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Thread: Sara - Cycle 6

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    i think the girls were glad that sara got eliminated, because they probally knew that she was going to crush them all at cg

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    Feb 2006
    Sara's beauty is indeniable so lets hope she uses it if not for modeling maybe Hollywood Status? What do you think Dad?

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    Oh, bum. This show has lost its spark.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    sighh...sara's gone. NOOOOOO =(
    no point in watching no more lol
    sara's so beautiful
    she would've done so well with the covergirl commerical, she has the GREATEST smile for it
    it's cool that she plays v-ball too, its my favorite sport. =D
    it will be awesome to meet her one day because she's one person i'd like to meet XD
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    So saras gone, but barely. you know she will be signed up within the next fortnight, she has the looks to make ti big. fear not

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    Well, it seems that Sara was learning and improving over the course of the show--it just wasn't fast enough for the purposes of becoming ANTM.

    I never really warmed to Sara's potential until I saw the Sears shots (the ones with all the seasons). I was surprised at how warm and approachable and girl-next-door she looked! That was the first time I thought, wow, she could definitely do catalog work, at the very least. And the nice thing about catalog work (e.g., Sears) is that it's tasteful and it looks like something Sara could enjoy.

    It will be interesting to see if she decides to pursue modeling post-ANTM.

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    She was one of my favorites from the beginning. She never got caught up in the drama, was easy to work it, extremely professional and put her heart into it.

    In a way, I'm glad she's gone because she has so much more to offer than ANTM. She was the most likable ANTM contestant ever.

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    Truth be told...I can see Sara or Jonie in a cover girl commercial. I would love to see Danielle but her accent is too strong. And JAde...I think she has been too mean in the whole season for me to believe her as a cover girl! I mean....eva was mean to early on in the season,...but you see her change...JADE..she didn't change. She got better..but she is still the END! Too bad for Sara...she was really a nice girl.

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    THey just got rid of a Potentially amazing CG!

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    If I were CoverGirl company , I won't sponsor ANTM anymore
    They dare foul the most suitable Sara, the girl that totally fit to be a covergirl
    This cycle sucks,too many suck eliminations(eg,eliminate Mollie Sue and Sara)

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