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Thread: The FORT Interview with Diane, 10/15/05

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiAnEMaRie
    I couldn't believe it myself but I guess things happen for a reason. Thank you for the support!!!!
    Great, Great interview hepcat it just made me like Diane even more it was nice to see that she had a different opinion on Lisa even though mine remains the same.

    Diane I just wanted say that I was and I still am your biggest fan. I thought that picture you took was so beautiful and I was sad to see you go especially after they had said you were getting better. I wanted you to be one of he only plus size women who woul make it far. I wish you lots of luck and hope to see you in lots of print ads.

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    I was sad to see you go Diane, mainly because you were representin us, the hispanic group, and I wish you could have stayed longer... they shouldn't have kicked you out yet, you have an amazing face and a gorgeous body... I always go for the "voluptuos" ladies! ya girl!

    oops... I always forget my manners... thank you Hepcat!

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    I didn't want Diane to go either. I guess this season you not going to have alot of chancing .

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