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    OMG, do you think that in those pics with the mini shorts that shes anorexic or has bulumia because that designer said shes too big? I hope not!!!!!

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    no I don't think so

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    I thought Danielle was going to get voice lessons? She sounds TERRIBLE in the "My Life as a Covergirl" promos.

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    I hope I'm doing this correctly. This is my first time posting anything. As I am hooked on ANTM and am always interested in knowing what the girls are doing post show, I wanted to share with everyone that I recently came across a magazine, JEWEL, with Zoe Santana on the cover, that had Gorgeous pictures of four ANTM winners (Eva, Naima, Nicole & Danielle) along with interviews on what they have been up to. Unfortunately, I don't possess a scanner but I hope someone who does will take pity on us ANTM addicts and post the pictures.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Those 'My Life As A CoverGirl' lines are ridiculous. 'How kind it was of CoverGirl to give me this beautiful amber necklace!"

    I love Danielle sooo much, but I can't see where she fits into the industry. No matter how much practice she gets, I can't see her doing a real commercial. She's really skinny, but has very big bones that make her appear much larger. She's a little clumsy too, so that rules out runway. And she only has one great facial expression, so I can't see her in editorial either.

    Oh well, I wish her the best, and I hope those Seventeen pictures are awesome.
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    I saw that commercial, my life as a cover girl, i'll give her some credits, she did clean up her accent a lil bit, but it's still not as clean as peopel might want it to be..

    p.s. didnt like the part when the editor called her and said she got the part.. it looked so rehearsed.. (i mean i know it was reheased) but it was SO obvious, guess she also needs a lil bit of acting lessons..

    but i love danielle! wish her all the best

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    Those Seventeen pictures looked as though they turned out really well. Does anyone know when they will surface?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sepia View Post
    Those Seventeen pictures looked as though they turned out really well. Does anyone know when they will surface?
    since I never say her MLAACG comercials yet what is she exactly modelling for in 17?? just wondering lol

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    I honestly think Danielle is very bland if you ask me. She's quite boring, but then again so is Joanie. IMO, I think Jade should've won!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariagoner View Post
    I love Yoanna-- she's got such an amazing face and the greenest eyes I've ever seen-- but she is not, nor has she ever been, high fashion. No matter how skinny she became, her body is not made for high fashion. Her proportions are all off. Danielle-- with her mile-long legs thin arms and narrower torso, fits the ideal much better.

    I admit, I'm unhappy over how robotic Danielle seems in the My Life commercials. What does CG DO ANTM winners so that they all become so lifeless anyway?! But she looks fab, and I think the main reason Danielle sounds so robotic is because she's nervous and reading off cue cards, not spontaneously talking to the camera like she used to. In any case, I hope her commercials do improve-- and that we'll see more of the editorial we saw her shooting soon!

    Anyway, here's a few great pics of Danielle [FA edit]. I have no idea where they came from, but she looks terrific!
    She looks beautiful in these pics, when are the ones from that seventeen magazine coming out?

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