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Thread: Brooke - Cycle 6

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    I think most you don't appreciate unconventional beauty.. I still think this girl is going places! She will get into an agency. I guarantee you.

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    i'm with you on that one gabi

    p.s. why was my post edited?

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    she is going somewhere...home if she does not learn to put her chin down...I am rooting for her too it will be sad if she gives them another bad photo.

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    Brooke is gorgeous. I loved her photo last night, she looks so sexy in it. I agree with you gabi, she will be signed to an agency, whether she wins or not. She gives me an Ann vibe, as far as potential is concerned. I've been getting the feeling she is holding back so far, coasting per se. Her sweetness and free spirit attitude is darling, but I hope she can step up next week and work it out. Go Brooke!
    Adversity reveals genius. -Horace

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    This is so crazy, I use to surf with this girl all the time!! She is so laid back and chill thats why I always loved her. She is one of the friendliest people I have ever met. Much love for this girl and I hope she goes all the way

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    I don't know which Brooke you people are looking at. But the Brooke i see looks, at most, just alright. She is not gorgeous and she is not ugly. She's not even cute at times. if anything she's odd looking and quirky.

    I think she has a nice personlity though and seems kinda quiet. I lean towards the quieter girls int he group.

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    Her photo this week was great, I can't believe she was in the bottom two.

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    Brooke is so unconventional looking that Brooke doesn’t look like Brooke half the time to me on the show. Also some of her photos have the unusual quality of looking different depending on how you look at them, and how close you look at them. Almost like a holographic effect. As if there is a image, or images transposed over each other, or inside of the main image of her face. A kind of Monalisa effect. Your brain tells you there is more than meets the eye’s in her image. So you try and figure it out. Interesting.

    Mention has been made about the dark circles under her eye’s, and that she seems sleepy a lot. I have noticed that, and it has concerned me. I just figured that she has been burring the midnight oil as a student, and is very sleep deprived. I have looked to see if she looks more rested as the show go’s on, and she slowly has. She maybe over worked back home, with school, and all. And not getting enough rest, or eating healthy.

    She may just need to pay more attention to the basics. 8 to 10 hours of sleep a knight if she can get it. Lot’s of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and fish. Add the egg white of a hard boiled egg to her diet once, or twice a week, and throw the yoke away. You get enough yoke in omelets, and other breakfast foods. And take a good quality children’s chewable vitamin with minerals once a day after a meal. And wash it down with a full glass of water. And daily exercise.

    And yes. I do realize she could have other problems. Dark circles under the eye’s can be a sign of anemia. A simple CBC ( Complete Blood Count ) can determine that. Or she may have allergies, or other minor problems. Some medications like allergy medication, and penicillin can temporally cause dark circles. Way out on the far end of improbable are things like, thalassemia anemia minor. Not very probable or life threatening.

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    I think Brooke is going to grab the win in the end .. She has some amazing pictures on her myspace, and I have a feeling she's going to take those kind of pictures in the end .. and this season is about transformation, right?

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    I dont neccesarily like her but her picture was top of the heap if u ask me

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