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Thread: Danielle - Cycle 6

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    FORT Fanatic MissT's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    WOW! Danielle looks great! Like a model. Unlike Nicole, yuck!

    I though Yoanna was tall.

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    fort n00b ko0la1d's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    I'm glad Danielle won!

    By industry's standards she would be the best winner. Compared to Joanie and Jade, Danielle just takes the cake since she is a lot more younger and taller. She will last longer in the industry.

    Plus, she's gorgeous! She needs more pratice infront of the camera, but I think at this level, she's doing pretty darn well. Her bone structure and body are phenomenal for modeling. Plus, her eyes are to die for! I envy women with those almond-shaped eyes.

    And also, finally a top model with AWESOME personality! This girl has some thick skin. I admire her, and I think alot of little girls will look up to her. She's certainly someone to idolize.
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    Love her gorgeous smile!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by viv_smi98 View Post
    Lots of Danielle pics at the CW launch thing, she looks awesome! there are LOTS more of Tyra, Nicole, Yoanna, and Danielle at Getty Images!

    Stunner! Danielle and Tyra are definitely the models in this pic!
    All four of them look hot!

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    I love those pictures! I like her hair! =P
    She looks better than Nicole, Yoanna and even Tyra all put together! =O
    She looks gorgeous! =D

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    can't wait till Daniellle is on the ford website and working it in New York hopefully not just commercially in LA.

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    She looks nice in the new pics, but I'd prefer a different hairstyle.

    I think she'd be good in ads for DKNY.
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    Danielle looks great in those pictures but I thought she looked prettier with longer hair.

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    Hm.. Aside from her height, she really doesn't strike me as particularly modelesque in those shots. But I didn't think Nicole looked so great at the after-show party when she won, either, so maybe Danielle will get better.
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    Geez, she's tall. She's towering over Yoanna and Nicole, and looks a bit tallet than Tyra. Good asset, I guess.
    "What, sucka?! Do you want me to stab you with this spoon? In yo jugular?"

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