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Thread: The FORT Interview with Kyle, 10/29/05

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    The FORT Interview with Kyle, 10/29/05

    Kyle, the girl all the judges called ďprettyĒ while making that sound like a bad thing, was the seventh girl to be eliminated from the competition on this weekís episode of Americaís Next Top Model. Kyle left her small town of Dexter, MI and her steady job as a Dairy Queen Manager for the exposure the show could bring to jumpstart her modeling career. Diving into Tyraís Model Boot Camp was a different environment than her country upbringing, but Kyle cheerfully endured - maybe even enjoyed - the crazy-themed photoshoots, the late night parties and the wild, drunken housemates. She survived Janice Dickensonís blunt appraisal and several rounds of the brutally critical judging panel. But was it really worth her while to sit in foul-smelling mud for several hours with no shower privileges in sight? Only time will tell if daring to be dirty will pay off in the long run; but for now, Kyle is free to be sweet-natured, sweet-smelling, and as gosh-darn pretty as she wants to be.

    Thank you for speaking with me this morning, Kyle, and congratulations for making it this far in the competition.

    Thank you so much!

    First off, what attracted you to the show?

    Well, Iíve watched the show ever since Season One, and Iíve been modeling all my life. Watching that show, wanting it so bad, and knowing that itís your dream to be a model - well, I just had to apply. My family urged me to apply many times, so I finally did, and I guess it was the right thing to do!

    You said you did some modeling before the show?

    Yes, I had done a little bit of local modeling, some fashion shows here and there, so it wasnít a completely new experience. But the show was definitely not what I thought it would be, so it was a new experience, for sure.

    What do you think of your makeover? Will you keep the brunette hair?

    Actually, Iím still brunette. I probably will keep it for a while because I do like it. Iím a natural blonde and Iíve been blonde my whole life so it was cool to see brown for a change.

    What was the best part of the experience?

    Honestly, Iíve made some of the best friends Iíve ever had on the show. Itís just nice to know people - Iím such a people person, and I love getting to know people, and the fact that I have met some amazing people is just great.

    What was the hardest part of the experience?

    I took the criticism way too much to heart. I wish I wouldnít have done that. It was hard not to, though. You know, going to panel and being critiqued and criticized is really hard. I took it to heart and I wish I would have lightened up on myself a little bit.

    You had a rough judging in the last episode. What do you wish you had done differently during the challenge they gave you during the panel?

    Oh, gosh! (Laughs) See, the funny thing is I went into the room, and you know we had three minutes to find a sexy outfit...well, my idea was that I would put on a cute miniskirt and I was trying to find a tank top or a wife beater, and for some reason I couldnít find anything. I just put on some cute stilettos, and it didnít end up coming out that way! (Laughs) I was really upset. I wish I could have found the right clothes in that amount of time, but we canít all be that lucky! (Laughs)

    Who would you say was the most annoying person in the house?

    Definitely that would be Lisa. I liked her, but we had our differences, and she was always getting in our faces and she needed to stop.

    What about the drinking, was it as bad as they made it look on television?

    She did drink, but even when she wasnít drinking she was still in your face and it got to you.

    Who were you closest to in the house?

    I was closest to Kim throughout the whole thing, from semi-finals we just clicked right off the back. Kim was amazing; we had so much fun together and I miss that.

    She looked so sad last night.

    I know, it was so sad to watch and see her tearing up. I almost cried just watching her.

    Can you tell us what it was like to do a go-see for ELLEgirl while covered in mud?

    Oh, gosh! For one thing, that was seriously the worst thing Iíve ever done. (Laughs) I mean, I donít think it was mud, letís just put it that way. It smelled way too bad. And then we had to sit around in it for nine hours! It was just crusted into our bodies.

    Nine hours?

    Yeah, nine hours! We had to sit in it all day long. And then going to a go-see, we had no idea thatís what we were doing. So, you know, walking down and seeing the people from ELLEgirl magazine, I didnít know what to do. Itís hard to feel good about yourself when youíre covered in mud - or worse! But, it was funny. It was funny to watch and see how everyone else reacted.

    So now that youíve seen the show, what did you think of Jaylaís comments about you (that you have no personality, or that youíre not intelligent)?

    The funny thing is, Jayla and I got along! We were friends, I thought. Up until yesterday, that is - apparently weíre not friends anymore! She definitely dogged me yesterday and I was surprised to hear that from her because she never once mentioned anything like that to my face, she was always really nice to me. So it was really surprising to hear her say really mean things about me. But what can you do?

    What was your favorite photoshoot?

    My favorite photoshoot was the plastic surgery one just because we got to work with Janice. Janice is amazing, I loved her! Sheís crazy?

    Do you think you would have enjoyed it if she had been a judge?

    Honestly, I think so! Working with her, I was really intimidated at first. I thought I was going to be the girl that she hated, because Janice picks her favorites and least favorites. I thought I was going to be the girl that she hated, but it turned out that she kind of liked me! So, it made it nice to work with her. It was a lot of fun. Itís funny to hear the comments that she makes because itís just crazy. Sheís so direct.

    Did you feel like they picked your best pin-up girl photo?

    You know, I do feel like I had better ones. The photo that they showed, I was in the middle of blowing a kiss, and I wish they had used a different one. I know I had smiled in a few and other things, but I guess I canít change it. But I do feel like I had a better one.

    After the pin-up girl photoshoot, were you confident you had a good picture?

    From the feedback that was coming from the photographer, I did feel like I had done good. I felt myself that I had struggled a little. For some reason, I couldnít really grasp the facial expressions. It was hard to actually be kind of goofy. Those pinup girls, you had to smile and do little smirks, and I wasnít used to doing that in a professional photo shoot. And so it was harder for me to grasp that, but the photographer and Jay gave me really good feedback, so I was expecting to get a better photo out of it.

    What is your opinion of what Tyra said about you during judging; (youíre stuck in youíre home town, youíre stuck at "pretty")?

    I was kinda confused by what she said, me being stuck in my home town. I guess that she was maybe saying that I didnít improve, that I was stuck and didnít know how to make myself better as a model? I donít really know what she was getting at but it definitely hurt me to hear her tell Bre that she could tell Bre wanted it so badly, that Bre just lived for modeling. It hurt me that I wanted it so badly but that Tyra couldnít see that.

    That was my next question, actually, to see if you agreed that Bre wanted it more?

    Iím sure that Bre wanted it really badly, but it sucks to know that Tyra didnít see that I did too.

    Okay, Iím going to read off the names of your competitors, could you give your impression of them in one or two words?

    Oh, gosh! Okay.

    Ashley - I didnít get to know her that well, but from what I know of her she seems really nice. I think I learned more about her boyfriend than I did about her, because she was always talking about Richard. (Laughs)

    Bre - Sheís like the mom of the house. Sheís always offering inspirational words. She was always nice to listen to, I liked hearing her advice.

    Cassandra - She was my roomie! I liked Cassandra; she kept to herself, and she was hard to figure out, but when you actually got her to open up a little bit Ė I really enjoyed talking to her. I was upset that Cassandra decided to quit. Going into this competition, you knew they were going to give you a makeover. You had to be prepared for what theyíre going to do. I just upset me to think that so many other girls wanted what she got, and she didnít take this opportunity.

    Coryn - Sheís such a sweetheart. Sheís really quiet and shy, but once you get her to open up, she seriously has the warmest heart and I really love her.

    Diane - I never really took the time to get to know her, and she never really took the time to get to know me. Sheís a nice girl; pretty funny, but I really honestly donít know that much about her.

    Ebony - Sheís hilarious. (Laughs) You could just look at that girl and she would just make you laugh. I was probably the saddest to see her go.

    You know, a couple of the girls have said that about Ebony - that she was a real crackup.

    Yeah! She just brought something to the house that when she was gone, there was so much energy lacking. She was just so, so funny.

    Jayla - I liked her, sheís kind of immature to me. I never really clicked with her, but I didnít know we had any problems until last night.

    Do you think she had something to say about everyone, and they just showed us what she said about you last night?

    (Laughs) She may have gotten her few words in, but I donít know.

    Kim - Kim is amazing. Sheís my best friend in the house, and I feel like Iíve known her my whole life. Sheís so funny, and she was my backbone in the house.

    Lisa - In one word: crazy. (Laughs) And I mean that in every way possible! Sheís just crazy in the sense that somethingís just not right.

    Nicole -. Sheís so funny. When I first met her, I thought she was going to be this shy, quiet girl, but once you get to know her, sheís this crazy, wild girl that just cracked me up - we really got along.

    Nik - I didnít really get to know Nik either. We did have a few conversations, and sheís a sweet girl, but she kept to herself most of the time and she didnít really get close with anyone in the house. She was kind of close to Diane, but other than that she didnít take the time to get to know anyone.

    Sarah - She was my roomie also! At semi-finals, her and I talked and we were like, we have to room together, so when we got into our house we busted through the doors and found a room together. I love Sarah, sheís such a goofball but I love her.

    Who do you think has the best shot at the win?

    The best shot at the win...I mean, Lisa takes really good pictures. Iím hoping that Kim wins because sheís my girl, and I think that she could do some amazing things and sheís a look that they havenít had before, so Iím hoping Kim wins, but I think Lisa has a really good chance.

    Do you feel like this show prepared you for the world of modeling? Or was it just like any other reality show - concerned with ďgood TVĒ?

    I do think that it did prepare me. I do think that Iím ready to become a professional model now. Thereís definitely things they did just for good TV, like running through mud - I donít really think that will prepare me in any way for the modeling world. But the photoshoots, and the scheduling. You know, having to get up really early and stay up late, a jam-packed schedule - thatís going to prepare me for what is hopefully going to come in the future.

    Do you read the Internet sites where fans talk about the show?

    No I donít, really. I try to stay away. (Laughs) They say some pretty mean things, so I just try to stay away. My family sends me sites and it makes me laugh, itís funny to hear.

    Whatís ahead for you? It sounds like you definitely plan to continue modeling, do you think youíll move to New York?

    I definitely plan on it - New York or L.A. Right now I want to wait and see if thereís any agencies that want to pick me up and see if any opportunities come around for me.

    Thank you to Kyle for answering my questions, and many thanks to UPN for granting the interview.
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    I don't think I ever commented on your interviews, Hepcat, so I think it's time I thank you for your interviews. They are well-formed and very interesting.

    Thank you very much

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    Thanks for the interview! Kyle seems really nice and it's good to hear her opinion on the other girls.

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    Kyle.. She seems so sweet!

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    It must have really hurt her to hear someone who she thought she was good friends with in the house, Jayla, say mean things about her

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    Great interview once again, Hepcat.
    Aw, what a sweet girl. Man, am I going to miss Kyle. The season just doesn't seem right anymore.
    I guess this totally proves how evil Jayla is now.. Sighh, and i tried defended her..

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    Thanks for the interview Hepcat!
    Kyle was my fave and I was really sad to see her go.
    Wait what am I saying, Im still sad she's gone! Cant believe it, when she was crying at panel I just felt like it was really unfair..
    She is a very people person though and the interview was great to read cos I can almost imagine her saying it lol.
    I hope she finds success in modelling!

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    Something about her always reminded me of Tori Spelling, except.. OMG, wayyyyyyyyyyyy more attractive... I don't know. Like if Tori spelling wasn't hideous... anyway, great article.

    So Lisa's a 14 carat gold nutjob. Loves it!!
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    "It hurt me that I wanted it so badly but that Tyra couldnít see that." Kyle

    I think that Tyra did see that Kyle wanted it real bad, All the judges had a vote and that Tyra was outvoted, because I remeber her saying that to Diane in her show. Tyra said that Diane had a real good potential and that she did not want to eliminate her but the other judges outvoted her. Tyra had to let Kyle know the majority reason that the judges think why Kyle should go home. Kyle have obvoiusly the potential to be a model. IMO. Great Interview by the way.
    "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"

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    you are really good and nice!!
    just keep it go on
    and be the top model !!
    thanks hepcat

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