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Thread: Suggestions for future cycles

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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    Quote Originally Posted by LedZepForever;2521797;
    I know you guys prefer modelesque contestants as I do, but let's compare cycles
    IMO, in cycle 7, with the possible exceptions of Brooke/Monique, every girl looked like a real, working model
    But the majority did not even want to model, many lacked confidence, they couldn't deliver and now only a few girls have been successful post-show
    In cycle 8, IMO, only Samantha really looked like a real model and the rest of the girls were just trash, but they all delivered (except for the plus-sizes) and they all clearly wanted to model
    And now, the majority of girls are signed to great agencies and working
    So unfortunately for us, the unmodelesque girls who really work at it have gained more success than the high fashion girls who have no desire to model
    I will just say if ANTM wants girls who will maintain modelling careers post-show, the girls who really have the drive will get further than the girls who just have "the look"
    We would all love girls who have both, but come on people, ANTM can't fiind both, so I'd say they should look for girls with determination
    well i thought with the EXCEPTION of monique, eugena, the twins, megg and caridee the cycle 7 girls were not all that modelesque. i thought the cycle 8 girls ALL had potential (well not really Kathleen) so i can see why they got signed so fast. i guess its just matter of opinion

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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    I think C7 is the best and C8 is the worst! Potential wise.

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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    Quote Originally Posted by spellboundboy;2534998;
    I think C7 is the best and C8 is the worst! Potential wise.
    I really agree
    I remember seeing all of the girls on the first episode of Cycle 7 and couldn't believe Tyra found such a batch of modelesque girls
    I was very excited, but then it seemed every modelesque girl was picked off one by one due to some strange issue
    I mean Christian looked like a model, so did Megan although she was a bit old/short, Monique was an exception, Megg looked like one, AJ looked like one although she'd be hard to identify, Brooke looked like a commercial model, Anchal would've looked like a model if she shed some pounds, Jaeda looked like one, The twins did, Eugena did, Melrose looked like a model who retired 10 years ago , and Caridee sort of looked like one
    Cycle 8 girls were definitely not modelesque, I mean you got Kathleen, Felicia, Cassandra (just because she was old), Plus sizes, Jael, Dionne, and most importantly, Jaslene!
    But the positive is that maybe with the only exception being Diana, every girl was in it to be a fashion model

    Another suggestion is to consider which girls follow trends in the industry
    Last cycle, every critique seemed to be like "good pictures, nice personality, horrible walk, nice skin" and I never heard them say something like "this girl would fit in with these type of models which are becoming the new trend"
    They must remember that it's more than about being pretty, but fitting in in the industry
    I miss AJ!!
    "Immerse your soul in love"-Radiohead

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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    For me when I saw cycle 8 I was like oh my gosh, they look so European and high fanshion!!! And I was really excited but most of them failed!! When I first saw cycle 7 I was like they're all really pretty but I doubt any of them can model, but "some" blew me away!!!

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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    Have the first photoshoot be a beauty shot so each girl can have fair chance at the start. During Cycle 8 when they did the politcial shoot some girls had more difficult emotions to express than others.

    Cycle 8 models had more heart that the Cycle 7 models did. Some of those girls didn't want it (AJ, Michelle) or was insecure (Anchal, Jaeda). It's ironic that the two models that were trashed on the most that cycle (Eugena, Melrose) are the ones getting the most work (test shots not inclcuded).

    Meanwhile Cycle 8 is trashed on regularly but all of those girls are signed but three. As for their success in modeling we have to wait and see.
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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    Yeah, they really need a beuty shot so its fair at the beginning I mean we don't need to see anymore acting modeling like being a juggler or something cheezy, beauty shots please!!!
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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    More Beauty shots please!

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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    I think Candas Next Top Model's beauty shots were fierrrceee! ANTM should do something like that

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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    ok, here is my idea of TOP MODEL should be (week by week).

    01. - Casting Episode (so lets skip this part)

    02. Episode - The girls move in to their home, that is a crappy apartment, too small for 13 girls, all dirty, a few bads, no hot tub and all that stuff (wannabe models never star on high luxury homes). underwater alte couture photoshoot. one model gets the boot.

    03. Episode - Runway trainning on a runway full of tiny balls so they can slip down the catwalk. black and white nude photoshoot, paring up with one of the girls. another model goes home.

    04. Episode - Makeovers arrived! - models will get a makeover inspired by models that are in vogue right now. beauty shot will drastic facial expressions (like really angry, or really screamming, ect). another models gets boot.

    05. Episode - The girls get a class about body work and then arrive at their new posh pad! photoshoots envolve really high fashion body move holding a snake aroung then.

    06. Episode - the girls learn how talk to the press and give interviews. photoshoot is about woman in fashion portraing models like naomi campbell, rachel hunter, linda evangelista.

    07. Episode - the girls are put in their runway skills in a full frontal nude fashion show for diamonds (body covers with body paint). photoshoot is a close beauty shot for a magazine.

    08. Episode - the girls are throwed to a big job for the judges see how well they know about fashion: designers, photographers, models, stylits, make up artists, editors right now. photoshoot is a editorial shot wearing leather alfits, shot by tyra banks.

    09. Episode - the girls go Overseas to a big fashion capital. photoshoot is a commercial for l'oreal in the language spoked at this country that they are.

    10. Episode - the girls go head to head on the city to gooses, they have to 5 local designers and then, 5 another designers the next day. photshoot is another editorial were the girls have to portrait the culture of this country that they are.

    11. Episode - Recap with final 4

    12. Episode -final four let loose, and put their best game on, they meet with the editors of the agazine that will winner will get a spread from. photshoot is a group swinsuit spread.

    13. Episode - the final 3 are put in a l'oreal cosmetics commercial and beauty photshoot featuring their new line (l'oreals line). the final 2 go back to the USA to star as models in the fashion shows on olympus fashion week. after that 1 model is chosen as ANTM!

    * Girls back to new york
    * no seventeen, no covergirl. yes vogue and l'oreal.
    * IMG models not elite.
    * more high fashion looking girls.
    * more DRAMA!

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    Re: Suggestions for future cycles

    More beauty shots, the beauty shots with the fish from CNTM were really good.

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