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Thread: Danielle - Cycle 6

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    Love Danielle! I hope the dentist hooks her up with a prosthetic for her gap while Joanie is getting her teeth fixed--it looks like Danielle holding her hand for sure,so maybe she had an appointment too. Her comments on Nnenna and her attempt to reason with Jay Manuel(aka King Stereotype) were funny as always! I think her walk is marvelous and thought Tyra quite stupid when she just HAD to say something to negate Nigel's spot on praise of the best runway girl there! I really hope she makes the final 2 with Joanie--they would be well matched in looks,skills and photos and they are both cool girls! Go Danielle!

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    Danielle's walk was awesome. I'm slowly begining to like her more each episode, and now that Leslie is gone, I think she'll be my favorite for now. I wish she could change the way she talks though, she reminds me of a black adrianne.

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    Maybe I'm weird, but I love Danielle's gap. It is unique and charming and just suits her face. God forbid she goes off trying to "fix" them and ends up with those horrible chiclet teeth that Hillary Duff got.
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    Win Danielle win!

    Danielle is doing great at the modeling, always has something amusing/interesting to say, seems like a really nice gal. Her accent is is her teeth sucks that they feel they have to "blandify" her for her to do well in the "world of modeling"...
    My vote is for Danielle! Not "Miss Nnenna"....

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    I think Danielle is seriously underated...her pictures are among the best!

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    I think this is actually the very first week where her photo wasn't the best or one of the 3 best to the judges.

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    Danielle is great but am not surprised that she is not interesting enough to get enough people to talk about her. She is on page 2 the interesting girls we love and hate are on page 1 almost always. She is a pretty girl but she has no star quality. I will put her on page 1 with this comment lol.

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    Ooh, I hope they fix her gap! It is wayy too distracting and people should notice her face not her gap! It is just not stutle enough for her to get away with it, IMO.

    I love her long legs when she does runway--fierce! Although, she needs to work on her facial expressions when she does runway. She looks kind of confused or a little scared.

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    I still don't like Danielle for some reason. Her walk is great, her photos are great, etc but I just don't find her that amazing. To me she isn't intresting as a model.

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    Just got on this thread to say, "I like Danielle." She's pretty, cool and she's been hangin' in there taking some nice shots.

    I don't think any of the hamsters this season are especially pretty, but each has something unique.

    Danielle is not striking, but there is a subtle beauty to her. she's growing on me and I hope she makes it to the Final 3.

    She can even join the "Gap tooth Sisters of Harlem!"

    Yes, that's right. There are several such groups and Danielle could be an honorary member. While is this society, gap teeth are seen as a flaw, in others, especially in many African and Caribbean countries, it's seen as a gift or blessing. [Beauty is in the eye of the beholder] get less cavities!!!

    Maybe gap teeth can be Danielle's uniqueness in the Fashion World

    Go on Danielle with your pretty-face, gap-toothed self!!! [with a gap in the teeth!!!!]
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