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Thread: Mollie Sue - Cycle 6

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    Another possible winner material. Her age might be a problem though.

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    purple bomb
    Maybe she's a bit old but she's definitely beautiful in those pre-show pictures.

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    She is one of my fav at the first glance =)

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    First impression of her was "Ooh a prettyer amanda.. Hope they make her hair black" I see from her myspace that she has done that, and it looked goood.
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    What beautiful bone structure. Very striking looking.

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    Just checked her MySpace.. She seems like a wildchild, I find her very interesting Serious..!! An Amanda but not so calm and everything Did you guys see the tattoo on her wrist? She smokes too

    (I don't know if I'm allowed to put this picture here....??) (Do I need permission from her??)
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    Ok,she's red now.So how she could do a makeover twice?Keep red?

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    lol, like I said about Jayla...i dont think she will win, she's on myspace too much to be a winner...she's on right now, but I have to agree with some others and say she does look strikingly like Amanda...I think she'll make it far, but I dont think she will win

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    She looks better red instead of blonde

    edited to remove unnecessary reporting of pic.
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    I'm not impressed with her looks. Not one of my favorites at all.

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