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Thread: Danielle - Cycle 6

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    If it was me and I really liked the gap I probably wouldn't want to get rid of it unless I knew I was going to win, but that's just me and I'm also very scared of the dentist. Hair grows back and I would have no problem cutting it but I'm not sure I would do something perminant when I wasn't even sure I could win.

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    I loved Danielle for standing up for her gap! If Lauren Hutton could get away with it in an era which was much more traditional in terms of beauty, why can't Danielle. I believe Hutton was either airbrushed or used a temporary filler. I suspect Danielle is going to get a temporary thing too, as it was sort of implied in the trailer for next week.

    I think it makes her stand out, hell I even kind of liked Joanie's snaggle tooth. I envy their teeth whitening though!

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    to nice
    I like danielle's gap i dont want her to close it but tyra told her not in these words but if you dont get your gap closed you will go home.

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    I didn't read every page of this thread, so this may have already been discussed, but my the women in my house all watch the show togther every week and we were thinking:

    1) The gap is part of who Danielle is, that's why she doesn't want to close it. She's probably had to overcome alot in her life to bring her to the point she is now: so confident in her own beauty that she wants to keep the gap.

    2) But, if she closes the gap, how will she feel afterwards if she DOESN'T win?

    we all agreed to be a TOP model, no matter how beautiful you are, the gap has got to go..........but we all understand her stance...............
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    I was so proud of Danielle for her confidence! I have a gap between my teeth and my dentist always asks if i want to close it and I always say no, because i kinda feel its my trademark and sets my smile apart. so i was really happy when Danielle refused to close her gap.

    Havign said that, I don't think Danielle's gap would be commercial enough for covergirl and i think it will eb distracting. So if she wants to win this, she should close it (i don't think she needs to close it all the way though).

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    I don't think Danielle's going to get it closed and she will be eliminated. She's never had a BAD photo...She doesn't deserve to go untill at least final 3.

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    I think that it's unfair of the judges to tell her that she should get the gap closed. Danielle said that it's a part of her, and that she likes the gap. I don't mind the gap as much anymore, and I agree that's a part of her, and she shouldn't be pressured into changing a part of her that she likes. However, how can she expect to do well in a Covergirl photo with the gap? (Assuming she makes it that far of course.)
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    to nice
    I know and if she does not she will go home.

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    Danielle: The most underrated ANTM contestant ever.

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    Joanie is the current frontrunner, and is gettting the runnerup edit (You-can-tell-I'm-going-to-win-but-I'm-really-not), so I suspect Danielle wins this thing, because she and Joanie are the strongest. This season sucks enough already, so if anyone besides Joanie or Danielle wins, this season is is completely inaccurate as far as the rankings. Danielle really should win too. She has all the elements to be a model. The only thing I would suggest to work on for her is losing the accent, and adding a little zing to her walk. Losing the gap wouldn't hurt either, especially since the winner is going to be a CG, but I appreciate it more now that I know she wants to keep it for originality.

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