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Thread: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Sireafi;2723998;
    My idea cycle:

    Episode One - 14 Girls

    THE GIRLS THAT PLAY IN THE DARK This photo shoot is in a dark, pitch-black room. The only lightning in the room is black light so it has this cool glowy but dark effect. Each girl wears a dark but colorful high fashion outfit with dull, dark makeup. The girls will carry two black flashlights. They will have to model in a black room, with the only sources of lights are the black lighting and the flashlights.

    At elimination, Tyra does the whole elimination process normally until the bottom two. She pulls out two pictures and says that no one is eliminated. She wants the girls to prove themselves.

    Episode Two - 14 Girls

    THE GIRLS ARE TWO SIDED The girls will pose in a nude beauty shot a la Cycle 2. They will be standing in (not cold) water posing with jewelry. It wouldn't be huge, bulky gold jewelry but like thin necklaces, bracelets and rings. They will have to portray an emotion in one picture and in another picture, they'll have to portray the opposite of that but still look beautiful. The two pictures will be photo documented together. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Three - 13 Girls

    THE GIRLS DEAL WITH BIRD POOP The girls are put in harnesseses and hung from above. The harnesses will be underneath their garments so the strings can be cropped out. They have to pose like they are flying during the night so no one sees them. To make it even harder, they have to pose with a bird. Just because I'm so cruel. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Four - 12 Girls

    THE GIRLS THAT MERRILY FLOAT The girls are told that they will have two photo shoots today, one high fashion and one commercial. However unlike the nude jewelry shoot, these won't be photo documented together. The first one is floating in an indoor crystal clear pool with lotuses in long, flowy dresses. The camera will be directly above them. The second is posing in the waters of the beach with strelitzia (bird of paradise) in the water, in swimwear with a cellphone. The camera will be on the side. The purpose of this photo shoot is to see if the girls can do both high fasion and commercial modeling, with the same elements. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Five - 11 Girls

    THE GIRLS WALK ON ICE The girls learn about runway walking. Their photo shoot will be the stills at the end of the runway. The special thing about the runway is that it will be on ice. Now it won't be difficult because the girls are stepping on transparent sheets but to the viewer, it looks like they are walking on ice. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Six - 10 Girls

    THE GIRLS GO TO THE CARNIVAL The remaining girls go to a merry-go-round where they will be posing with carousel horses. They will portray happy young viriginal girls having fun at the carnival. They will be barefoot and have very clean, smooth, sleek and light dresses. They will have to pose on it while it's moving. The girls have to do a moving pose such as jumping. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Seven - 9 Girls

    THE GIRLS BECOME MUSES The girls do a photoshoot where they have to be modern versions of the nine Muses. Their outfits will be created by a student designer a la cycle nine and they will take pieces of the girl's personality into the outfit. They will pose in the forest. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Eight - 8 Girls

    THE GIRLS GO BLACK AND WHITE The girls learn about portraying both inner and outer beauty by doing interviews. They are taught how to own an interview and carry the charisma throughout the whole thing. Their challenge is to interview someone behind a wall but still make it as energetic and charismatic as if there wasn't one. The remaining contestants once again portray beauty, but this time in a photo shoot. They will be silent film actresses, black and white and still have to make it a beauty shot. The makeup and outfits will be very high fashion and be quite astounding. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Nine - 7 Girls

    THE GIRLS PROVE THEMSELVES At the beginning, the girls are brought to Mr. Jay. Mr. Jay tells them they all need to head back home and pack up their stuff (because they are all going home because they suck undoubtedly and forever and ever okay just kidding heehee hello). He doesn't tell them where they are going but the girls think it's their international destination. The girls are brought to a fountain and see five tickets lying on a table. Mr. Jay reveals to them that in order to get to their international destination, they have to prove what they got and do one last photo shoot before going abroad. He also reveals only five of the seven girls will make it. The girls are told they are going to pose in the fountain (one of those really fancy coin fountains). First, they have to pose in what they are wearing now in the fountain. To make it a bit more difficult, the girls are given a limit of ten minutes but have unlimited shots (for all of the "tests"). Next, they have to wear swimwear in the photo shoot and are required to utilize the shooting water from the fountain. Third, they have to wear very elegant dresses while having a harness underneath. The girls can use these to jump, perform very intricate poses or even use it as a prop. The girls get a break from their test. When they come back, they see the fountain is now a runway a la cycle four. Naima makes a surprise appearance and explains what it's like and all of her major work since she won. Heehee! The girls while have three cycles, a high fashion casual outfit, swimwear and a dress.

    Since it's their last time in America for the rest of the cycle, the judges have panel on the runway. Two girls are eliminated!

    Episode Ten - 5 Girls

    THE GIRLS GO TO THE AMAZON RAINFOREST So the girls fly down to Rio de Janeiro and put their stuff down in their hotel. The girls first stop is the Amazon Rainforest where they are told about it and pretty much an indirect public service announcement. So in the early morning, sunset, the girls are told they will have to do a commercial and photo shoot for CoverGirl. The girls wear very tropical-like outfits and look very serene. Their photoshoot is them somewhere in the rainforest, (the distance away from the camera will be like C9's first CoverGirl photoshoot but a tiny bit farther) and they pose their makeup. Their commercial is commercial slash public service announcement. The plot is the girls in different locations, looking around and they see other people getting sweaty and hot and the makeup on their face isn't sweating off. The girls come together in a river and splash water on their face.
    "Do you ever wish your perspiration didn't ever get in the way of your makeup?" / "The new CoverGirl Anti-Perspirant Waterproof TruBlend Makeup exactly does that!" / "You can stay cool and clean..." / "Even if it's too hot!" / "It keeps your face glimmering, all day, every day!" / "And remember, save the rain forest!" / "Because it's awesome just like..." / "Easy, Breezy, CoverGirl! HEEHEEHEE!"

    Top Model is then sued for tarnishing the rainforest. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Twelve - 4 Girls

    THE GIRLS RIDE THE BLOCOS The girls see the Brazillian Carnival and stuff. The girls are then told they will have to ride the blocos, the little float things, in costume from the beginning to the end of the "street" (well the place thye have the carnival). This is hard for some girls because they have heavy costumes and they /have/ to keep on posing with these until their little "trip" ends. The girls also have to stand out of a crowd (yes, another one) as well. Tyra shocks the hell out of everyone again by doing no eliminated just because.

    Episode Thirteen - 4 Girls

    THE GIRLS GO SEPERATE WAYS The models have go-sees, blahblahblah. The girls are told they are going to different parts of Brazil, where one will pose at different "landmarks". The girls will wear some famous Brazil's fashion designer's dresses. One is the Carioca Aqueduct, Corcovado mountain w/ Cristo Redentor in the background, Copacabana beach w/ the wave pattern pavement and Ipanema beach w/ Dois Irmãos in the background. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Fourteen - 3 Girls

    THE GIRL WHO COMMANDS IPANEMA BEACH The girls do their CoverGirl thing blahblah, don't really care. Their backdrop for their commercial is the waters of Rio de Janeiro. Some pretty water thing. Okay, so Tyra makes us all pissy again because there is no elimination.

    Their runway theme is Ipanema Beach at night. It is lit by lanterns and candles. The girls will walk barefoot too. The girls have their pictures taken at the end of the runwya. Those are taken into effect during final judging. One girl wins.
    omg heck yeah this is a cycle i would totally watch and scream and cry for....i love your photoshoot ideas some of your ideas are just like mine and from other top models...omg if only we the people of fort can make our own top model i think we would teach tyra a thing or 2 lol...we need to replace tyra, Mr jay, & nigel lol
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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    ok i would like it to go like this if i was running the show...

    week 1-group shot kind of like the vogue issue with chanel iman and gemma ward to see how well they look together as a group who can stand out at the same time and who don't fit in as well.

    week 2-black & white shoot nude near a fountain with long hair covering some parts with a sad depressed looked kind of like Evanescence music video My immortal.

    week 3-makeovers and what better way to show makeover than with beauty shot with some sort of a prop ex: goggles, wire, paint on face, feathers.

    week 4-walking on long moving runway with huge fan trying to look fierce in some sort of gown or black clothing al la Christina Aguliera & p diddys music video.

    week 5-casting for desingers that are actually in the fashion industry and after that a photoshoot in the country with a horse, lamb or sheep wearing coture outfits.

    week 6-photoshoot on top of a residential building, like one girl walking on the ledge, another leaping off the building, one can be standing posing next to the wall, one can be sitting on a air conditioner.

    week 7-photoshoot in a factory with chains a chair and spot light with the girls wearing black gowns or leather with dark edgy makeup hanging on to the chains, climbing up the chains or sitting on the chains while in the spotlight.

    week 8-the week before we go on foreign destination so the girls would definitely have to prove them they take lessons on culture and how to communicate and blah blah...then they do a photoshoot in a red trench coat and an umbrella standing next to a lamp post or bus stop sign with wind blowing or rain falling to see who can handle the pressure of anything coming their way while trying to look goregous.

    week 9-our foreign destination and i pick Japan the girls learn about japanese culture and how to communicate and speak the language then they get a prep course on commercial and then they are dressed up as beautiful modern day geisha's selling us some kind of japanese product in japanese.

    week 10-the stakes are high the girls are sent out to meet some japanese designers kind of like a go see but they are all together...the japanese designers give them feed back then after that they have a photoshoot dressed up as dark geisha's in beautiful kimono's with a parasol or fan in a forest at night covered in snow in the middle of a lake with dark water in a snow storm while trying to look beautiful but elegant kind of like evanescence music video lithium.

    week 11-they end their trip to japan and fly to Italy first they learn about italian culture and language then they do go sees for italian designers after that they have a photoshoot like cycle 2 solstice and after that they go to another destination and do a nude photoshoot with them in nothing but long pearls and jewels and high end shoes with their hair done in the way of women from the the 1700 & 1800's.

    week 12-the finals the girls a flown back to new york for fashion week first the girls are shown famous high fashion magazines a la vogue and they are given lessons on how to pose for a front cover of vogue and how it would catch a passerby attention...then they are taken to their photoshoot where they meet anna wintour and other famous people in the industry then they each are decded out in the newest but stylish clothes of the seasons with jewels and shoes and then they have to imitate a pose from the lesson for their front cover of vogue magazine while making it theirs and trying to sell at the same time....after that the girls go home rest up then the next day they are given a list of 25 designers who will be in fashion week and they are given the entire day and the last go see will be meeting with the judges and that night the girls are evaluated on everything they learned in the competition then the girl who booked the least designers is given the boot leaving only two girls....those 2 will walk for the designers they booked and after that they go home rest and then they meet with the judges the next day and a winner would be crowned.

    1.i would not sabotage any contestant
    2.they will get all the training need to be a real model
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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    America's Next Top Model: Cycle 10
    The Super Season

    Episode 01 - 13 Girls - Rich Women Stereotypes
    Episode 02 - 12 Girls - Couture Wedding Gowns
    Episode 03 - 11 Girls - Different Types of Weather (Snow, Drought, Tornado Etc.)
    Episode 04 - 10 Girls - Got Milk Print Ad in Personal Style
    Episode 05 - 09 Girls - Couture Bungee Jumping
    Episode 06 - 08 Girls - Covergirl Commercial
    Episode 07 - 07 Girls - Nude Covered in Diamonds
    Episode 08 - 06 Girls - Black & White Emotions Photoshoot (Angry, Depressed, Sad, Happy etc.)
    Episode 09 - 05 Girls - Fashion Dominatrix's
    Episode 10 - 04 Girls - 1950's Crime Scene Victims

    03 Girls - Covergirl Endorsement
    02 Girls - Runway Show

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    i'm revolted by how many people want recreation shoots. no recreating models, winners, locations, etc stuff like that. ..ugh, just end that. they will look terrible. i guess i'm the only one in this thread thinking like a real photographer.

    i don't have any specific photoshoot ideas, someone mentioned something before about tarot cards and that seems like it would be cool. but i'm tired of type-casting photoshoots.

    my favorite photoshoot was probably the burning car in the desert one in cycle 9, so i hope they do more of those. really i'm just a fan of photoshoots that look like editorials and play with lighting and coloring. like in the burning car one, they reflected the light of the fire back on the girls. also in cycle 8, the high school stereotypes photos had good coloring/lighting used.
    Bring on cycle 11. cycle 10's winner = YUCK.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    Episode 1-13 Girls - Effects of climate change. You Know, the first photoshoot is alwasy controversial
    Episode 2-12 Girls - Beauty Shots with patterned face paint
    Episode 3-11 Girls - Slow shudder movement shots. The Girls are on a street intersection with the car lights in the back ground.
    Episode 4-10 Girls - Colors. Where each girl is topless in jeans and each girl has different colors. eg. Green fingernails, Make-up, Jewellery, eye contacts.
    Episode 5-9 Girls - Central Park Couture.
    Episode 6-8 Girls - B/W Tyra beauty shots/Emotion in the Rain.
    Episode 7-7 Girls - Riding the rails, Shots inside a moving train.
    Episode 8 - Recap
    Episode 9-6 Girls - Covergirl ad in German
    Episode 10-5 Girls - Fast cars on the Autobahn
    Episode 11-4 Girls - Partying at Oktoberfest. (shot done in Munich)
    Episode 12-3 Girls - Covergirl Endorsement
    Episode 12-2 Girls - Runway

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    If they went to Germany, ooh, that'd be so fun.

    I think they should do a shoot where they mimic the Berlin Wall and they are peasant-like people with their family trying to get over but still trying to dodge the things / people that can kill them. It'd be a hard shoot to execute and it would seem really controversial.

    They should do another architecture-like photo shoot with the Brandenburg Gate or the Cologne Cathedral, similar to the Cycle 2 Sunglasses photoshoot.

    Shooting in the Alps? Speicherstadt? Riding trollies in St. Pauli? Lion King Theater? Germany has too many great places.

    If they do the Oktoberfest picture, I think it'd be really cool if they are portrayed as tourists being all fierce and jumping on tables with a beer keg next to them and they are holding a hose that is connected to it. Riding the Olympia Looping?

    Claudia Schiffer as a guest judge! Heidi Klum too, with America's Next Top Model potentials posing with Germany's Next Top Model potentials!
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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by DeepHoney;2728256;
    i'm revolted by how many people want recreation shoots. no recreating models, winners, locations, etc stuff like that. ..ugh, just end that. they will look terrible. i guess i'm the only one in this thread thinking like a real photographer.

    i don't have any specific photoshoot ideas, someone mentioned something before about tarot cards and that seems like it would be cool. but i'm tired of type-casting photoshoots.

    my favorite photoshoot was probably the burning car in the desert one in cycle 9, so i hope they do more of those. really i'm just a fan of photoshoots that look like editorials and play with lighting and coloring. like in the burning car one, they reflected the light of the fire back on the girls. also in cycle 8, the high school stereotypes photos had good coloring/lighting used.
    I thought the lighting of the high school stereotypes, while indeed different than average, was very cheap looking. It was not editorial, it was like an ad for Sketchers.

    I also think there is a way to do "recreations" and still use interesting lighting and take good pictures. My friends and I have done so ourselves. Why the hell is it so impossible to put the two together? The ideas behind the shoots are seldom bad, it's the execution that's almost always the problem.

    I don't think the focus of ANTM is meant to be on the photographers, it's about the girls. If anything, a girl who can take a strong shot even with crappy photography is showing the most skill at modeling. Not that I'm saying I want to see worse photographers on the show.

    And one more point--I can't say this certainly, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of the posters in this thread are not photographers, and don't have experience with photography. Of course they won't be thinking about things like lighting or location. They're thinking about what they know, and for most people, it's what they like, what they think is beautiful, and what they think would be cool.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    I was browsing the British Make Me A Supermodel site and I thought these shoots they did in the two seasons were great inspiration for ANTM.

    A shoot in the middle of Times Square.

    A fight shoot, for dramatic purposes.

    A ballroom dancing shoot.

    A high jumping shoot.

    And (CNTM did their own FAB take on it) a rich, luxerious, running-with-just-a-trench-and-lingerie-on-while-a-chopper-circles-overhead shoot.

    Good, no?
    "It's either s**t or champagne; it's either/or, it's either fantastic or it's not fantastic. You can turn it around any which way you want about having real people and real sizes and shorter and petite and whatever, we just wanna see great, big, gorgeous, tall, thin girls walking down the runway."

    -Alex Perry, AusNTM

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    Make me a supermodel had some really phenomenal shoots. It's got me really pumped for the US version, I just hope they can do it justice.

    I have to say, the idea of writing up your own season is infectious. I've actually done it a couple of times just for myself, except I've designed characters for them and then wrote out the storyline and everything. This is probably a good sign that I need to get a life.

    Anyway, here's the skeleton of the most recent season I've designed.

    Twelve aspiring models move to their New York digs to start another season of Top Model. Their first shoot is about taking their fate into their own hands when they pose for a deck of tarot cards. After taking the studio by storm with their haunting themes, the girls are invited to a high end industry bash. The girl who makes the biggest impact with the judges sprinkled amongst the guests will win a shoot to expand her portfolio with one of the photographers in attendance. At the end, one girl is sent home.

    With eleven girls left, the competition really gets kicked into high gear. The week starts off with the much anticipated makeover episode. After receiving their new, modelesque hairstyles, the girls get a lesson in showcasing a product in a photo. After practicing with hats, bags, jewlery, and shoes, the girls are given their challenge--to pose in a picture where they highlight their new hairstyle. For their photoshoot, the girls must put their new knowledge to the test when they shoot an editorial posing not with traditional accessories, but weapons. The goal of the shoot is not to look like a soldier or a fighter, but to sell the weapon as if it were a fashion accessory. One girl is sent home.

    Ten girls remain, and the theme is runway. The girls get their lesson in how to work the runway properly, and are surprised by their challenge when they board their bus to return home. Their vehicle will be transported into a fashion show backstage, complete with outfits and makeup. The girls will be given half an hour until they reach their location, in which they then must step off of their bus and directly on to the runway. For their photoshoot, the girls must show what they have learned about capturing beauty while in motion. Photographed underwater in long, flowing gowns, the girls must be sure to show movement in the dress while posing with two big costars--a pair of dolphins. The shoot will not only test their ability to showcase the flow of a garment in motion, but it will also test their ability to juggle multiple elements during a shoot and still produce a successful shot. One girl is eliminated.

    The theme for the last nine girls is teamwork, as often, a model will have to pose with another model, and that will always change the dynamic of the shoot. At their teach, the girls learn about how to pose differently with a male model, with another female model, and how to adjust their poses based on the goal of the shoot. Their challenge puts the girls in teams of three to pose in a storefront window, where they'll be judged on creating poses that incorperate all three models and draw customers to the window. At their shoot, the girls learn that all nine models will be posing together, and that in the end, their will only be one best shot for all nine girls. The theme is "The Funeral," with all the girls in black outfits, posing as guests at a funeral. They will be tested on their ability to work well with other models, to avoid hogging the spotlight while still standing out, and to tell a story within a shot. One girl will be cut.

    The final eight girls are schooled in commercial modeling vs. editorial modeling. While at a local chain megastore, such as Target or Wal Mart, the girls learn about commercial modeling, and then are given fashion magazines to study the finer aspects of high fashion. The girls are then given a challenge--to find an item in the store and pose with it twice--once in a commercial pose, and once in a high fashion pose. The shoot focuses on high fashion beauty, in which the girls learn the meaning behind the phrase "it looks good enough to eat." Each girl will be transformed into a plate, and must model with various meats and sauces adorning their heads for a beauty shot. One girl is sent home.

    The girls learn about the importance of time management in the fashion industry, as a model that can't be timely is a liability for a client. The girls start things off with their photoshoot, where they must pose sexy in swimwear. The girls will be posing in an abandoned parking lot, with a blazing gasoline fire behind them. The gas doesn't burn for very long, so the girls must be able to get their shots quickly before the fire dies. The next day, the girls are given their portfolios for Go-Sees in New York city. The usual rules apply--the girls must make as many appointments as possible and arrive back to the agency on time to avoid being disqualified. In the end, one girl is eliminated.

    Now down to six girls, the remaining models are taught about shooting in extreme locations. Often times a shoot won't happen in a studio, and location shoots can often prove difficult. For their challenge, the girls are photographed while rock climbing on a cliff--and the winner receives what may be the most vital advantage yet.
    The girls learn that their next shoot will occur on location--in Dubai. The final six ladies are then ported off to this Middle Eastern paradise, where the winner learns her prize. As the challenge winner, she will get to divide the group in half. All six girls will participate in a photo shoot that tests their ability to handle extreme conditions while shooting. One of the groups, as decided by the challenge winner, must head out into the blazing hot desert sun to model couture on the sand dunes. The other three girls will head to one of Dubai's indoor ski slopes, where they will model high end swimwear in the snow. In the end, one girl must make the long trip back to the states.

    The five remaining girls learn about living the luxuriant life in a high end city like Dubai. At one of the cities many souks, the girls are challenged to find an outfit for an ultra fancy dinner at the Burj-Al-Arab, the worlds largest, and one of the worlds most extravagant hotels. At the dinner, the girls must impress the head of the Winner's agency, making it a very high stakes challenge. The next day, the girls are brought to the top of the Burj-Al-Arab, and must model as high-glamour women, wearing stunning gowns and even more stunning diamond jewlery while posing on the hotel's helipad. One girl leaves the competition.

    The girls are let loose in one of Dubai's many exciting themeparks--but not without a challenge. To test how much the girls have picked up about modeling and photography, each girl is sent out with a digital camera, where they must show their photographic eye and try to take the best shot they can. After their photography challenge, the girls visit a museum to learn of Dubai's rich history, before their penultimate photo shoot. Their last shoot will be the most difficult test of all, as the girls will pose in traditional Islamic garments--including face veils. This will not only test the girls in their ability to sell to a totally different demographic than what they are used to, but it will also test their ability to sell a photograph using nothing but their eyes. One girl is eliminated.

    Final three, CoverGirl Commercial, Runway Extravaganza, America's Next Top Model is Crowned.

    ... So. What do you guys think? I know it's probably waaay wordy, but what can I say, I'm a verbose guy.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    I want a photoshoot with the girls as pin up girls, smoking a cigarette. The photo will be the waist and up and will be in black and white. And having big hair.

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