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Thread: ANTM5 Ep. 8 Recap: The Lesbian Who Was Lambasted in the Limo

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    straight guy, not a girl i love kahlen's Avatar
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    Great Recap SFG, you always get me to laugh (which will be good now that lisa is gone along with almost all of the comedy in the house)
    missing Sara

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    but perhaps the competition is getting to them and theyíre merely blowing off steam. Or they share the same menstrual cycle.

    In keeping with the stalkerazzi theme, the premise for todayís shoot is this: the girls are models (thatís a stretch)

    Piss Off

    Lisa, the Mayor of Crazytown

    In the end, just as we all suspected, ANTM decides to celebrate mediocrity
    good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lauren Bacall:My TopModel MarryMeYoanna's Avatar
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    What's my secret? I read Snowflake Girl and laugh my ass off.....every week...
    You donít need to repeat this, there is no ceremony any more, everybody is gone and you say this out loud to yourself. I was alone at the time and the time now is always. Always was a word that you used in promises, it is valueless.
    -Ernest Hemingway

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    Great recap, Snowy! I missed the episode, but I can't wait to see it after reading this. I am genuinely surprised to see that Lisa was eliminated. Her antics aside, she was amazing in her photos.

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