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Thread: Gina - Cycle 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMADDICT99 View Post
    I honestly don't think she will do that well in an asian country. Her look is very common in asian countries. People in asian countries like girls that don't look like such a typical asian. If she walk on the street in China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, or the phillipines no one would even pay attention to her.

    Well...she's not exactly typically Asian being that tall. It depends on how she looks in real life, sometimes people look totally different in pre-photos than on the show.

    I don't think the chosen country will have anything to do with how well a girl does. Most Asian countries don't like the girls to be dark, but Eva still won cycle 3 even though the country was Japan.
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    Someone knows her and they said she's Korean. I'm Korean too, haha. xD I'm supporting her a lot for some reason. o_o

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    Quote Originally Posted by seen&heardall View Post
    There is something going on with the bottom half of her face. Cheeks and jaw protrudes a bit too much.
    I agree with you there--she seems to have a mouth full of cotton and can't keep her teeth in her mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoViewer View Post
    I agree with you there--she seems to have a mouth full of cotton and can't keep her teeth in her mouth.
    I think the cheeks are like puffy and it looks normal when she's staring at the camera. :/ But.. it will make her stand out. ;S

    And Gina is common if she was in Asia and since she's Korean if she was in Korea people would say she wasn't pretty but this is America. I don't think Gina will win though.
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    I'm part Asian, and I think Gina's simply beautiful. I think the judges might pit her and Jade against each other.

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    Jade seems more striking and expressive than Gina does, just going by their photos. I hope the judges don't measure these to against each other, but it might be inevidible.

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    I think she's so gorgeous, but she seems very calm to me. I have a feeling Tyra will pull a "Too quiet" card and eliminate her towards the end Shame because she and Mollie Sue are my favorites.
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    from first impression she's my favorite, and that's the girl I usually stick with til the end.

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    Gina really looks special to me. I think she might go far.
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    There's something about this girl...i'll have to see how distracting her teeth issue is before I make a final say. Cool job, bet she rakes in the bucks.

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