life as a covergirl really boring. she never did much but do autograph signings. nicole actually did something with covergirl. she also sounded good.

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    yea i loved her comercial!!!!!!! she was really great and she looked amazing. i never have anything bad to say about this girl! love her so much!

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    Hey Nicole's doing a CG ad with Tiiu Kuik - that says it all! She's the best.
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    Bwahaha! Naima's was pathetic. "Today I got to throw the first pitch at a baseball game. Woohoo! Go me!" Although it had absolutely nothing to do with modeling... and then there's the lobbying of CG makeup to non-speaking Asian tourists. Scooore!

    Nicole seems to be very much successful. Maybe this will give ANTM more legitimacy? Just maybe?
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