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Thread: The FORT Interview with Sarah, 10/10/05

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    I agree with Sarah, the elaborate dress and headdress was such a set up.
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    Beautiful girl. Incredible lips.

    She came off as fairly nice too, which is increasingly rare on this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suckmytoes
    Realistically speaking though, that never happens. Models don't choose their best photos, the photographer always choses because the photographer or client is the one that hired you and wants to find a photo with a certain look. Like for instance, they book you to do an ad for a perfume; only the client can choose because basically, the model is there to give them what ever vision they want. The model might not know what picture would be best for a perfume ad, only the photographer and client would, that's their job.
    I would like to see the girls pick a photo and let them pick a photo, compare the two and let the girls explain why they picked theirs

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    Quote Originally Posted by aga
    I agree with Sarah, the elaborate dress and headdress was such a set up.

    Well, come on....I think they knew her fault and she either needed to work it or be worked by it. Modeling is a tough industry....she thought her lips would make her win in her photos. But I have never seen such bad walking in all my life between her and Kim. But to trip and blame it on the wrong shoe size? Please....she had no sense of herself before going into this show and she was very self-conscious of the cameras, trying to be someone she wasn't and she couldn't cut it.

    Elaborate headdress or not, she should have been able to walk in heels without tripping. I learned to walk in 5 inch stillettos when I was 7, and I was wearing my mom's shoes. Sorry, no sympathy for Miss Trips-alot.

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    sad to see her go

    Sarah does seem more mature than 18 and I am glad she went out of this with a positive feeling. Wish I had caught more of the episodes before she got cut! that photo with her head back (shown in the interview) looks great to me. (even if the nose and neck are odd). Her expression carries the pic.
    hope to see more of her in the future. She is more confident in the photos than on the runway for sure.
    I thought Dianne was more "big" personality wise in the first two episodes and thought it was that way... not according to the panel.

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