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Thread: Danielle - Cycle 6

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    She's gorgeous in her photos. Best pic each week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackflip View Post
    Go Danielle! She is definitely Top model material in terms of runway and general looks in her shots,but the gap and Speech are two things that could hold her back with Covergirl. Still, she is one of my favorites this cycle and I hope she makes top 3 at least. She is quite glamorous and her picture was outstanding this week(again!). Such body control--very Beverly Johnson !Mad at Tyra for getting Danielle hurt with those dumb shoes--notice Tyra had no shot of herself in those shoes!
    Another thing (I posted this on the episode thread as well), Danielle is not as attractive head on, imo.
    Is this why all her photos so far are from a 3/4 angle?
    We will see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *LeiLani* View Post
    me too! but it was funny when she said " i didnt know what regal meant so i didnt wanna say THANK YOU and it meant something bad." hahaha i found that funny.
    lol I found that funny too. Shes defitnetly my FAVORITE to win ANTM this season.

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    I do think they need to fix her gap. I know on some people it works for them. I dont think thats the case with Danielle although she still is a beautiful girl. Id love to see a pic of her smiling with straight teeth. That is really her only flaw. She really suprised me. From the pre show pics, everyone kept saying she looked like an everyday pretty girl and could only be a commerical model. That is NOT what im seeing on the show. I see a very versatile beauty.

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    Danielle suprises me more and more every week. The way she handled herself in lasts night challenge and in the, very strong woman. I was getting a Toccara vibe from her pre-show, but as I watched last night, I realized there is no comparison, she gets better and better. I hope she does well next week.
    Adversity reveals genius. -Horace

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    I am so in love with Danieele, she is my dark horse to take it all. I loved when she tripped in the class and said it was a "bust your chin" kind of fall, she is hilarious, oh and the pimp cup comment was awesome too.

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    People Please stop worrying about the girl Gap It has been said several times that she can get fake teeth for cover girl celebrities do it all the time if she wants to fix it for the long run she cn always get braces what is the big deal.

    Denzel Washington had a gap as well and when he did certain movies he would cap his teeth (I saw in his Biography don't know if he still has it)

    Nicolette Sheridan has Prosthetic teeth. So it is not a big problem really.

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    I can't believe how much this girl continues to impress me. I think this week she has definitely won her place in the final 6, the only girl so far who is totally safe the next few weeks, imo. Not only does she continue to perform well in photos, but she has a great attitude. The judges will not cut her anytime soon.

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    This girl is REALLY growing on me. I didn't think much of her the first episode, but she keep surprising me on how good she is on runway and photos. I think she'll make it far. The gap on her teeth doesn't bother me. A simple orthodontist (sp???) can help fix that.

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    I am really becoming a Danielle fan, I didn't realize she could take such gorgeous pictures. She has a model's body and perfect cheekbones for photography. I love her personality too, she seems like a nice and funny person.

    However, I don't like her hair...that weave they gave her looks like roadkill. What a horrible weave, it doesn't even blend in with her hair. It looks okay when they style it right, but it is an obvious weave.

    Her gap is HUGE it is not suttle like Madonna's; she needs some porcelain veneers to cover that canyon. I think Denzel Washington had a gap like Danielle but he wears veneers.

    It would be nice if they could fix other stuff in makeovers like teeth. I guess it might be too costly for ANTM budget? I wonder if they removed Gina's mole? I haven't seen it.

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