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Thread: The FORT Interview with Lisa, 11/20/05

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    once again im gonna state that she was robbed and that she should have won but i agree with her cuz antm is usually someone they can mold easily and if she doesnt want to do that than more power to her. As for her future a girl like that can never go unnoticed and will def. be something in the future.

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    if you ever go on this site,


    is all i have to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oublier
    she has commented on them in other interviews.

    I read this interview in The Calgary Sun:

    "So who does Lisa think should win ANTM?

    She says either Nicole because "it seems like her life would be going nowhere else," or Bree because she "doesn't complain all day long."

    I was also told by a friend who read another story about her that she has commented on some contestants on other interviews. I heard in particular, her saying in another interview that everyone kind of gangs up or hate the person who is doing best and she mentioned Kim as doing well and people attacking her (which must have been the limo incident).

    Would you please tell me where to find the interviews? I would love to read it. Thank you

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    That really was a great interview. My opinion of Lisa changed from week to week (based on her personality, not her photos). I thought that her age might be a strike against her, but I still don't understand why she was eliminated. She always took great photos, unlike some of the others who are still in the competition. It's good to see that it hasn't brought her down.
    On the show, and in the interview she was the most entertaining contestant and even at her craziest far more watchable than Tyra.
    Thanks for the interview and thanks to Lisa for the thoughtful answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merritt
    Would you please tell me where to find the interviews? I would love to read it. Thank you
    I think the Calgary Sun you can find online if you do a search for Lisa D'Amato.

    Another reality news website had another story. I don't think I'm allowed to put the links or the name of the website but the initials of the website are RNO. If you go to that website do a search for ANTM and it should pop up. In that interview she says she got a good laugh when Jayla was so upset Kim was talking about her, when it seem like all Jayla does is talk trash as well.
    She said "Uh, yeah! Iím just wondering what they are going to put on TV now that Iím gone." She also says she was disliked in the house and says "I totally felt alienated in the house. For the first half of the show though, I didnít realize that they all hated me so much."
    The final story I didn't read, but a friend told me shaw it or heard it (I'm not sure if it was a print or tv story).
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    I loved Lisa's honesty in this interview! She was quick to realize how the Tyra setup is and pointed out Tyra's lame hypocrities.

    One thing that I really liked about Lisa is her versatility in her shots. She is attuned enough to know how to do classy, tarty/flirtatious, downright edgy, couture, and wholesome. She's the whole package! She has the know-how. Too bad Tyra can't recognize that talent and go with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merritt
    Would you please tell me where to find the interviews? I would love to read it. Thank you
    At the top of this page is SirLinksaLot and RealityTVLinks there may be some articles linked there.
    "We all know that we're going to get beat tonight." - Melrose (ANTM Cycle 7) when Monique gets eliminated from the CoverGirl / Queen Latifah challenge.

    "Hi pretty lady...and Tyra." - Heather (ANTM Cycle 9)

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    What no one ever mentions is that Lisa was just not pretty enough to be a model. I can't believe that no one seemed to see her elimination coming. Me and my sister totally predicted it. As soon as she did bad in the Wild Boyz shoot, we were like "She's gone next week." Nadia Pandolfo, the photographer for WildBoyz, said that Lisa just doesn't have the face to make it big. And Tyra asked "even with that personality?" and Nadia said "No."
    The whole diaper incident was just icing on the cake. The real reason Lisa was sent home was that paparazzi picture put into stark perspective how unattractive Lisa is without all the extras. She looked 35 in that pic, and she was not the only one who was tired when they arrived. All the girls were.

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    It's kinda sad that this show is not entirely about modelling huh? I mean, Lisa takes great photos! Every week, I just go "wow, wow" at her photos. Even though she does look old, her poses and expressions more than enough make up for that. She makes me wanna support her, so go girl~ Hope to see her works in the future!
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