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Thread: Danielle - Cycle 6

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    I see nothing wrong with Danielle. Mabye she wasn't my favorite of the cycle but Danielle won. I'm happy she won and i'm not mad Joanie didn't win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elevue View Post
    its not about the hate thing , but when you look at her pictures you just dont see a model but a "pedestrian".
    Well I for one see Model when I look at Danielle. Her black and white shot looks excellent. Ford Modeling sees the potential in her so I guess that all that matters. Go yo thang girl

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    redlight 6/7
    i' not sure why but i don't really like that picture. i don't think it's her fault i think it's jus the set up of the photoshoot just doesn't seem to match her look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flipsideboy90 View Post
    From looking at this Danielle Blends in great with the other models and i think it's a great photo
    I agree. She blends in with the other models, and I think that picture of her is gorgeous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pookipichu View Post
    Danielle's not offensive to me but I think Nnenna was more beautiful and is a better model. PURELY based on looks, I would have chosen Nnenna, Mollie Sue or Jade with Brooke's body bringing her close. In terms of personality, I thought Furonda was more interesting than Danielle. Danielle was just, sort of... likable. Tall, slim, young. If you hadn't watched the show, I doubt many of you would think she was especially beautiful.

    However, ANY of the girls from cycle 6 would trump the final two of Canada's Next Top Model. Ladies, hold your lunch.
    Yeah, but Furonda is probably the most "interesting" girl to have ever been on the show. Furonda is special! Danielle had the freshest personality, and was the funniest, naturally.

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    i love danielles facial structure, itz so semetrycal, i think its one of the strongest faces in the bunch

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    all of these comments are quite interesting..however I think people in the modeling industry are much better judges on who is "pretty" according to model standards than us

    with that said, my boyfriend is a booker for a modeling agency in NY (and im not going to name the name) according to him Danielle totally has the look to be a model, compared to Eva and Naima

    he also said that Nicole has the look as well (which i totally beg to differ)

    anyway that is what someone in the modeling agency said

    I am indeed happy that Danielle won, she deserved..totally the best ANTM winner thus far

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    I think that Danielle and Nicole were the best choice for top model EVER I might not be a booker or in the modeling industry but IMO I think they have the look

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    I love Danielle's face, its common when you look at her, but then when she starts to talk or is photographed it is so beautiful. I absolutely love her new beauty shot, GORGEOUS!

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    I think Danielle is the only winner who has it all, great photos, great walk, the body and the height and oh yea she's a cool chick as well with a great personality

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