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Thread: Danielle - Cycle 6

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    I miss cycles 1-6! :( youllseemeontv's Avatar
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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    I didnt find it disrespectful. I actually found Tyra disrespectful with the way she approached the situation.

    I clearly remember Tyra sticking her finger in her mouth, to indicate a gap being there and saying "Eathzy, breethzy, beautifu-ul-- you think you can get a CoverGirl contract like that?"

    Umm..she did get a contract, didn't she? And I think if Tyra was really worried, she wouldve gotten her lessons to fix her speech problem.

    Thats a problem I have with society today; no one seems to think you can be beautiful with the littlest flaw, even when that flaw in actually isn't something that makes you any less beautiful.

    For instance, Ive noticed kids my age a lot of times thinking "Oh my, I have a crooked tooth. I need braces." And it really irks me for some reason.

    I have a gap. Granted, its not nearly the size of Dani's, but Ive learned to live with it. I dont need to have perfect teeth.

    Then again, I guess as a model, it was the right choice.
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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    New Dani shots.

    "Trust me, you'll not forget about me. You will see this face"

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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    She looks better since she's been with click

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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    I didn't think it was rude of Tyra. I think people would have told her to get it closed in a much meaner way. They tell girls who gain 5 pounds that they're too fat.
    Yeah, instead of just looking homeless, itís kind of changed to homeless chic. I dress up my flannel with pearls. -Jenah cycle 9

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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    The last one is FIERCE

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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    I think that the public thinks it is mean but if they saw what an agency said about them then they'd see how nice Tyra can be.
    "For what it's worth you're like the first juicy booty to make it on the runway."

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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    Wow, those photos are filled with confidence. She really is a Top Model I think. She has everything i think and look at those photos. She's a chameleon.
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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    i think we can all agree that Danielle is America's Favorite Top Model Winner
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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    Quote Originally Posted by ax80;2930014;
    New Dani shots.

    ^^^What are those shots for??
    She looks amazing.
    Karl is amazing and heís right. Top Model is a reality show. If you really wanna break it down, well, itís a show for entertainment. Real models are 14-16-years-old, 5í10Ē and 115 lbs. America doesnít wanna see that.

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    Re: Danielle - Cycle 6

    She is the best winner ever! She is all over the metrostyle catologs and website! I think it is funny that one of the best winners was someone Tyra did not want to win! She admited that she voted for Joanie in the end but got outvoted by the other judges! Very telling about Tyra's ability to pick successful models!

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