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Thread: The FORT Interview with Coryn, 10/21/05

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    The FORT Interview with Coryn, 10/21/05

    Proving that an elimination ceremony can happen without tears and dramatics, Coryn, the 19-year-old retail clerk from Minneapolis, MN, gracefully accepted her elimination in this weekís episode of Americaís Next Top Model. Coryn caught the attention of the judges during the semi-final round, where her less-than-perfect background piqued Tyraís interest Ė especially when Coryn fielded questions in a calm, unruffled manner. It also couldnít hurt that her unplucked eyebrows were just screaming for a stylistís tweezers; we all know that Tyra loves to find a diamond in the rough. But does Coryn agree with Tyraís description of her as the sad girl who would be crushed by the cutthroat world of modeling? Not hardly.

    Thank you for speaking with me this morning, Coryn!

    Hi, no problem, great to speak to you.

    First off, what attracted you to the show?

    I always wanted to be on Americaís Next Top Model, of course, just like everybody else. It was just a dream, but I saw it as a great opportunity to make it fast, you know, to get known and everything fast.

    Have you modeled before or was this something totally new for you?

    This was something totally new. I always had tried to get into it, but I just never had the money. All the agencies that I went to, kept on asking for money. Like Tyra said, theyíre not supposed to be asking for money if they really want you. So I never really found one that said, ďWe donít need no money, just go out there and get jobs for us.Ē

    Tyra seemed interested in your background during the semi-finals. Do you feel like you were picked for your potential as a storyline?

    See thatís what I was wondering. Thatís why if people ask me what would I take back, I would take that back [her background]. At times I felt like they picked me just because they felt sorry for me or something. And I wish I would not have said anything about my life because I didnít want pity from anybody. I just wanted to make it because of me.

    Would you say that your background affected you on the show?

    It did affect me on the show because it was really hard for me to open up to people and especially being in front of cameras, youíre opening up to all these people - itís hard! Itís hard to talk about your feelings if you havenít done that before.

    What do you think of your makeover? Will you keep the blonde hair?

    I like the blonde hair, but the bleached eyebrows Iím not going to keep. Iím going to keep them as thin as they are right now, but just not bleached. It makes me look like I have a big forehead up there, so, Iím keeping them a little bit darker than they had them on the show.

    What was the best part of the experience?

    Meeting all these amazing celebrities, like Iman and Tyra. And all these different people that one day I might work with so it really helped me get my foot in the door. I got to meet twelve amazing females, too.

    What was the hardest part of the experience?

    The hardest part of the experience was taking all the criticism. I mentioned that in one of my interviews that I canít take criticism well, and I think they really used that against me. It was really hard, just one after the other, negative negative feedback until it was like, ďCanít I at least get one positive thing?Ē That can just turn your whole mood around, if you can just hear one positive thing. Sometimes they would intentionally give you just negative stuff and no positive just to see how you would handle it, and it was really hard for me to do that.

    Thatís interesting to hear you say that, because I wouldnít say that was exactly how we saw it on the show.


    We saw you praised by the judges quite a lot, but it mostly while they were deliberating. So how long did the judging sessions go on?

    Oh my goodness, like, hours, it was just so long! Very tiring and very long.

    Switching gears a little, who would you say was the most annoying person in the house? I think I know, but...

    (Laughs) Lisa! Her personality sometimes just ... irritated us. She went too far with everything. Just constantly talking about the other girls, and then with her little drinking parties -- it was weird. Sheís an odd one. It was hard to be in the house with her. Like Bre said, you donít really know how to help her, because for me it was the first time Iíd ever met anyone like her, so it was new and kind of scary to be around her.

    Who were you closest to in the house?

    I was closest to Sarah, because me and Sarah met way before when we were trying out for Top Model at Mall of America. She saw me in the bathroom and said, ďYou are the prettiest girl here, I know youíre going to make it,Ē and I said, ďNo, youíre going to make it!Ē And we made it to the semis and all the way to the house. So we were together from the start.

    What did you think of the photoshoots with the crazy themes?

    I likd the themes and stuff, but I just wish I would have done more stuff that I could use afterwards towards my modeling career, like more beauty shots, more natural-looking, not so made up.

    What was your favorite photoshoot?

    My favorite photoshoot was the one where we were on the ranch. I really like animals, and it was cool to actually have a live prop in the photoshoot with you. Even though it was really hard because the horse was squirming around and stuff, and then he took a big dump while I was holding on to him and trying to get him to look into the camera. (Laughs) Yeah, so it was awkward, but it was fun.

    Do you think that they always choose the best photo from a shoot, or did you ever think you had a better pose that they didnít pick?

    Oh yeah, Iím sure all the girls felt this way. We kept on complaining, weíre like, I know I had a better picture than that, I know I did, even when we had made it through eliminations, weíre like, I know I had a better picture than that! You can feel it when you have a good picture, and even looking back at the photoshoots, I was watching Ebony at the ranch, and with one flash, I felt I saw a really good picture. And they ended up choosing one with her hair all in her face. Iím like, what the heck? She had better pictures than that. So yeah, I really think that we had better pictures. I donít know who was picking them, but I wish I could find out because we had better pictures than that.

    What was it like to work with Janice Dickenson?

    I love Janice. I mean, it was fun! Thatís what I liked the most about her, she brought a sense of humor to everything, and it was just...not so serious that day. Everyone had fun just relaxing and she just really made you feel comfortable with her when you were in front of the camera.

    Did you hear any of what Janice Dickenson was telling Lisa? Was there more to that conversation that we didnít see?

    Yeah, I heard some of it. I was walking by to go get my hair done, and I heard her say, ďI donít talk about these girlsĒ and I was like, woah! Here you are lying again to another personís face. I hate when people lie, and I really didnít need Lisa to tell me to stop working out or trying to advise me, when itís obvious she was in a competition with me, so why would I listen to that? She always tried to make herself look better than all the rest, and it really got on my nerves. So yeah, I heard most of what Janice was saying to Lisa, because I kind of wanted to hear.

    So was it hard to hear the judges praise Lisaís pictures during that last session? It turned out to be a Lisa night, and the judges had a lot of great things to say about her.

    It wasnít hard for me. I thought she did the best, too. Her picture was awesome, and her secret was amazing, she did the best out of everybody all around, she did good.

    What was your take on the drama between Jayla and Nik?

    I donít think Jayla really liked Nik in the first place, and then Jayla stole her secret, and it kind of went on from there.

    But wasnít it frustrating that Nik didnít say anything?

    Yes, it was very frustrating! Thatís why I kind of understand where Jayla was coming from when she said she hopes she keeps on doing her Little Miss Nice Girl. I know what Jayla was saying, because it was irritating that she kept on putting on this show and wouldnít be herself. She kept on being somebody else, being fake, and it was annoying, it really was.

    What is your opinion of what Tyra said during judging; that perhaps you are too emotionally vulnerable to be in the modeling industry?

    I wanted to bust out laughing. I didnít want to offend her or anything, but it was like, this is a joke! Everybody I know said to me, ďYou donít make me sad, what was Tyra talking about!Ē (Laughs)

    It was very melodramatic.

    I guess they had to come up with something. (Laughs) I guess itís better than some things they could have said.

    Okay, Iím going to read off the names of your competitors, could you give your impression of them in one or two words?

    Ashley - She was a talker. Man, she could talk your ear off. She was sweet, though, I never had any problems with her.
    Bre - Her personality is just - wow. It amazes you when you get to talk to her in person. Sheís an amazing person.
    Cassandra - She was brought up different than us and you can see that; but she has class, and she acts like a lady and I love that about her. About her quitting, that was really okay with me. She tried it, she didnít like it, and she left, and I agree with her because she didnít feel like it was really for her.
    Diane - Wow, I like Diane a lot. She comes off quiet, but sheís not. Sheís a loudmouth! She will not stop talking, and she just has you laughing all the time.
    Ebony - Woah, I have not laughed so hard until I met her. I wish they had shown more of her in the episodes. After eliminations she would always make us laugh and bring us back to reality, boosting our emotions back up. It was nice, because all the other girls were focused on the competition. She was about the competition, but she was more there to make us happy. Itís hard to explain but she had me laughing the whole time.
    Jayla - She is a little devious underneath everything. Sheís a sneaky one.
    Kim - I ... (Hesitating) I donít know. I hear some things from people, but my personal experience with her was good. I never have anything bad to say about her because we got along well, but we didnít really connect as well as her and Kyle or her and Sarah. She was a cool person.
    Kyle - Sheís a sweet girl. You can tell that sheís from the country and stuff. Itís not a show or anything, sheís always happy and sweet. Thatís what I like about her.
    Lisa - Sheís sometimes overconfident where it gets to the point that sheís cocky, but sheís really good at what she does. Sheís been doing this for a while and it shows. You can tell that sheís been at this and sheís just a really good model, in my opinion. She does good in commercials, runway, and print.
    Nicole -. She is another girl that comes off quiet, but she is not. She is so funny when you get around her, she just opens up and sheís just totally not how you would picture her at all.
    Nik - I really didnít get to know her well because she kept pretending to be somebody else, you know, ďNothingís wrong with me, Iím okay.Ē Yeah, it was irritating so I didnít even try to get to know her.
    Sarah - Me and Sarah were together since the beginning, and I love her to death. Sheís a real country girl, we got along good and we could really connect with each other.

    Do you read the internet sites where fans talk about the show?

    No, I havenít read anything but Iíve heard some things.(Laughs) All I do is laugh at them, thereís not much I can do about it. I donít really go online or anything.

    Whatís ahead for you? Do you plan to continue modeling?

    Oh, yeah! Iím getting into modeling as we speak. Iím trying to go back with my agency that I was with before the show. Of course they want me back, so Iím going to work with them and see where it takes me.

    Thank you to Coryn for answering my questions, and many thanks to UPN for granting the interview.
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    ! So Coryn wasn't on FORT? :'(
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    After reading, listening and watching all those interviews, I don't think I like Coryn at all. She is boring, cold (not cool). It is just my opinion.

    *I fell in love with Sarah after reading and watching her interviews.*

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    Yeah, I'm kind of indifferent to her. I don't LOVE, I don't HATE her, it's kind of like MEH. Sarah's is definitely the best one to date. It seems that everyone really likes her too!

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    Good job.Thank you.Don't get it twisted Ms Coryn.

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    Coryn is now biting the hand that feeds her? Tsk tsk. To say that she was put on the show for sympathy reasons is totally lame because thats like saying Kim as put on the show solely because she was a lesbian. How about Tyra thought she had what it took to be a model & since this is a reality show, the person's story line is important. I always thought Coryn was like this, but the interview helped to solidify this for me...especially her saying she wanted to laugh at the judges when they told her how sad she seemed.

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    Yeah, I liked coryn, but I think this interview makes her sound boring and cynical just about everything. From why she was put on the show to why she was kicked out. It's just an endless bunch of complaining. Guess she's not very good at the PR thing.

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    Hmm, Coryn leaves a rather mixed expression with that interview. And she comes down on Nik for not wanting to lay out her business (somehow that makes Nik fake) and yet she acknowledges that she wishes she hadn't revealed all of what she was going through (re: her background etc.)?

    Good job, hepcat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    What was your take on the drama between Jayla and Nik?

    I donít think Jayla really liked Nik in the first place, and then Jayla stole her secret, and it kind of went on from there.

    But wasnít it frustrating that Nik didnít say anything?

    Yes, it was very frustrating! Thatís why I kind of understand where Jayla was coming from when she said she hopes she keeps on doing her Little Miss Nice Girl. I know what Jayla was saying, because it was irritating that she kept on putting on this show and wouldnít be herself. She kept on being somebody else, being fake, and it was annoying, it really was.
    Heh heh heh, didn't I say this in the spoiler thread . Jayla thinks Nik is being fake.

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    I thought it was a good interview, she conducted herself well and didn't say anything horrible about the contestants but said enough to keep the interview interesting... i think Coryn is awesome!
    missing Sara

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