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Thread: The FORT Interview with Jayla, 12/02/05

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    Jayla was definitely the victim of some unflattering editing. Bre says herself in her FORT interview that Jayla never gave her those pills--she took them herself and Jayla probably didn't even know she took them. You have to hand it to UPN for being able to create drama from nothing.

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    I Love Jayla!!
    I Think She Is The Best Girl In There

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    ^I agree yannn, she and ashley were my winning girls
    The editing was too harsh on her..
    i love how bre owned up to the real facts
    and i'm glad they're friends

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    I dunno about Jayla. I don't neccessarily dislike her but I do find her a bit annoying. I think she's just confused and doesn't really know how to act most of the time. I think her friendship with Bre is really sweet and cute tho =).

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    I love Jayla, and I always will. I think she has a lot of potential as a model, and I think that she really isn't the bitch that she seems to be. Of course, everyone must've been stressed out from the competition, but I think Jayla just chose to deal with it in a way that wasn't smart on her behalf: bringing it to the confessional. Tyra and the crew can and will give some very, very cruel edits. Jayla made a sincere apology to Nik in the confessional (it's on the UPN site) and to her face on the walk. But do they actually play most, and the important parts? Noo.

    Although I do think it was Jayla's time to leave, I still do think they set her up. It seems like they had the final three chosen and ready to go on that last episode. Jayla was off-center and didn't get long hair.
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