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Ironically I believe the reason why Sara made it so far,(and for that matter was chosen by the casting agents sent to the mall in the first place),have nothing to do with her ability to model but have everything to do with television,in other words Sara was chosen in spite of her ability to model;not because of it. To make a very long story short I believe that UPN wanted a Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba look a like without having to pay the salary of either Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba. I strongly suspect that cycle 6 was the perfect example of micromanagement and that network execs told Tyra+Gang of Four to instruct the casting agents to pick either a ScarJo or Jessica Alba double and even told them when to eliminate her. Apparently the ntwork execs got exactly what they wanted. I suspect that Sara being an intelligent women has figured this out by now and is probably very bitter about it.
Sarah overstayed her welcome and she was chosen because there were scouts in the mall that saw a beautiful girl with great modeling potential. She made it far because she had potential, but she [B]never[B] delivered. She had about two good shots
Bald:Best of the bunch
Ice queen:second worst, behind wendy
Falling faries:One of the worst along with Gina, Kari, Mollie Sue and Brooke
Careers:One of the worst, along with Brooke and Gina
Krumping:The Worst One
Mermaid:Second worst, along with Nenna
Beach:The worst of the pack

In my oppinion, she has potential, but she was just a disaster