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Thread: Things I've learned from ANTM

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    Re: Things I've learned from ANTM

    You have to screem when you see Tyra.
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    Re: Things I've learned from ANTM

    pretend that tyra is a god or something and pretend that she can makes your life better .smiling like a fool even she told people to grab her ass in the panel .acted like her advice is really works

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    Re: Things I've learned from ANTM

    Smiling with your eyes just means squinting.

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    Re: Things I've learned from ANTM

    I have learnt that

    Nigel is creepy :nono

    Tyra is creepier for constantly groping the creep's ass!

    Paulina isn't delivering all the fun that I expected her to!

    Marvita is extremely hilarious....her "this ho is Tripping" and "Anya took a shower...its about Damn time" will always crack me up.
    One day, Katarzyna will accost Tyra on the catwalk, sparta-Kick her off it and yell "This is KATARZYNA!!!"

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    Re: Things I've learned from ANTM

    Fatima can't model.

    Literally, they can rationalize anyone being on the show (Dominique).
    Let's not forget ourselves good friend
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    Re: Things I've learned from ANTM

    I have learned that when Tyra doesn't like you anymore, you must immediately return to the loft pack your belongings and GO HOME (where conceivably, you should be shunned and ostracized for the rest of your natural life because clearly you are not good enough and you are certainly NOT fierce)

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    Re: Things I've learned from ANTM

    When "you deserve it", it's all done. the show is about charity===> Saleisha, Naima, Caridee, Adrianne, Johanna, Nicole, Jaslene. they all "deserved it"
    bring janice back. now.

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    Re: Things I've learned from ANTM

    Here what's I've learned:

    The bigger your sob story, the better
    If you're blonde, you better have a sob story
    If you're given short hair, you're going home 2-3 episodes later
    If the judges don't like you, no matter how good you are, you will get sent home
    If you have a good personality, it will help but your pictures better be FIERCE!
    Don't whine or complain or get sick - Tyra and crew don't care and Tyra always has a worse situation then whatever yours is
    Be sure you can speak well or learn to fast
    If Cover Girl execs don't like you, you can bet you'll be sent home
    Be the brattiest girl in the house, you'll stay longer
    Improving is everything to Tyra - if she sees progress, she'll keep you around
    If you don't have confidence or passion, forget about winning

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