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Thread: Jade - Cycle 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by nliedel View Post
    I was watching her last night, very closely. Pushing Nnena to keep her boyfriend then saying that love is distracting. She was 100% trying to keep Nenna in that relationship to get her off her game. I know that sounds like an evil thing to do but it could be smart. Too bad I just hate her too much to admire her. "I need more direction." She said that what? At least 4 times?

    She did keep saying that if she had just had more direction, she would have nailed it. Both during the challenge and the commercial shoot. What she doesn't realize is that improv is all about working with very little direction.

    It also really bothered me the way she was working Nnenna. And these girls just keep letting her get to them.

    Mollie Sue was one of my favorites. I hated seeing her go.

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    this is straight CRAP. thats all i have to say. MOLLIE going home, instead of JADE?? wow..

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    Jade should have gone. She only has one face for all photos. That squinty, I-think-I'm-being fierce face that you can cut and paste on all of her photos. And all she does is make excuses about her bad performance. It's improv! You do not get a lot of direction in improv! That's why they call it improv! What a narcissist. For Jade it's everyone's fault except hers because she's soooo perfect. Pure arrogance. Tyra's only keeping her there for the drama factor. Mollie should have stayed.

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    why are you still in the show? i can't believe my own eyes!

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    Someone throw some water on this girl and get it over with...ugh!
    Adversity reveals genius. -Horace

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    Luckily though, if you think about it, the editing for Jade means she can't win! Eva may have been a diva, but they showed her comforting Ann on the plane and all. All they seem to be showing of Jade is how she is manipulating and mean. Covergirl would never want their spokesmodel to be represented this way.. she she can't win.. which reassures me, but how long can tyra kept her there for drama??? Hopefully not more than 2 more weeks, I've moved past loving to hate her, to just hating her and wishing she would be off my TV screen.

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    She has so worn out her welcome for me. I cannot stand her; and each week she proves how truly WEAK she is. Get her out of there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callidora View Post
    I agree; unlike Lisa, who I think was actually trying to attract attention by her behavior, I think Jade is not nearly witty or clever enough to have a grand strategy (unless you count putting people down to make herself feel better, which, for people like Jade is a life strategy). I think she is genuinely an ugly person who is bitter at her lack of success and is insecure and intimidated by the girls who actually do have modeling potential.
    Totally agree , Jade want the others notice her and pay attention on her ~

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    Tossing Jade on everyone and everything. Jade is a monstrous individual. Agreed: She is being kept around for the ratings. Which is sad. She is an abusive person and the other young ladies shouldn't be subjected to her cruelty.

    And I agree with the posters who say she's oblivious to her own hate. She's a hateful person who craves attention, but she doesn't have the wink-wink-nudge-nudge self-awareness that Lisa possessed. Not that Lisa was cruel mind you, but she was an attention seeker, however in a way I found charming.

    What was at first funny to me: Jade's overblown ego, her outrageous sense of entitlement and lack of self-awareness, now just disgusts me. Jade even went as far as saying love isn't needed in someone's life. That's just sad in my book. Jade needs a therapist.

    Jade simply exists to boost ratings. This show has become very mean spirited. From Tyra's "collapse" to Gina's lashing by Janice to Jade being left to terrorize and manipulate the models...especially poor, trusting Nnenna. I don't know... conflict sells tickets, but "America's Next Top Model" has turned into the "Jade and Nnenna's Needy Boyfriend Hour".

    Having watched the show since season one, I find it disappointing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissT View Post
    She has so worn out her welcome for me. I cannot stand her; and each week she proves how truly WEAK she is. Get her out of there!
    wow, you gave her longer than me lol, but then my job has jaded (no pun intended) to a vast majority of the human population. She lost me at episode 1.

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