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Thread: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

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    Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    This is another of my favourite threads from last season and I want it to continue again!

    I'm hoping there would be a nude shot where they would be posing in bathe tubs of champane!

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    FORT Fogey JamiLee's Avatar
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    Okay this may sound strange but, I had an idea and almost won a contest for something on these lines. (not going into the contest - too long a story)

    A cemetary all black and white in the back round and the models all in color.

    Sounds dark and all but, put the model in front of a grave site with all color and full of life - get the idea. Would be cool. I could elaborate more on this but, won't go into it as I have to get off this site!!

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    I would llurve to see them go to some gorgeous European city (London, Prague) and do something around the architecture. Not exactly innovative, but it would be classy and high fashion-ish, and, most importantly, entirely lacking in clowns (also unlikely to include aliens).

    Also bring back the black and whites!!

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    I just went to the Art Museum yesterday and they had a gallery where they took picture of temples, hollow three trunks and the entire room was soo creepy with an ancient camera there. My friends and I were challenging who could stay inside there the longest! I think this kind of fear factor would be better then snakes and spiders fear factor! Imagine the girls praying and fighting over religion!

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    I only have ideas for outside America locations.

    Australia! - Ayers Rock - Safari Bikini style....or posing with aboriginal make-up.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    I think if the celebrity shoot should be brough back, then this is the cycle to do it. We've already compared the gi'rls to many actresses/singers/entertainers. But besides that, I had a corny idea for a shoot. I always thought it would be different if we had like a 'housewife' shot. Each g'irl gets dressed up like your typical 50's "Leave it to Beaver" housewife and has to give the warm motherly look. It could also be in black and white but I'd prefer color. I just think it would be cute to see them standing in a 50's kitchen with an apron and a tray of fresh-baked cookies, giving a huge smile to the camera. Corny, right? Haha, that's just my own opinion.

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    Well since the eighties are fashionable again... I think that would be fun for the girls and fun for the photographers to do something vintage. The girls could wear like polka-dots, leg-warmers, and colourful clothing in a colourful atmosphere.
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    Shot you remind me of Desperate Housewives! A Stephord housewives shot would be nice! Ala Marcia Cross

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    I was just looking at the Australian Top Model website and they had a shoot where the girls posed on horseback. That's what this season needs - LIVE ANIMALS.

    ETA: They also have one where the girls are posing with a stripper pole. Oh man, I would totally love to see this season's group try to look "fierce" but not with hooker style. (Sorry, Catie)

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    Pole dancing sounds great! They should dress up like the pussy cat dolls for that!

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