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Thread: The FORT Interview with Lisa, 11/20/05

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    And I too find it ...strange that they had a bunch of diapers right where Lisa was swimming.
    Weren't the WildBoyz wearing diapers and such throughout the shoot? I find it highly delusional that she thinks she was "set up." Frankly, they could fill my house with adult size diapers, and I wouldn't put one on unless I needed it. Sheesh. If they'd put out a dolphin suit and flippers, would she have felt compelled to put that on? A machine gun and ammo? Where's the adult making choices here, since she thinks she's more mature than the others?

    I have another problem with her responses -- she claims she was lied to when ANTM told her behavior in the house wouldn't count against her at panel. However, the watching publich would see the behavior at the house, and she knew that. Did she really think Covergirl would want someone who peed in a diaper with the WildBoyz? Please.

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    Lisa is definitely candid! Well she has taken some of the best photos in the history of this show and all the girls that are left actually deserved to go home before Lisa (except Nik... maybe), so I'm not mad at her. This obviously hasn't killed her spirit any. but that diaper thing WAS GROSS no matter what rationale she gives for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanillalatte
    No, Lisa, I wasn't laughing.

    Thanks for this interview, hepcat! Great job!
    I was!!!! She's the funniest thing i've seen on TV, in fact, after good season of Will and Grace!!!!

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    Yeah, she does come off as somewhat conceited and self-righteous, but then again, nothing we haven't known or seen of her already. At least she's the same ol' crazy loud delusional Lisa. I'd still miss her on ANTM, though.

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    Fantastic job yet again, Hepcat!

    As for Lisa, she is totally cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but she does speak her mind, which I can appreciate. She was a large source of entertainment on a season that shows Ty & Co's standards to be going waaay downhill. I may need to take some No-Dozeô for the rest of the season.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    In some ways I was sad to see Lisa go and I was not a big fan of hers. Begrudgingly though I have to admit to her talent and her good personality. I never was able to put my finger on what rubbed me thr wrong way, but I certainly have no lasting bad feelings toward her - I think she is a sincere person with great skills and excellent modeling technique. She is not however, the look that I think will ultimately win this, for better or for worse. I still subscribe to the idea that tyra was outvoted. That several people for weeks just could not look at lisa in person, age, features, etc., and see the person they felt fit the image of the top girls working today. I believe Tyra probably flt that Lisa's skills and personality would carry her through despite her unique look. I think unique works - to a point. The current crop of girls are unique - but not from each other. It seems that when one of the new waves of model types come out - that they all look roughly alike - no matter how different they look from what was before. Unfortunately Lisa is just in the wrong decade. Because her skill level is greater, she had a better technical ability than most of the girls. However technique will only get you so far - and this is not America's Next Working Model. I think the others saw the handwriting on the wall and felt they really had to make a cut based on just the simple unadorned truth - is this a girl who looks like a supermodel? Does she look like a model? Yes - her pictures prove that - but being an art director I have seen and worked with some local talent that have imense talent and are still not world class. Lisa I think has two choices - big fish small pond, or small fish, big pond. I personally think a good route for her at her age, and honestly a few other ANTM alumnae, would be to go to a medium sized city, or even a large city that is not a national fashion mecca, and take over. Lisa could definitely be a big fish in areas throughout the Midwest and the south. She would probably land a great morning show gig, and do a lot of local advertising and runway work. At 25 would this be a prudent decision? I know girls who because they shortened their aim slightly were able to have it all - working models doing what they love having great family life and are building a life beyond the modeling world - so when it becomes tiring, or when they no longer can give face - they are ready and not left wondering whats going on. several times I have read about an ANTM alumnae being represented by a smaller agency - and probably focusing on local work and I think Great - that means that local agencies are getting good talent too - because look around - there are a lot of ads that need alot of models - and they aren't all furs, jewelry, high fashion and makeup. The other choice then is to reach for the stars, because if man's reach does not exceed his grasp - what is there a heaven for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    It was definitely her choice. She flat-out told me that she wanted to comment, but didn't want to see it in print. She also said she wouldn't tell me "off the record" because she didn't trust me.

    I had no problems with her actions on the show, but I have to admit that in person she kind of rubbed me the wrong way - long before the comments about Internet fans. She definitely is a little "off" if you ask me. Not in a harmful way, but I can see how she wouldn't mesh well with other women. She doesn't inspire you to warm to her, if that makes sense. Her manner is off-putting.
    Reading several other interview by Lisa I get the same impression. THat she's a bit dellusional and not the kind of person you'd befriend easily. But she is celebrity material, in a TV host kind of way.

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    Love the interview, LOVE Lisa. I may not watch anymore. Many famous people are a little nuts. Makes them tough to get along with but darn interesting on Television.

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    IMO, personality is important, but so is the outcome of the product. For example, I dont care if the cardiac surgeon working on my heart is an [mod edit] in person as long as his credentials say that he's the best cardiac surgeon around. I dont care if the chef at the restaurant I go to has a crazy personality as long as their food is the best food around. I think the point that I'm trying to make is that, yes Lisa is crazy and a lil wild, but when you pick up the latest issue of vogue, you do not care what the model does in her spare time, you care that she took a kick ass photo and now you wanna go buy the prada shoes that shes wearing in the ad. IMO Lisa has what it takes to be on top, yes shes older, yes shes shorter, but she believes in herself and shes very confident which is what she needs to be considering what she has working against her (age, and height). Theres always room for firsts, and with that attitutde, she might just be a first. I'm glad she belives in herself. I will miss Lisa, I most definately expected her to be in the top three.
    Thanks for the interview Hepcat!
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    I agree with you ANTM Obsession that I don't care what surgeons and chefs do in their spare time, but Lisa did pee in the diaper during work time and then I expect professional behavoir, if the work affects me. It doesn't affect me what models do on sets I just know that I wouldn't want to work with someone who acts unprofessional.

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