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Thread: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

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    Argh! You got my idea. The octopus/squid one is great!! And the Klimt.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    How about a Fairy Tale theme?
    Something Anne Gettes and like have the models pose as a type of food or something. Natural Elements theme. (water, earth, wind, fire)
    or a primative/shipwrecked theme.

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    I think a fairy tale theme would be awesome! You could do a lot with color and also there is such a variety in the look of fairy tale creatures so none of the girls would have to feel estranged because they aren't the "beautiful" girl or the "quirky" girl or the "it" girl. It would be fun.

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    Some of these ideas are really great- I love the famous artist inspired one but can't imagine ANTM ever going for it. Honestly, how many of the viewers would know who Klimt, Cassat, Modigliani (Lluvy!), and other fabulous artist worth doing were?

    But- on the lines of the fifties pin-up girl ideas I'd like to suggest a series of pulp novel cover parodies, very sexy, very vibrant, lends itself to the right balance of acting/posing, and could involve other models.

    Let's just hope there is a wide variety of shots, not like last seasons attack of the clowns.

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    Snowy, don't you think that Elyse and Norelle would have worked perfectly for Klimt?

    And as for the houswive idea, check out Vogue from Sept. '04 titled 'day dreams' (CCL you'll really enjoy this - Natalia looks fantastic)

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    Model Behavior
    I've always wanted to see them pose with a dog. Sort of like "street-edge" themed.

    It would also be interesting to see them dressed as men.

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    Klimt's women are soulful and mysterious and forbidding. So Norelle would be to Klimt like Jean Harlow would be to Freud (*thinks of the wonderful "Impossible Meetings" caricature series and cracks up*) As in...she would drown in his depths. As in, I just can't picture her pulling it off. Sorry.

    Elyse would've been game for Klimt, but even better for Egon Schiel, methinks. And in a similar vein, Nicole could've worked something Edvard Munch-inspired. (no, I'm not thinking of The Scream.)

    But that's a great call, SFG! *smacks head for not thinking of it* Think of the dresses and sets they would be able to come up with! Think of how gorgeous and dreamy it would all be!

    I'm really, really diggin' both the Klimt and the urchin-tarts ideas. I would also love to see a "famous women/femme-fatales" shoot...I could so picture, like, let's see...Marie Antoinette, Lucrezia Borgia, Joan of Arc, Mata Hari, etc etc.

    Or maybe dress them in 18th to turn-of-the-century military regalia or something, and make it all deliberately wink-wink nudge-nudge "grrrl POWER,man!!" Something like this:

    painting by Karen Kilimnik eta: it's called planning the attack on Malta or something

    (C'mon, I can't be the only one here with a "The Rose of Versailles" fetish...or am I? *scurries back to the Planet of the Geeks*)
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    Haha, I don't mean to say that Norelle is in any way a Klimt muse, I just meant Klimt's women often look like her and Elyse (tall, dark, angular).

    I'd go for the good old classic 'walking around in front of a grey background' any day. That should be at LEAST one of the challenges.

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    Hey hey now, I think Norelle might have hidden depths to her that Klimt...might...bring out... Oh I can't help it, I love that sweet, simple girl!

    Anyhoodle, I am really into brklynGrownup’s idea of a pulp shoot! I just LOVE collecting pulp novel cover/movie poster art, with their kitschy art and exploitative captions (I even have a handbag made of shellacked pulp covers). How cute would something like this be?






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    As most of my photoshoot ideas are, this next ones a mix of some other ideas, (This idea actually is a mix of the Australias Next Top Models horse and pole photoshoot)

    Carousel/Merry Go Round Photoshoot

    It could just be the model on the horse, not a full carousel pic but just of one horse with the model on it. The makeup could be very girly and bright coloured to match the decoration of the carousel horse. Lots of pinks and red. The clothing could be very bubblegum teeny kinda punk maybe. Very romantic they could pose on sitting on the fake merry go round horse, posing with the pole and so on. I think this photoshoot could be very fun
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