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Thread: Sara - Cycle 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by joanie_fan View Post
    Sara's beautiful, but I think that she is wondering why the hell she is still there. I have a feeling that this upcoming episode will be her last I'm going to miss my 6'1 Scarlett Johannson!!!!!
    But i thought little bit different than yours , i think she have no model experience , and she's improving . I wonder she may up to top3 , but would she win or not ... see if she's improvement is good or not XD but anyway , i thought jade will go , because she has been the botton 2 more than 4 times , so i hope we can just spport sara

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    Quote Originally Posted by amazonophile View Post
    I love her lips
    That is my favorite thing about Sara, she has the most beautiful mouth and her smile is gorgeous.

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    I really like Sara as a person. I find beautiful and composed. I thought Sara was desperate when she attempted to copy Joanie. I thought it was ironic, because it proves that she wants to be there and she'll do anything to make it to the finals. My wife told me it shows how ill-suited she is for this competition.

    I always cheer for the underdog and I hope Sara can make it to the finals.

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    Um.. I don't think Sara's was the best. She still looks very awkward. I think Danielle, Joanie, and Furonda all did better than Sara. Her photo was good for her, but she just can't compare to the other girls, period. With that said, she'll probably win and be Nicole 2.0...

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    I have a feeling that Sara may win. I want her to win so much. She is the one who has the most potential.

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    im so happy she didn't go. her pic was amazing

    anyways what iw as going to post was that when it gets to top 6 each of them get's a a bitch or annoying edit it happend to Nnenna, Furonda, Jade duh, Sara it might happend to Joanie next Cycle i don't think it will happend to danielle.

    it happend last cycle Lisa, Kim, Jayla before the top 6, Nicole happend 2 times she got the annoying edit, Bre, Nik didn't get one thats why she did't won

    but i love Sara and hope she makes top 3
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    -Brooke (cycle 7)

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    Although I didn't agree with her copying Jonie, it was a smart idea. I don't know what it is but i think that she's just too book smart to be a model, if she wins; i'm just afraid that she won't persue modelling.

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    I don't think she was intentionally trying to "bite Joanie's style" (a la Mr Jay) last night in the photoshoot. She seemed like she was really trying to learn from the others and go with what got positive comments (ie what would make a good picture). That's not really a bad thing, though I can see why Joanie would be miffed. She keeps getting told that she doesn't seem to want it and then she tries so hard to prove that she does want to succeed & take a good picture and she gets slammed for copying. Poor Sara. Anyways, her picture last night was good. Well done.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Easily the best picture last night, in my eyes

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    I'm not sure!There's just something in this gurl that makes her really special!I think is her willingness to learn new things!And when she gets knock down,she pulls herself up right away & get back on her own two feet!I would have to say she does have the modelesque look!And she has the face & body for it too!Even though her face may look a little bit stiff & stern when she's not smiling~But her body is perfect!She has the potential for modeling,if she knows how to use her strength & be confident in herself!Not always photograph w/ a confused face but photograph with style & attitude,she will be able to make it big in the industry!Go,Sara,shine for us!

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