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Thread: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by emynndajl;2696312;
    If I was in control of the shoots, this is how my ideal season would go like this. (Alot of these ideas are ones that I already posted, but this is the order in which they would go)

    week 1 (13 models): A high fashion shoot on top of a tree. The purpose of this shoot getting put at the beginning of the season is to not waste out time with the girls who aren't high fashion enough, or aren't able to overcome a possible fear of heights or anything like that.

    week 2 (12): A shoot set in the jungle, where the models will be posing with LONG wavy weaves, and strategically placed body paint, nude. The point of this shoot is to find out which girls mya object to nudity, and dispose of them, ala Anna, Shannon, and Robin.

    week 3 (11): Aslightly retro themed shoot, in which the models will pose with a pretty pink umbrella, like the model polaroids used to be a long time ago. the background could be a white backdrop, though it's not that important, because the camera will only catch their upper bodies. The purpose of this shoot is to weed out the girls who would be high fashion, but not commercial enough to be a covergirl.

    4 (10): The models will model swimwear on horseback. It would be good to see them try to avoid being mens magazine, while posing with their legs open in a swimsuit, and would be an ultimate test of how high fashion they are, but still sexy.

    At this point, the purpose of the shoots aren't that important. Think of weeks 1-4 as their preliminary test of sorts.

    5 (9): The models wil have two shots. The first will be lingerie in a coffin, in a graveyard. The second will be the high fashion black and white editorial next to the old gate.

    6 (8): Maybe for this week they will do the old movie stars thing. I'm thinking it should be in a silky robe, on the floor, in black and white.

    7 (7): The models will pose as if they are statue goddesses. They will have lots of body paint, like in cycle two, and possibly pose nude again.

    Now we are off to our international destination, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil!

    8 (6 models left): The models will have a shoot, in which they will pose entirely underwater, modelling swimwear. Perhaps, like for the secret shot in cycle 5, the girl with the best shot will have her ad go national in actual fashion magazines. Perhaps the swimwear will be from 'Rosa Cha', and the actual designer will decide which he likes best.

    9 (5 models): This is when they do the fountain couture shoot. They will all be in long flowwy white gowns, being soft, but sexy. Immediately after the early shoot, the models will find out they have go-sees, have to meet 6 designers, and then literally find their way to another photoshoot, by themselves. This shoot will have them Posing in men's clothing, but trying to let their femininity shine through. THIS WILL NOT BE LIKE THE DRAG QUEEN SHOOT FROM SEASON 8!!! They will actually have to remain women, but try to make the men's clothing look glamourous.

    10 (4 left): The models will take a short detour up to Mexico. There, they will have a very high fashion couture shoot, on location at the Castillo, the ancient Mayan monument with 365 steps. The shoot will be at sunset, with an orangish-brown glow to it. They will also HAVE to be sitting on the steps. Then the models will return to Brazil, only to find that they will have another photoshoot. They will pose as the four elements. The catch is that they will be in different locations in the rain forests, AND, they will EACH have to model EACH of the four elements. This means that they will have four shots digitally composited together, to make it seem like they are actually next to themselves. They will also hae to go to panel the following day. As you can tell, the purpose of this week, and last week will be to find out who can handle the stress the best.

    11 (3): This will be the dreaded, mandatory...recap episode. Hopefully there will be alot of fierce, behind the scenes crap or whatever. I would actually put this right before the finale, on the same day, like back in season 1.

    12 (3): First, the models will go through the standard covergirl shoot and commercial, blah blah blah, you know the drill. Following this, they will go to take the edgy beauty style-shoots from season 2. One model will hae to model with chains, one with that 1940's english hat with the net thingy on the side, and maybe one with an actual helmet, like a warriors helmet. After this, the last two standing will get booked for an actual runway show during fashion week. Perhaps Kimora could cut her dear friend Tyra some slack, and throw her little models a bone by letting them walk for baby phat or something, though my first choice would be Roberto Cavalli, or even Monique Lhuiller. They wouldn't go for that.

    Also ,in this season, a requirement will be that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to be over 5'9 to compete, point blank, period.
    omg this is i think you got a hell of a future if you was to ever create your own modelling show....i like how everything flow together and how you structured it....hun i think Antm need your brain and ideas...but this is fantastic good job
    Think Before You Act...."We Were Here All Together Yesterday" Stole Stole Stole

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    This is a post made by someone early in cycle 4.

    Originally Posted by suckmytoes
    I had ALOT of ideas for photoshoots. They're my favorite part of the show.

    1. The girls should be VOGUE fashion sexy, esquisite CLOWNS at the Carnival!
    2. Instead of on horseback like on Australia's NTM. Why not in the rainforest, in sexy bikini, on top of Elephants!
    3. And I think the girls should have a gender bend like the photoshoot on Manhunt, but they shood have hip hop clothes. THIS IDEA WAS INSPIRED TO ME, BY A PICTURE OF NAOMI CAMPBELL I SAW WEARING ROCAWEAR CLOTHING.
    And all 3 ideas have taken place at somepoint during the show. (the first and second during season 6, and the last on season 8) I think mr Jay&his workers or whatever read this forum for ideas.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    shoot in a temple!that would be awesome!

    or on the mountains with high fashion dresses!

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    shoot with weapon.

    anything like that as i can think

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    More stylized beauty shots in general like the snake shots in cycle 1, the spider shots in cycle 3, the final shots in cycle 2, the bald shots in cycle 6 were alright too. those were great, why'd they start doing the tacky black and whites???

    more shots like the water nymph, or the quench shoot. the laundry shoot was awesome too.

    i don't think the concepts are the problem it's just the execution

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    My photoshoots:

    13 girls: Each of the girls have to pose as the following famous women in history, such as the Virgin Mary, Elizabeth I, etc.

    12 girls: The girls dress up as inmates in a jail cells, probaby with a high fashion dress based off the black and white prison uniform.

    11 girls: The girls model lingerie while hanging at least 10 stories up in the air.

    10 girls: Nude, with water proof body paint to make then look like nymphs/mermaids, underwater in a freezing pool a la cycle 7.

    9 girls: The girls dress as birds, pose in a big tree.

    8 girls: The girls pose in skimpy little dresses on top of giant cakes.

    7 girls: Each girl picks her own outfit, makeup, hair, poses a la cycle 2.


    6 girls: Commercial in Greek

    5 girls: Greek goddesses

    4 girls: Elements (air, fire, earth, water)

    3 girls: Covergirl photoshoot and commercial

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    For my senior project, a group of my friends and I got together and did a NTM competition with girls from our high school. I guess I'll share the shoots we did, as my role was creative director, so it was my job to develop the concepts and compile wardrobe, makeup, etc.

    I can't post any of the pictures because as previously stated, this is a high school projects with minors. I can't put pictures of them online without permission from their parents.

    We started the competition with 10 girls, and our first photoshoot was entitled "Top Model Recreations". We had each of our models recreate photographs from ANTM, based on which of the ANTM models we felt resembled each of our girls, which of the ANTM pictures were the strongest, and which of the strong pictures we could feasibly recreate on a low budget. We ended up using Adrianne's diamond shoot from C1 (though we had her in a bikini, no child porn here), Shannon's action shoot from C1, Yoanna's Solstice shoot from C2, Yaya's Dooney & Burke from C3, Ann's Alter Ego from C3, Christina's Kloofing shoot from C4, Nik's Country Couture from C5, Joanie's Career Goals from C6, Sara's Elephant shoot from C6, and Michelle's Model Stereotype from C7. We put this together pre cycle 8, so there was no chance of us using anything after that point.

    Our second shoot was a black and white shoot, in which we had the girls posing with a male model. The theme of the shoot was dominance, and each of the girls had to pose in masculine themed outfits--so a lot of jackets, button down shirts, slacks, etc... but it wasn't all girls in suits--for example, we had one girl in a bustier with a blazer and a matching skirt. You get the idea. That week, we had a girl quit the competition, so it ended up cutting the number of shoots we did.

    Our next shoot was inspired by Peter Pan, and coincided with our runway lesson. We talked to the girls about movement and character, and their goal was to portray whimsy and fun, while still keeping a fashion angle to it. I wanted them to have outfits that had a fair amount of movement to them to keep things interesting. Our location was in our stylist's backyard--her childhood playset is now totally overgrown by vines and bamboo, so it was a perfect setting. The seven remaining girls played Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, The Crocodile, and Tootles the Lost Boy.

    Our next shoot was themed off of the board game "Clue"--each girl was given a different character to portray, so this was really a big challenge to see who could best embody their character while still delivering a decent fashion photograph. The six concepts were Mr. Green with the wrench in the library, Miss Scarlet in the hall with the revolver, Col. Mustard with the lead pipe in the dining room, Mrs. Peacock with the rope in the conservatory, Professor Plum with the candlestick in the ballroom, and Mrs. White with the knife in the kitchen. This was an interesting shoot, as it was probably our favorite idea overall and we had found the best costumes for it, but our photography equipment malfunctioned a lot and most of the shots were subpar. But I digress.

    The next shoot was a flower shoot. Our producer's house has a room with a Spanish tile floor. Each of the girls were given nice jeans and a cami, and they had floral arangements put into their hair. They modeled lying on the floor and in the end, I think it ended up as our most successful shoot.

    After that we did beauty shots, which tied in with our acting lesson, as it was all about emoting. It was nothing too compelx--each of the girls had fairly heavy makeup, which we just kind of made up on the spot. And then we just did beauty, you know--closeups, headshots, what-have-you.

    The last shoot was our Urban Double Feature. It was for our final two girls, in which they would have not one, but two best shots each, each of their shots in a different outfit. We took them out into the shopping center nearby, and they did some pretty crazy things--one of our girls hopped inside a mail cart to pose, things like that.

    Overall, it was a lot of fun, and I was really furious when in Cycle 9 they totally stole our flower shoot.

    ... the end.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    I want to see beauty shots! Those have been the best photos from past cycles!

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    13: Beauty shot ala C3 but with crazy ass cotoure make up
    12: Shot with horses
    11: Jumping from the roof of one building to another
    10: Swimsuit shot in ANTARCTICA!!!
    9: On the Beach of the Bow River in Banff, Canada
    8: Gothic COLOR beauty shot
    7: Lying in a bed of snakes with an apple
    6: Swuimsuit shot in the amazon near the Amazon river
    5: GO SEES!!! Polariods at the Designer's place
    4: Sky diving, but they'd actually be sky diving
    3: Covergirl blahblahblah
    2: Fashion show but at the end fo the runway they take a photo and the fashion show, and the photo will be judged.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ideas Discussion Thread

    ok i would like it to go like this if i was running the show...

    week 1-group shot kind of like the vogue issue with chanel iman and gemma ward to see how well they look together as a group who can stand out at the same time and who don't fit in as well.

    week 2-black & white shoot nude near a fountain with long hair covering some parts with a sad depressed looked kind of like Evanescence music video My immortal.

    week 3-makeovers and what better way to show makeover than with beauty shot with some sort of a prop ex: goggles, wire, paint on face, feathers.

    week 4-walking on long moving runway with huge fan trying to look fierce in some sort of gown or black clothing al la Christina Aguliera & p diddys music video.

    week 5-casting for desingers that are actually in the fashion industry and after that a photoshoot in the country with a horse, lamb or sheep wearing coture outfits.

    week 6-photoshoot on top of a residential building, like one girl walking on the ledge, another leaping off the building, one can be standing posing next to the wall, one can be sitting on a air conditioner.

    week 7-photoshoot in a factory with chains a chair and spot light with the girls wearing black gowns or leather with dark edgy makeup hanging on to the chains, climbing up the chains or sitting on the chains while in the spotlight.

    week 8-the week before we go on foreign destination so the girls would definitely have to prove them they take lessons on culture and how to communicate and blah blah...then they do a photoshoot in a red trench coat and an umbrella standing next to a lamp post or bus stop sign with wind blowing or rain falling to see who can handle the pressure of anything coming their way while trying to look goregous.

    week 9-our foreign destination and i pick Japan the girls learn about japanese culture and how to communicate and speak the language then they get a prep course on commercial and then they are dressed up as beautiful modern day geisha's selling us some kind of japanese product in japanese.

    week 10-the stakes are high the girls are sent out to meet some japanese designers kind of like a go see but they are all together...the japanese designers give them feed back then after that they have a photoshoot dressed up as dark geisha's in beautiful kimono's with a parasol or fan in a forest at night covered in snow in the middle of a lake with dark water in a snow storm while trying to look beautiful but elegant kind of like evanescence music video lithium.

    week 11-they end their trip to japan and fly to Italy first they learn about italian culture and language then they do go sees for italian designers after that they have a photoshoot like cycle 2 solstice and after that they go to another destination and do a nude photoshoot with them in nothing but long pearls and jewels and high end shoes with their hair done in the way of women from the the 1700 & 1800's.

    week 12-the finals the girls a flown back to new york for fashion week first the girls are shown famous high fashion magazines a la vogue and they are given lessons on how to pose for a front cover of vogue and how it would catch a passerby attention...then they are taken to their photoshoot where they meet anna wintour and other famous people in the industry then they each are decded out in the newest but stylish clothes of the seasons with jewels and shoes and then they have to imitate a pose from the lesson for their front cover of vogue magazine while making it theirs and trying to sell at the same time....after that the girls go home rest up then the next day they are given a list of 25 designers who will be in fashion week and they are given the entire day and the last go see will be meeting with the judges and that night the girls are evaluated on everything they learned in the competition then the girl who booked the least designers is given the boot leaving only two girls....those 2 will walk for the designers they booked and after that they go home rest and then they meet with the judges the next day and a winner would be crowned.

    1.i would not sabotage any contestant
    2.they will get all the training need to be a real model
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