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Thread: Things You Love About Cycle 5!

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    Things You Love About Cycle 5!

    Let's try to keep it positive in this thread.

    Here are some of mine:

    1) Coryn! She's stunning and I could never take my eyes off her when she was on Tv or in a photo!

    2) Lisa's country couture photo- one of the best photos taken for this show ever.

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    Nik! the ONLY model on all 5 cycles I actually root for and obsess over. lol

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    Top Model Fan moxon's Avatar
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    i loved the plastic surgery photoshoot! so edgy and surreal!

    i also think kim really blossomed from the beginning of the show. she went from this masculine tomboy to a feminine and strong model. she really proved that anyone can be whoever they want to be. so just watching her grow and change really helped the whole cycle become more enjoyable. i do hope she will be successful after the show.
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    It might be a bit of a weird opinion but I liked the fact that this season turned out totally different.. I tought that Kim being a lesbian would be a point in this show Bre's pre-show pictures/movies seemed like a ghetto-girl with style to me A girl who knows what she wants and potential And very sweet and someone to brighten things up (being the sunshine in the house) Well that turned out to be totally different.. And the eliminations left me clueless (for example, in season 3 I could tell almost every single elimination who was about to get ass-kicked)
    So the show is suprising to me, the girls and Don't ask me who will be eliminated next, or who will win, i'm clueless
    "A group who forms a unit that excludes people on the persuasion that you hate a person [Paloma] is bullying and it's bitchy. Who instigated this [Jordan] is an absolute moron and who took part in it and encouraged it [Anika, Danica, Sophie, Alice] are even bigger morons." - Charlotte Dawson. Amen!

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    redlight 6/7
    kim's phonebooth photo. it's so good. she looks like a real model in that photo i don't care what anybody says.

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    Lisa's wonderful quotes!
    "You need to stop hating on people, especialy me!"
    "I love Cousin It. I feel like me and Cousin It are almost the same"
    "Everybody needs to just calm down... CALM DOWN! Take a break, eat a cookie"
    "Ebony has really big ta-ta's, and I dont have anything"

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    dont mess with me
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    Lisa and Kim

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    I love that we had LISA on the show!!! She is truly entertaining and showed some pretty great knowledge about posing.

    I also love most of the girls from the show.

    Finally, I am so glad ( and I ain't proud of it) that Bre turned out to be a psycho bitch and she lost a lot of fans.

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    denise xx
    Pretty models!! Especially Nicole and Nik Much prettier than last cycle, I think. I think this is an improvement from Cycle 4, which I hated. Amusing events.. and London!! I miss Janice, but I like Twiggy too. The house was pretty cool.. I wish they would go back to New York, though. The competition is more fierce! (in the attitudes of the girls). There's a lot of variety in their looks, but they're all very beautiful!

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    London, Coryn, Lisa and that this gorram season 5 is almost done!

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