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Thread: The FORT Interview with Kyle, 10/29/05

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    I like Kyle even more than I did before. This girl definitely got cut WAY before she should have. She was one of my favorites. I hope she will become another Ann and make Tyra realize her mistake! Kyle you rule!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitterxGold
    I hope she will become another Ann and make Tyra realize her mistake! Kyle you rule!
    Same wish here!!
    But Kyle is my ONLY favourite in this cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitterxGold
    I hope she will become another Ann and make Tyra realize her mistake! Kyle you rule!
    Yeps! I wish I had access to watch Tyra's show..
    Like I said.. during the interview challenge, Kyle showed what its like to really use pure personality to win over an audience and sell a product while still being very very likable. Just because someone doesnt have the same angst as Jayla .. she just pegs them as boring?

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    Good Job Hepcat and good luck to Kyle!

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    Yeah she seems sweet and all and she is pretty, but stunning, gorgeous, breath-taking, hot, etc...nah Not nearly in the neighborhood of Cindy Crawford, Iman, or Elle McPherson. Probably will get some modeling gigs but not at the very top of the field.

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    She reminds me a little of bridget hall, the extremely vacuous ex-RL model. Kyle seems to be much smarter though, but they have the same all-american vibe.

    If you are tall, young, and have a pretty-enough face, I don't think it will be that hard finding work as a model. Based on the comments of the ellegirl executives, I have a feeling Kyle came in second to Lisa in the evaluation. The judges were crazy kicking her out over Bre. Sure, bre's endearing like a puppy, but If i were managing a modeling agency, Kyle would at least get an appointment. I wouldn't let Bre in unless she were selling girl scout cookies, but as a consolation I would buy all of them!

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    Thanks Hepcat, great interview. Kyle is a classic beauty with height and a lovely body. She should have success as a model. I'm impressed with how down to earth and friendly she seems. It's nice to see people who are blessed physically with lovely looks who are generally kind and warm and unassuming. Kyle's a sweetie!

    Some person said Kyle doesn't have a personality. Everyone has a personality - there is nothing wrong with the gentle and soft spoken folks... If immature nastiness is your cup of tea, then support Jayla by all means. By the way, nasty backstabbing does not equal witty intelligence.

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    Tyra CAN go to HELL!

    Hey Kyle!!!!!!!!!!
    I know how much you wanted to be ANTM. I was so sad when you got eliminated! You did such an AMAZING JOB on the show! GO KYLE!
    I do not no why Tyra eliminated you! But, I'm not upset about that anymore. I still like you, Kyle, but on ANTM6, I have two NEW favorites. Brooke and Leslie! Anyway, GREAT interview, hepcat!

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