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Thread: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    o0o the girls should do a photoshoot where they have a black & white backround...the girls faces are going to be painted in white with red lipstic and dark eyeshadow or any other color...then they can be wearing black & white outfits and shoes with a umbrella...the name of the shoot would be called Gypsy woman
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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Shelton;2705692;
    13: Beauty shot ala C3 but with crazy ass cotoure make up
    12: Shot with horses
    11: Jumping from the roof of one building to another
    10: Swimsuit shot in ANTARCTICA!!!
    9: On the Beach of the Bow River in Banff, Canada
    8: Gothic COLOR beauty shot
    7: Lying in a bed of snakes with an apple
    6: Swuimsuit shot in the amazon near the Amazon river
    5: GO SEES!!! Polariods at the Designer's place
    4: Sky diving, but they'd actually be sky diving
    3: Covergirl blahblahblah
    2: Fashion show but at the end fo the runway they take a photo and the fashion show, and the photo will be judged.
    That's a lot of travel.

    Cool ideas, but...

    1-Antarctica is incredibly risky to travel to. Besides being really far away from the US, it's also only reachable by boat, which is very dangerous, as the waters are very icy and it can be easy for ships to get trapped there. It's very expensive, and the average temperature is way below freezing. Having the girls in bikinis there would kill them within minutes.

    2- Rio is on the southern coast of Brazil, while the Amazon runs through the northern part of the South American Continent. It would be like having the girls go from Miami to Ketchikan for a shoot. Same country, yeah, but very far away.

    And that's me being nitpicky. I like your ideas a lot, but those stuck out as glaring issues for me.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    mimes ... high fashion mimes.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    I thought of a really good promo!

    The girls are in a rave kinda night club and the song playing is "Walk This Way" by Sugababes VS Girls Aloud.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Dara;2713980;
    I think tyra should come into the house at 5:00 in the morning wake everyone up and tell them to be fierce with no hair done, no make up and dead tired.
    3am will be better, the time of the devil haha
    Better yet, no make up, no hair done and they MUST model in whatever they are wearing at that moment
    That'll be great
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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    They kind of did that on AusNTM in the first cycle, except not really... They woke up the girls at like, 3 in the morning so they could shoot during sunrise. So the girls were wearing makeup and nice swimsuits and stuff, but they still had to function on very little sleep.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    I was thinking about elements on the periodic table like carbon,calcium,sodium etc..

    But maybe elements of fashion?
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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread


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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    My idea cycle:

    Episode One - 14 Girls

    THE GIRLS THAT PLAY IN THE DARK This photo shoot is in a dark, pitch-black room. The only lightning in the room is black light so it has this cool glowy but dark effect. Each girl wears a dark but colorful high fashion outfit with dull, dark makeup. The girls will carry two black flashlights. They will have to model in a black room, with the only sources of lights are the black lighting and the flashlights.

    At elimination, Tyra does the whole elimination process normally until the bottom two. She pulls out two pictures and says that no one is eliminated. She wants the girls to prove themselves.

    Episode Two - 14 Girls

    THE GIRLS ARE TWO SIDED The girls will pose in a nude beauty shot a la Cycle 2. They will be standing in (not cold) water posing with jewelry. It wouldn't be huge, bulky gold jewelry but like thin necklaces, bracelets and rings. They will have to portray an emotion in one picture and in another picture, they'll have to portray the opposite of that but still look beautiful. The two pictures will be photo documented together. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Three - 13 Girls

    THE GIRLS DEAL WITH BIRD POOP The girls are put in harnesseses and hung from above. The harnesses will be underneath their garments so the strings can be cropped out. They have to pose like they are flying during the night so no one sees them. To make it even harder, they have to pose with a bird. Just because I'm so cruel. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Four - 12 Girls

    THE GIRLS THAT MERRILY FLOAT The girls are told that they will have two photo shoots today, one high fashion and one commercial. However unlike the nude jewelry shoot, these won't be photo documented together. The first one is floating in an indoor crystal clear pool with lotuses in long, flowy dresses. The camera will be directly above them. The second is posing in the waters of the beach with strelitzia (bird of paradise) in the water, in swimwear with a cellphone. The camera will be on the side. The purpose of this photo shoot is to see if the girls can do both high fasion and commercial modeling, with the same elements. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Five - 11 Girls

    THE GIRLS WALK ON ICE The girls learn about runway walking. Their photo shoot will be the stills at the end of the runway. The special thing about the runway is that it will be on ice. Now it won't be difficult because the girls are stepping on transparent sheets but to the viewer, it looks like they are walking on ice. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Six - 10 Girls

    THE GIRLS GO TO THE CARNIVAL The remaining girls go to a merry-go-round where they will be posing with carousel horses. They will portray happy young viriginal girls having fun at the carnival. They will be barefoot and have very clean, smooth, sleek and light dresses. They will have to pose on it while it's moving. The girls have to do a moving pose such as jumping. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Seven - 9 Girls

    THE GIRLS BECOME MUSES The girls do a photoshoot where they have to be modern versions of the nine Muses. Their outfits will be created by a student designer a la cycle nine and they will take pieces of the girl's personality into the outfit. They will pose in the forest. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Eight - 8 Girls

    THE GIRLS GO BLACK AND WHITE The girls learn about portraying both inner and outer beauty by doing interviews. They are taught how to own an interview and carry the charisma throughout the whole thing. Their challenge is to interview someone behind a wall but still make it as energetic and charismatic as if there wasn't one. The remaining contestants once again portray beauty, but this time in a photo shoot. They will be silent film actresses, black and white and still have to make it a beauty shot. The makeup and outfits will be very high fashion and be quite astounding. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Nine - 7 Girls

    THE GIRLS PROVE THEMSELVES At the beginning, the girls are brought to Mr. Jay. Mr. Jay tells them they all need to head back home and pack up their stuff (because they are all going home because they suck undoubtedly and forever and ever okay just kidding heehee hello). He doesn't tell them where they are going but the girls think it's their international destination. The girls are brought to a fountain and see five tickets lying on a table. Mr. Jay reveals to them that in order to get to their international destination, they have to prove what they got and do one last photo shoot before going abroad. He also reveals only five of the seven girls will make it. The girls are told they are going to pose in the fountain (one of those really fancy coin fountains). First, they have to pose in what they are wearing now in the fountain. To make it a bit more difficult, the girls are given a limit of ten minutes but have unlimited shots (for all of the "tests"). Next, they have to wear swimwear in the photo shoot and are required to utilize the shooting water from the fountain. Third, they have to wear very elegant dresses while having a harness underneath. The girls can use these to jump, perform very intricate poses or even use it as a prop. The girls get a break from their test. When they come back, they see the fountain is now a runway a la cycle four. Naima makes a surprise appearance and explains what it's like and all of her major work since she won. Heehee! The girls while have three cycles, a high fashion casual outfit, swimwear and a dress.

    Since it's their last time in America for the rest of the cycle, the judges have panel on the runway. Two girls are eliminated!

    Episode Ten - 5 Girls

    THE GIRLS GO TO THE AMAZON RAINFOREST So the girls fly down to Rio de Janeiro and put their stuff down in their hotel. The girls first stop is the Amazon Rainforest where they are told about it and pretty much an indirect public service announcement. So in the early morning, sunset, the girls are told they will have to do a commercial and photo shoot for CoverGirl. The girls wear very tropical-like outfits and look very serene. Their photoshoot is them somewhere in the rainforest, (the distance away from the camera will be like C9's first CoverGirl photoshoot but a tiny bit farther) and they pose their makeup. Their commercial is commercial slash public service announcement. The plot is the girls in different locations, looking around and they see other people getting sweaty and hot and the makeup on their face isn't sweating off. The girls come together in a river and splash water on their face.
    "Do you ever wish your perspiration didn't ever get in the way of your makeup?" / "The new CoverGirl Anti-Perspirant Waterproof TruBlend Makeup exactly does that!" / "You can stay cool and clean..." / "Even if it's too hot!" / "It keeps your face glimmering, all day, every day!" / "And remember, save the rain forest!" / "Because it's awesome just like..." / "Easy, Breezy, CoverGirl! HEEHEEHEE!"

    Top Model is then sued for tarnishing the rainforest. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Twelve - 4 Girls

    THE GIRLS RIDE THE BLOCOS The girls see the Brazillian Carnival and stuff. The girls are then told they will have to ride the blocos, the little float things, in costume from the beginning to the end of the "street" (well the place thye have the carnival). This is hard for some girls because they have heavy costumes and they /have/ to keep on posing with these until their little "trip" ends. The girls also have to stand out of a crowd (yes, another one) as well. Tyra shocks the hell out of everyone again by doing no eliminated just because.

    Episode Thirteen - 4 Girls

    THE GIRLS GO SEPERATE WAYS The models have go-sees, blahblahblah. The girls are told they are going to different parts of Brazil, where one will pose at different "landmarks". The girls will wear some famous Brazil's fashion designer's dresses. One is the Carioca Aqueduct, Corcovado mountain w/ Cristo Redentor in the background, Copacabana beach w/ the wave pattern pavement and Ipanema beach w/ Dois Irmãos in the background. One girl is eliminated.

    Episode Fourteen - 3 Girls

    THE GIRL WHO COMMANDS IPANEMA BEACH The girls do their CoverGirl thing blahblah, don't really care. Their backdrop for their commercial is the waters of Rio de Janeiro. Some pretty water thing. Okay, so Tyra makes us all pissy again because there is no elimination.

    Their runway theme is Ipanema Beach at night. It is lit by lanterns and candles. The girls will walk barefoot too. The girls have their pictures taken at the end of the runwya. Those are taken into effect during final judging. One girl wins.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Sireafi;2723998;
    Okay, so Tyra makes us all pissy again because there is no elimination.
    LMAO! That sounds like a great cycle! I would totally watch it.
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